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  1. Glock 19 Open.

    Not sure a 19 is right for open. Kind of short. I ran a Bobby Carver built Glock 17 in open and 3-gun for several years. He is the go to guy for parts and advice. Gun ran 99%. Loved it. Went to an STI open and now back to a Glock & PCC. Ran right on the edge of 165 PF with HS-6 and 124gr JHP. Also ran a lighter load/recoil spring for steel and 3-gun. Now for the bad news. It is hard on Glocks for major open. Really had to check all screws/pins etc. after shooting major for backing out & loosening. No problem for minor. Just ran the loads on the hotter side for enough gas to work the comp. If you are going to be super serious competitor for open USPSA then Glock is not the way to go. It will beat the gun up. If you are dabbling in major, minor, and shooting steel and 3-gun it is a great choice. http://www.bb-enterprise.biz/ gerritm
  2. Murphy's Law, and it will happen at the worst time. Blue Loctite is cheap and will come apart when you need it to. I have seen every screw on a sight, rail, or scope come loose and it is sneaky. Little by little your accuracy declines. gerritm
  3. Sight In

    Jerry, I sight mine in at 25 yards and know my holds up close to 50. Pretty much hold a couple of inches high up close & center everywhere else to 50. Problem I have found with a close 10-12 yard zero is if all you shoot is USPSA you will be fine. We shoot a couple of steel & outlaw type matches with shots out to 80 yards. As you go out if you are off up close you get exponentially off further out. gerritm
  4. Not hard at all. I have a BBQ type long lighter and just heated the adjustment screw until I saw a puff of smoke and made the adjustment. When it cooled it hardened back up. Very small adjustment between working correctly & doubling. gerritm
  5. New PCC Problem

    I will check. Actually I think it is the roll pin that holds the weight, not the cotter pin holding the firing pin, duh? A little red loctite? Thanks, Gerrit
  6. Had a random problem Saturday during a match where the KAW BCG would not go into battery. Rack it and it would fire. Gun was clean and oiled. Thought it might have been a problem with the buffer. The loads are the same I always run. Seemed to get more frequent as the match went on. Last stage major malfunction kept double feeding , not extracting pretty much zeroed the stage. Got home and tore the gun apart. The roll pin that holds the firing pin and spring had backed out slightly. I have taken it apart to clean the firing pin and hole, but I know it was Okay and put back in correctly. New roll pin? Maybe 2-3K on the BCG. Other ideas to prevent this? Every match is a learning experience. gerritm
  7. Did this and it is working fine now, I am talking a hair of adjustment. I do have a Hiperfire 24C coming and will decide which one I like best. gerritm
  8. JP Tech e-mailed me back and verified what Eric suggested to increase the dissconnector engagement slightly. Did this and will test tomorrow. These are very small adjustments. Trigger is great feeling if I can get it to work correctly otherwise may end up in my 3gun AR. Gerritm
  9. Trigger time

    Welcome to my world with the JP trigger. Kind of cool, though and I kind of expected it also. gerritm
  10. Absolutely, to get this adjusted to verify the disconnector setting was really frustrating. There is a very small window where it works and where it doesn't. Took quite awhile to get it just right. Made sure to verify the trigger function per the instructions, before testing. gerritm
  11. With my new ULW build I decided to try this trigger. Taccom ULW upper/Gibbz ambi lower. Great trigger, very light and crisp. Well, first time out at range was not successful. After carefully adjusting it per the video using the yellow springs it was double and triple firing. Not every time. Swapped out bolts from KAW to Spinta and the same thing. Swapped recoil systems, Taccom light adjustable to Taccom 2-piece still same. Changed the ULW lower to my Seekins upper/JP barrel upper and it seemed to stop doubling and worked OK. Really want to run it in the ULW ambi mag release Gibbz lower. Any ideas. Going to call JP tech support this morning. Maybe change to the heavier springs? Put it in my AR and get a Hiperfire 24C? Running a Hiperfire EDT now and like it but was looking for a little lighter shorter pull. gerritm
  12. I am running the Taccom ULW 2-piece buffer now with a JP barrel and have the Taccom adjustable going in my new ULW ambi mag release PCC I am finishing with Taccom ULW upper. I had the JP adjustable buffer and really couldn't tell the difference between the 2 so I sold the JP. Several others have shot mine and are impressed with how soft it shoots and how the dot stays on target. Should have the new ULW PCC running by this weekend with the new buffer and will report on it. gerritm
  13. It is fun. We normally run a long 30 plus round jungle run shotgun stage at our big local match. Most everybody loves it and look forward to it each month. A few do time out, but still enjoy it and realize that is the part of 3-gun they have to improve. Loading is the biggest part of shotgun stages. I shoot open with a 24 round mag, but with mixed in slug shots, spinners, flippers, and long movements where there is plenty of time to load we all come out pretty even. Glad to keep seeing the super shotgun stages. gerritm
  14. Best PCC trigger?

    I have been running the Hiperfire EDT trigger in mine with the 4.5# springs with absolutely no problems @ 2-3K rounds on 2 different uppers/barrel combos. Probably right at 4# pull with very little creep and fast reset. Cheap & excellent trigger. gerritm
  15. I watched a very good nationally ranked 3-gun shooter load a shotgun shell out of his caddy backwards into the tube and looked really confused when it wouldn't feed. I think we all invent new ways to screw stages up especially when you have 3 different guns to do it with. gerritm