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  1. Flat triggers

    Worked fine using your link posted above. Thanks. Did not go so well trying to go through their regular website: dutch-gun-accessories...
  2. Flat triggers

    Didnt see USA as an option for shipping...? And, I don't spreken(sp?)...
  3. Flat triggers

    Where? I'm ready to order. Take my $$$!
  4. 9mm SAAMI question?

    Not this "guy's" first rodeo. Worth reading and understanding. Also very good for all the new PCC shooters/reloaders trying to deal with shorter chambers.
  5. Solo 1000 and 185gr Precision coated lead

    This combo is what I used to make it A class. I've tried a bunch of other stuff and this one is still my favorite. Best solution is to just sell it to me and use some of the other new whiz-bang stuff to be cooler/better/whatever-er...
  6. Flat triggers

    Following, in hope of a lead on these triggers....
  7. Everything is a hack!

    Wait, that one really is a hack though...
  8. Dillon prices

    I would suggest posting a WTB ad and getting one at a slight discount that way. I got my first 550 new. Bought my 650, 2nd 550 and 1050 used. Same Dillon quality and support with all 4.
  9. 1 Sided gas burns on STI/9mm DVC

    Pics might help... But, often not actually a problem at all. Usually the result of lower pressure rounds not creating enough force to expand the case enough to completely seal against the chamber walls and the scorching you see is the result.
  10. This would be the only issue I could see preventing use of the pistol. And, even then, depending on where he could get back to and dump the shotgun in an appropriate location, it might still be worth it. If there was no dump barrel and the shooter was just going to try to hold both guns and engage targets SHO with the pistol, I believe that does break 3GN rules... Guessing there may be some important info missing in the OP regarding all the details of the situation. I have occassionally chosen to skip loading my pistol at the "make ready" command so that I wouldn't DQ if it happened out of its holster on my way through the stage. Only takes a couple steps worth of movement to get pistol unholstered, loaded, and charged. Either the call referenced in OP was just plain bad, or there was something else in play to make the RO say no.
  11. As per the rules previously quoted, absolutely CAN'T continue in PCC with a pistol. Re-entry or shoot for no score are the only possible options.
  12. Flat triggers

    Does anyone know where I can find one the X-line Varios with the longer flat shoe? Seem to be out of stock everywhere. Thought I had a line on one but it ended up falling through....
  13. Best coating for Open 2011

    Seems that properly applied PVD finishes are the most durable by far. I have a Fusion 1911 with matte black PVD/Ionbond on the frame and slide. I've had the pistol for 10+ yrs at this pointn and it shows absolutely zero corrosion of any kind in the areas with that finish. It was dropped pretty hard by a buddy that I let use it, and there are no scratches in the finish. There is no holster wear evident after literally 1000's of draws from kydex. I assume that whoever Fusion used did it right.
  14. Does IDPA have a 180 rule?