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  1. Floating 180?

    If you consider that the backstop can change according to the stage layout, then the rule posted above fits. If you have a range/bay with equal berms/height on three sides you can, if you wish, explain that in the match description.
  2. I'd suggest not going over 8X if you have to follow shots on widely separated targets as the field of view will be wider.
  3. Remington double stack

    Thanks for the review and pictures !
  4. I've got one of these - it's not in the same class as ones above, not in same price class either - It seems to be fairly clear and certainly useable. https://www.atibalsights.com/collections/optics/products/1-8x-atibal-striiker-5-56-t
  5. Not really, I'm not anywhere near that pink on the outside !
  6. Most commercial brass/ammo does not have crimped primers, all military does.
  7. For CSASS - Why not a Bullpup?

    What exactly is CSASS ?
  8. The Superbowl is tonight....

    That is OK, only 51 weeks until the next one !
  9. New springs are always longer than used ones, just run it for awhile and then compare again. You'll find the newer one to be close in length to the old one after some use.
  10. For CSASS - Why not a Bullpup?

    Steyer AUG is a good one !
  11. 2011 LEFT HANDED shooter mag release help

  12. STOP the Carnage!!!

    Could be why you are still in B class !
  13. Groundhogs