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  1. New style STI mags

    We are seeing lots of issues with the New Style sti mags in both 9mm and 40cal. The 9mm do not have spacers. We are working on solutions now.
  2. Romeo 3 Mount

    Call the shop tomorrow 802-777-7258
  3. Romeo 3 Mount

    limited run coming of the machines this week
  4. New Triggers for 1911 and 2011

    We will have these triggers on our Web store in May Atlasgunworks.com
  5. Same case volume, same powder charge, right?

    Get a new Case Guage, short ammo can have higher pressure and in most guns will not feed as well. We load .010 to .015 under the guns max OAL. This gives a buffer or variances. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. Yes the Titan get the PT EVO grip We wanted to make the best value gun in the market that was ready to just shoot right out of the box. I have personally wasted lots of time working on and upgrading guns I have owned in the past. The Titan is for shooters who want to spend more time on the range and less time working on their guns. BeerBaron thanks for the post. Everything there is true but the part that has not been said is that the Titan is a Full Custom and hand fit gun. Built the same way our custom guns are built the only difference is the with only trigger insert and magwell choices we can keep the cost down. The gun is under priced at $3599 but we are working hard to drive quality up and price down for the whole industry. The Titan is the first step to help shooter get a really high quality gun with the best customer service in a timely manner. We are working hard to come out with more models that fit shooters needs in 2017. See you on the Range Adam
  7. Here is my 2 cents. (I do have some skin in this) Limited gun like open guns should be built as a system. Limited guns are much simpler without a comp and ports but its still a system. Slide weight, recoil spring, grip pressure, firing pin stop cut, slide to frame fit, grip weight, grip size, dust cover length all make up the system. Almost every shooter will benefit from a steel griped 2011, if the system is set up well. Putting parts together or adding parts to a existing gun may or may not yield good results. Physics would tell us that the gun will recoil less with the added weight lower in the gun. I have had some pros tell me that they can shoot the plastic guns within 5% to 10% of the 2011 guns. If you want to shoot as much as they do you might be able get to that level. Most shooters don't have the time, finances, or drive to get to that level. If a pro shooting a Glock, FNH, or M&P looses a Major by a couple percent they most likely would have won with the 2011. If they win with one of plastic gun they would have been even better with the 2011. The 2011 triggers is where it makes big gains for shooters shooting less then 50k a year. You can train to shoot a glock with a 3lb trigger and be successful, but it takes lots of rounds. Shooting a 2011 with a 2lb trigger takes almost no time to learn and be accurate. We came out with the Titan line because the cost of plastic guns started to get to high. Here's our math DVC $2800 Labor Tune/Trigger $200 $300 Steel Grip $650 $250 SVI trigger $75 $25 Total $3725 $575 We saw that too many shooters were buying STI type guns and dumping $$$$ into them that they would never recover if the gun was sold. The STI gun with just the upgraded parts and the shooter doing the install, is $125 more than a Titan ,which is a custom hand fit gun that comes with our customer service. If you pay us to do the work the Titan is $700 less. Here is why the STI thing can be a bad deal. The resale on a sti dvc with steel grips and svi trigger and trigger/ tune job is a few hundred more dollars then one with nothing done to it. The Titan won't loose value on extra parts, just the gun. Used dvc guns today run in the 2200 zone and you would be lucky to get 50 cents on the dollar on the parts, so a loaded dvc might sell for $2700 a loss of $1000-$1500. Buy a Titan run it for two seasons and sell it for $3k and you spent $600 to shoot a much better gun and with Atlas customer service (we don't have many problems with our guns but if it happens we fix it fast on our dime). Best Adam
  8. Romeo 3 Mount

    We will have romeo mounts on the new website for sale in the spring
  9. new open gun

    If I only had 3k i would buy a good used custom. We often have guns we take in trade that run in the 3k zone.
  10. Romeo 3 Mount

    its still on Sig's corporate website but that doesn't mean much.
  11. Romeo 3 Mount

    Depends on demand but $79 to $99
  12. Romeo 3 Mount

    Here is a prototype Romeo 3 mount we made. We can produce them if people want them.
  13. Adam, I don't have your email addy, so I'm messaging you this way.  I was looking at the Open guns on your site and this one caught my eye.  Is this what you had in mind for me a a steel gun and USPSA Open Minor gun in 9mm?  This one has one poppel.  You said you would use two for mine if I reloaded.  At any rate it looks like a 5" barrel gun with the 4.6" lightened slide and almost everything else I would want, except for a PT Evo grip and a threaded barrel (just in case I want you to add a comp later.  I'm also okay with having you do a new barrel with comp (later) if that's what I decide.

    If this is what you were thinging for me, how much as is but with a threaded 5" barrel and the Evo grip.  Do you machine the slide so it has the locator pins for the RTS2?  That's probably what I would use, because the Burris FF3 locator pins are farther out and would show through the side.

    Email is the best way to get in touch with me.

    Steve Thomer




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