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  1. Cold Ammo

    55 gr. The 75-77gr we use for long range chronoed at around 2700fps. More concerned with long range for Strelok calculations. It has been awhile since I chronoed our hoser rifles loads. Been running that rifle for several years with no issues. Just started lately with this ammo and cooler weather. I blamed the mags, bought some new ones. Still had problems. Never thought about the ammo until it got cold by our standards and would not cycle. JP lite BCG, RCA gas key, with JP captured buffer in a Seekins billet upper and lower with a Faxon 16" mid gas barrel. gerritm
  2. Cold Ammo

    They said around 2600 -- 2700 FPS and would not say what powder. Claimed it was not temp sensitive. Would be an interesting thread especially with the global warming going on thru the country right now. gerritm
  3. Cold Ammo

    After sending an email to the manufacturer, he responded with a phone call. Admitted they load their ammo at a lower FPS than some commercial loads, but got into the we have shot it in all temps and their engineers said there would have to be a large temp difference for it not to work. All kinds of excuses. Understand how my gas system was tuned with cheap .223 ammo so it would run with just about anything. Have shot lots of different ammo in all temps down to roughly 25 degrees with no problem. It is a small company that made the ammo. I just explained to him politely that his ammo didn't work and Federal along with several others we tried did. Did check the gas key and it was still solidly loctited with the jam set screw still in place, so no movement. I will save ti for warmer weather. As far as lubricant. Never use any grease, only use Mobil 1 & CLP. Run the gun wet. gerritm
  4. Cold Ammo

    Tuned my 3-gun AR with adjustable gas key with cheap standard velocity ammo at 75-80 degrees so that it would lock back and then gave it a 1/2 turn more to make sure it would run. Shot local 3-gun match Saturday and it ran like a top with Federal AE @ about 40-50 degrees. Gun has never had an issue in all temps down to about 30. I know not really cold compared to up north. We are re-barreling my son's rifle, so for the match Sunday he borrows it. He is first up first stage, shooting my rifle with his ammo. Now we have shot several hundred rounds of this ammo before thru both our rifles with no problems during warmer weather. Shoots well, very accurate. Smaller supplier. Reman type. We use it for hoser & paper stages. Today temp is between 30-40 degrees. First shot single shot, racks next one in single, tries one more time, single, will not cycle. Dumps it and finishes with pistol and tanks the stage. Course I get the what the heck look. Took the gun to an empty bay, tested it with my Federal and all good. Shot that rest of match. Check your ammo in all temps or don't buy it cause it is cheap. gerritm
  5. Don’t take new equipment to a match

    Bought a Glock 31 round magazine with an MBX mega extension for my granddaughter's Christmas present for her PCC. Kept them separate and showed her how they go together, but forgot to bevel the transition between the mag & extension. First match she brought it with and when she shot the rounds out and it reached the extension turned into a very big salt shaker. I felt really bad. gerritm
  6. Thinking seriously of shooting 2x4 open next month. Really like the options. Bill, Juliann shot it all with a PCC and it is set up you pretty much shoot everything except the long range. They are using lots of steel. No clays. She had a blast. Jungle run for instance was shotgun, pcc, or pistol option. Doable by all 3. Yes, have to run at least 2 of the guns in 2x4 division on each stage and shoot at least 3 targets with second gun. It does take some thinking on MD stage design for dump buckets. gerritm
  7. Several of our clubs locally are going to the UML rules. Very inclusive of all shooters and weapons. Trying to spread the sport out particularly to PCC and non shotgun shooters. Shot one this weekend. Dissident Arms. Fun match, could include my grand daughter who is just getting into 3-gun & not quite ready for 3-guns. She shot her PCC for the whole match and had a blast. Scoring is a little different and all of the different weapons and ways to shoot will take some time to figure out. Seems to be more difficult for the MD's to design stages & wtie SD as you have to figure out all of the different ways to shoot it. Need steel targets where you can't use clays. Really liked it and glad to see them opening up the matches to all kinds of shooters. gerritm
  8. Here ya go, had a friend DQ this weekend after he forgot to lock his 014. Going to see Triple T this week. Super smooth and rock solid. Best part is I can adjust the tension if I am shooting a steel or USPSA match and don't want it tight. It is on an Invictus hanger. Sending back the Safariland 014. It did fit. gerritm
  9. Think I found it. When I reassembled after cleaning. lubing, and replacing parts I adjusted the camming roller pin too far down. It was just slightly contacting the case feed ramp and stopping some of the cases from fully inserting. Not all. Turned it 1 turn and it is working like normal. Ran about a 100 with no problems. Going to run a bunch this week. Thanks, gerritm
  10. Should be coming today. Will see if it fits, probably send it back. Got the Triple T kydex one working well. Really like it, protects the guns so much better than the open holsters especially for 3-gun. Very smooth on the draw. It fits the gun tight and he puts a kydex inner liner inside. Going to shoot it tomorrow and Sunday to decide. I have had both the Safariland & Kydex for my open guns and like the kydex better. gerritm
  11. Tried this. Tightened it to the point where you could feel it drag slightly during the stroke. Didn't seem to help. Not sure what else could be cracked or broken. Replaced all the obvious parts. Checked the whole machine out when I stripped it to replace the index ring. Thought that might be worn. It is random. Will do 4 or 5 fine and then not seat one. Then will happen for several cases then clear up for a few. But if I really go fast and hard on the stroke it seems to stop or minimize it happening. Never had to that before. gerritm
  12. Seemed like a good holster, glad it fits. gerritm
  13. This might be. I will check. That would make sense as it happens just after you finish the down stroke and the case insert block moves back. gerritm
  14. Cleaned and lubed per video after this started. Doesn't do it all of the time. May load 10 pieces of brass with no problem. So I am not thinking it is mis-aligned. Replaced all parts that I thought would cause it. Has worked fine for many thousands of rounds. Something is changing or wearing out. gerritm