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  1. Texas Star clamping systems

    We used plates and poppers @ Targetmaster back in the late 80s/early 90s.
  2. What affect does humidity have while reloading.

    The humidity is better, how about the clumping ??
  3. I've got feedback !!

    Tell us how you really feel !
  4. Jeremiah's Ladder

    Are you using Australian Clays or Canadian Clays ??? Australian will generally give more velocity than the "new" canadian with the same charge weight. Unfortunately the Australian variety is no longer available - unless you have some or find an individual with some to sell.
  5. What affect does humidity have while reloading.

    I always leave the powder in the hopper, but I load in my apartment - heated and air conditioned - and the humidity generally hovers around 45%. Never had a problem with the powder clumping or volume/charge weight.
  6. 9 Major Barrel losing velocity? Barrel Shot?

    More than likely the barrel, you could get a sample pack of bullets greater in diameter than what you are currently using and see if that picks up the velocity any.
  7. Same powder, powder mixing?

    4831 was a very good surplus powder, if you happened to be around when it was surplus.
  8. Since you are young, fleet of foot and said there were not any shooting challenges, did you win the match ???
  9. Let's see some pcc's

    A picture would be interesting.
  10. John Wick

    You can now rent it on Amazon Prime as well as purchase.
  11. Youngeyes

    HBD !!!
  12. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    If you have a non-corrective lens you might try it in the non dominant eye as that is essentially the set up I - and evidently many others use - and it works quite well.
  13. Shooting cart???

    I have a feeling one of those would be way more expensive than a stroller, even if you built it yourself !
  14. Seems like a little too much shotgun, but that may be just me.
  15. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    Are you using the corrective lens in just your dominant eye/shooting eye or in both eyes ???