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  1. Second trip with Grand Power K100

    Like the man said....get the spring and cut it till it works. Not rocket science, and based on results...the slide closing, it's repeatable. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. grand power magazines

    What after market mags fit?
  3. 9mm spring weight for STI edge

    Go to Atlanta Arms Ammo for .40 cal loaded in Minor for a try before getting a 9mm slide.
  4. When I bought my 1050, i had the same problem. The case feeding problems caused chaos through out the entire operation of the press. Many conversations with Dillion and the third shell plate they sent me worked. Good luck.
  5. Cleaning question....

    More info from the same document mentioned above........ "Certainly DO NOT ever use a stainless steel brush to clean out a barrel. The stainless bristles are much harder than the steel bore and the result will be to create deep scratches in the bore surface. When we use our IPSC pistols like sub-guns, as we often do, we apparently can raise the bore surface temperature up to the annealing range, based on the color I have seen on some barrel bore surfaces. Therefore, the bore surface of our barrels likely has been preferentially annealed, and could be quite a bit softer than the barrel outer surface would test. Even the brass/bronze brushes, which have bristles which are as hard as mild steel, or the lead removers, which use a hard brass mesh to scape the lead from the bore, may well be able to scatch the bore surface of a stainless steel barrel. Any scratching of the bore surface will naturally lead to increased bore surface wear, leading, and coppering. My recommendation would be to never use any kind of a bore brush to clean a 416 stainless steel pistol barrel, especially if it has been exposed to strings of rapid fire."
  6. Cleaning question....

    Regarding barrel cleaniing, the last paragraph of a four page barrel cleaning document on the Schumann Barrel website states the following: "My Personal Practice has become to never clean the bore of my barrels. I do use a brass rod to scrape the deposits out of the chamber. But, I've learned to leave the bore alone and it very slowly becomes shinier and cleaner all by itself. Years ago I occasionally scrubbed the bore with a brass bore brush. But, doing so always seemed to cause the bore to revert to a dirtier look withmore shooting, so I eventually stopped everputting anything down the bore except bullets..." Here is the link to the document. An interesting read. http://schuemann.com/Portals/0/Documentation/Webfile_Barrel_Cleaning.pdf
  7. Plated = Jacketed?

    I use zero TMJ 180 grain bullets for my match ammo and Berrys 180 grain plated bullets for my practice ammo. I load them to the same length with 5.3 grains of N320 and the average PF is the same. Trace, I was looking at the prices of bullets for MG vs. Barry's the cost are nearly the same. Why not just make one load for everything?
  8. What mag release buttons are folks running?

    Why S&A in the SS, and Mitchell on the widebody?
  9. Right hand mag release for steel grip SVI?

    For me, the actual mag release was not ambi. The holes in the grip are ambi, but not the release itself. I bought a mag release from Brandon that is actuated from the right side of the pistol looking from the rear. The right side mag release is cut different, the bevel that the mag slides past. Also, the retaining tab will be cut the opposite way. I bought the right side mag release so that I would not have to change my grip in order to drop the mag. It is something I have done on a few other pistols. However, it did not quite work for me on my SVI. It was worth a try. So I have a right mag release sitting in my parts bin. I would call Brandon, he'll take good care of you.
  10. Is CasePro 100 still alive?

    Not word yet from Mike. CasePro's normal life is a Machine Shop in Chicago. When he gets the chance, they make a run of the CasePro's. Maybe once every 9-12 months if I remember the conversation correctly. His phone number is in this thread. Leave a msg, an he will return the call.
  11. What to pay for 40 SW brass

    I pay $25 per K for polished .40 s&w. I buy for 3 shooters, therefore, anyone near the that price get a response from me.
  12. Mag Pouches Bullets Facing Out

    Can they beused for SS?
  13. Light for toolhead

    You guys are all more creative than me!!!! I just clamped an old fashion work light in the case feeder post with a CFL installed. Then I unclamp it and re-clamp it toward the bench when I am working there.
  14. 1050 case feed issue

    Had the same problem in .40 cal. Two shell plates later from Dillon, it works fine now.