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  1. Hi, I've been looking for a Dvc grip and yours looks like a copy of it. Any chance you've had your hands on a Dvc and can say it is the same size and shape? Thanks James

    1. HotLoad


      Whats a DVC grip?


  2. PCC - Safe to dry fire?

    Yep pull that trigger all u want! J
  3. What are people using for a 3 gun holster for 5.4" guns? Mine is a custom STI with a light rail and I would like to be able to mount it using the QLS plate from Safariland. Thanks Jeff
  4. Crap O Rama I have 3 of those nose pickers and always wondered what it was for! J
  5. great job on the grips

    Yah I have been waiting a while on these grips as well. How much fitting did you have to do and what kinda of frame did you fit it in? Thanks Jeff
  6. Show me your Cheely limited guns

    Here is a shot of my 2 girls together. I am selling the 5" as it has been a backup gun for the last 1.5 years and sees little action.
  7. I figured HotLoad was more PG-13 than what I really wanted to come up with! Jeff
  8. Incredible customer service.

    Matt is the best gunsmith I have ever worked with! I own 2 of his amazing builds. Last pistol I got from Matt wasn't quite running smoothly. Sent it back to him overnight and he had it out back to me in the same day he received it and after a few adjustments it is running like a champ. If anyone is considering a custom pistol you will not find anyone better. Jeff
  9. Why did you start reloading?

    God knows it wasn't cause I don't feel like a factory worker slaving away in the basement! J
  10. 18" Rifle Length barrel suggestions?

    How about Nordic 18" Wylde chamber. Great barrel for the money and the gas hole is smaller to work wonders with lightened BCG's. Great 3 gun barrel. I know a lot of the guys in Colorado have started to shoot the Stretch 16 barrel with intermediate gas and seems to like them. J
  11. low mass bcg

    My guess is guys are talking about the standard JP low mass as being the best bang for the buck. The bolt carrier will accept any mil spec bolt but it is hard to beat the JP enhanced bolt. Buy both together and get a little price break. J
  12. $700-$900 to spend on glass, which one?

    Hard to beat what Burris is putting out right now! Jeff
  13. Setting up 9mm 2011 mags

    SVI tubes don't require spacers in 9mm. Jeff
  14. Any Experience with CK Arms Thunder Limited?

    The solution to not shifting your grip with reloads is a mag release button. If you mag release isn't threaded then you will need to get one of those or drill and tap the one you have. The button depending on the style you choose can be cut down and trimmed so that it is just the size that you need. Jeff
  15. Any Experience with CK Arms Thunder Limited?

    +100 for anything Matt is involved in. I have two of his custom guns and love them both. Best communication of any custom builder I have ever worked with!!!! Jeff