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  1. Muzzle Devices - Steel or Aluminum?

    The bulk of the dot bounce does come from the heavy BCG slamming back and forth which is why its so hard to get rid of.
  2. Muzzle Devices - Steel or Aluminum?

    Its not the recoil that everyone is trying to eliminate. Its the dot bounce ....
  3. Muzzle Devices - Steel or Aluminum?

    less weight, we use a lot of titanium in our muzzle devices. Aluminum doesn't have a long service life around corrosive or high pressure gases.
  4. Tang/CZ

    Hard to outlive stupid ....
  5. Tang/CZ

    Which can get a better double action trigger?
  6. SBR PCC

    I was referring to the ability to control group size, not prevent bullet tumbling. More about the whole gun stabilizing not the bullet. We regularly shoot our PCC's out to 100 plus yards and the long barrel/gun seems better at those extended distances. We have PCC's in our R&D shop with barrels ranging from 4" to 16" and we carefully record all test results. And of course its just opinion, but it is opinion based on daily real world experience. As far as proof, not sure what to offer. I did have a few PCC's at Area 1 for a fund raiser this weekend ranging from 4" to 16" that a couple of 100 people shot. If you would have come by I would have let you try them at 100 yards to see for yourself. Your results might have been different then mine.
  7. SBR PCC

    Really light and short is cool for high round count close in stuff but it doesn't like to stabilize on the longer, tighter targets. The best balance is probably going to be around 12-13"
  8. SBR PCC

    I have both, currently I prefer the 16" over then 10".
  9. Failure to Extract after non-fire.

    Or just ream the chamber.
  10. Trap Gun

    I started out with Remington 1100, went to a Remington 3200, then a Winchester 101. Ran a K80 for a long time, loved it. Currently using a Browning XL Ultra, very happy with it. Whatever you end up with, pay someone who knows what they are doing to fit the stock, it makes a big difference.
  11. I would be interested in the Ace rifle length if the other guy isn't.

    1. Frank34




      I haven't heard from the other guy, it is in great shape.  It was taken off of a rifle and no damage was done to the foam.  I would sell it for $80 shipped.  If you want some pictures I could e-mail or text them to you just let me know.




    2. Bob Hostetter

      Bob Hostetter

      I have a ton of AR parts, interested in doing any trading?

  12. PCC Mag Holders

    For the Colt SMG magazine I use Safariland 771's for the STI but I mount them upside down on the backing plate so they set lower and don't swing around as much when running.
  13. Tang's, how accurate

    I was solely concerned with the mechanical accuracy of the pistols without modification. I wanted to know how well they would shoot if I locked them in a vise and pulled the trigger 5 times. Fine tuning the pistol's ergonomics to match my particular style and skill set is a separate issue. Not all guns are incredibly accurate. Triggers don't affect the mechanical accuracy of a gun only the ease in which that accuracy can be reached.
  14. Best Colt 9mm mag PCC lower receiver?

    The PSA is made by New Frontier.