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  1. Just think, you could have 5 spares for less the $6! Just kind of a priority thing for me. Mgm is cool and all but for the same price as two switch views, I could have three 5" targets and stands shipped to me. I just ordered six targets and stands from them from them and was looking to scrimp on something else to make up for that hit. I like that kinda of thinking. A cool expensive switch view doesn't make you a better shooter, but 3 targets definitely will. I use the Breakaway Coasters on my scope.
  2. Look at Barnes Precision Machine. www.barnesprecisionmachine.com Andrew makes a great rifle and the customer service is top notch. I shoot his Tactical Match Rifle. I have approx 9500 rds through it and stills shoots sub MOA.
  3. Since establishing this thread I have offered my email and phone to ALL. That offer still stands. Please use it if you have a question or concern. I will take the time to hopeful get you an answer.As for the train wreck on the match registration, I apologize and take responsibility...no one is more frustrated and upset about it than I am...but I am dedicated to making this work both in fairness and in logistics. Any one that knows me and or has participated in ANY event that I am part of can be attest they are treated fair and repectful. I am passionate about this sport and see all the wonderful things it offers to its participates...which certainly out weighs the "hassles". So be assured that at this moment 3Gunnation is working this problem... Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with your concerns...it does mean a lot to me and to 3GN, we are just trying to grow this game! Charles Sole Cell 919-201-7990 Email charles@3gunnation.com Thanks for supporting this sport! Guys I have been shooting Charles tarheel matches and I can tell you that Charles is for making great matches for the shooters. He will do everything he can to make the regionals great matches that everyone will talk about after they are over. Everyone needs to hang on and wait until this is corrected and the regionals will be worth the wait. +1 ++1
  4. I don't remember any cornfields, although there was a small garden with corn. It's a great match and Charles and company put on a fantastic event. Hope to see everybody there.
  5. Ammo for JM Pro

    I keep mine clean, and run Federal Target Loads 7.5 and 8's. No problems
  6. Bolt Carrier group in stock

    Try Barnes Precision Machine. www.usamade-ar15parts.com.
  7. Any of you teach 3-gun classes?

    Rob and Jansen form Noveski Shooting Team puts on a great class as well.
  8. 930 JM lubrication?

    I lube my piston rings and the bolt carrier and places where there is wear marks. I use Frog Lube and have never had a problem. My 930 JM runs like a champ!
  9. Drop in 223 Wylde AR-15 Barrel

    Barnes Precision Machine in North Carolina has stainless 16, 18 and 20 inch barrels chambered in .223 Wylde.
  10. Welcome to 3 Gunnin' ! If you are not in too much of a hurry, go to a couple 3 gun matches and get a feel for what you would like. It's a big investment to make, then realize it wasn't what you really wanted. I run a 930 JM and have a great results with it. Some folks have not. I have also ran a Benelli M1, it was picking about what you fed it. A lot of the folks I shoot with will let you try their guns out, hopefully they are the same in your area, and I would imagine they are. I like the Mossberg and are inexpensive, but right now they are difficult to find. I have heard the Versamax is a great shotty, but have not tried one. It's great that your wife is involved as well. I shoot with a husband and wife, in NC and they have a great time together, plus it's easier to talk them into cool gear. You can check out Dana and Damon on www.3gnclubtv.com.
  11. Who does NP3 coatings?

    Yeah, they are a great bunch of folks there. Great rifles!
  12. Who does NP3 coatings?

    Check with Andrew at Barnes Precision Machine www.usamade-ar15parts.com.
  13. I have a technical question:

    *** ain't that the truth! In fact, when you're forced to put that much time & effort into something that you figure is a "lost cause" it feels even mo' betta!!! ...& I have to admit, it is fun to shoot. Great news JB. Go out there and show those high drag Benelli, Versa and SLP shooters what the Mossy and gun driver can do bro!
  14. I have a technical question:

    I polished my factory follower with a Dremmel and it works fine. Look at Brownell's for the GG&G, they may have them. Have heard good things about them. *** did that & ordered one. Thanks. You're welcome. I hope you get that JM up and running! Look out Versa's and Bennelli, oh and SLP's too!
  15. I have a technical question:

    I polished my factory follower with a Dremmel and it works fine. Look at Brownell's for the GG&G, they may have them. Have heard good things about them.