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  1. Don't forget to oil the gun profusely. I used Mobile One. I belong to the camp that believes in using alot of oil on 1911s. I have had feed jams because I didn't use enough oil on a newer STI. Lowered the recoil spring wt and actually oiled it very well. Problem solved. New mag springs can put alot of upward tension on the slide, slowing it down, inducing FTFs. A new gun and new mags have break in periods. Leave new mags fully loaded for several days.
  2. Right side mag release in a limited 2011

    I put the Mitchells right side release in my single stack and my edge. I have small hands. It works better for me. Pricey though. Worth every penny in my opinion. $165+
  3. Does the Mr. Bullet feeder work well with coated bullets? .356 diameter?
  4. Chrono distance

  5. How far away should the chrono be when shooting during load development?
  6. Stock STI.

    I got a Brazo's tuned Edge and I couldn't be happier. Has been 100% reliable.
  7. Micrometer seating die

    To take full advantage of the Redding competition pro seater you should get the tool head clamp kit from uniquetech. Tool head movement increases OAL variances. I found the best results with the pro seater, tool head clamp kit, Montana Gold FMJ bullets, same head stamped brass, and a slower but consistent pull on the press handle. OAL of +- .002. BUT it makes no difference for the uspsa competition shooter. This drive to reduce OAL variances will drive you to drink too.
  8. Yes. This is often the cause.
  9. Load data for 147g coated bullet with titegroup

    So true! The type of powder you use affects grouping too. Titepoop is the worst. I found that my Titegroup loads didn't tighten up until I was near 140 PF.
  10. Load data for 147g coated bullet with titegroup

    3.2 grains of N320 or Titepoop with a 147 gr Bayou bullet flat point AOL 1.135 PF 133 in a Gen 3 G34
  11. 2018 powder scale recommendations ?

    Get a nice one (Dillon, RCBS, Gempro) and a cheap one. Verify one with the other if you have doubts. Always drop 10 measurements then divide by 10 to find out where your true measurement is. Carry on!
  12. Cleaning crushed walnut?

    Add 2 caps of mineral spirits along with that Nu Finish. Problem solved. Change out the media every 4 or 5 batches of brass ( 2-3 k) or when it gets too dirty.
  13. Glock Gen 5 chamber surprise

    I have 24 lbs [emoji1305]
  14. Glock Gen 5 chamber surprise

    Interesting read. Might depend on the powder used. For example, IMR 7625 is a very forgiving powder. Titegroup is not at all forgiving of compressed loads. Food for thought.