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  1. Paid $525 or so for my 9mm Limited with three spare mags. That is with shipping. Well worth it. As 9 is a lot cheaper to shoot than 10. 10mmjunkie
  2. Is there anything binding the barrel back towards the muzzle? Had some debris once between the top of the barrel and the slide that made the barrel difficult to get out. Wound up just dropping the whole slide into a solbent bath and that loosened it up. Turned out to be brass shavings and my slide grease. Best of luck. 10mmJunkie
  3. Magna Port or Comp

    Kneelinatlas, I do indeed reload. Part of my interest is a fellow 10mm lover who discovered that his velocities actually increased when he ported his Delta Elite. I am loading 200gr Nosler HPs with Hogdon 110, AA9, and Power Pistol. Would love to try Blue Dot but can not find any. I also run both 9mm and 40 S&W Limited top ends on this frame with excellent results. Suppose I could get a 10mm Limited Barrel and try to Comp it and run it on the 40 S&W Limited Slide. Already have a 20lb spring on it. Again has anyone tried? JW
  4. Magna Port or Comp

    Have a Hunter with both 45 and 10mm uppers and was looking to port/comp the 10mm. As I can find no one that makes barrels longer than 6 in for this pistol the comp option is not looking good. Has anyone ever Magna Ported one of these? Would like to hear any feedback on this. 10mmjunkie
  5. Anybody running a .40 Bullseye?

    My Hunter does not have a cone barrel. 10mmJunkie
  6. Anybody running a .40 Bullseye?

    Have not tried the Bullseye, but I do have a witness hunter. Have both 10mm and 45 top ends. Use the 45 for target work. It is outstanding. A little on the heavy side that I think the cuts in the Bullseye slide would take care of. Have yet to order a match 40 barrel to put on the 10mm slide, but know a shooter who has that arrangement and he likes it very much. I would vote for you to go for it and please post your results. Respectfully, JW
  7. What are you asking for it? I recently let go of my Match and am using a Hunter. There are times when I am shooting lighter loads the Match would be better.

  8. EAA Witness 10mm Questions

    Can not say that I have 10,000 rounds through either my Hunter or Match. I do have 2,500 rounds of empty brass in my gun-room waiting for the next loading session. As long as the weapon is re-sprung appropriately it will last a lifetime. Load I have been working on is a 200gr HP either XTP or Nosler at about 1250fps out of the Hunter. Not exactly target level velocities. Confidence is high that these would destroy a G-20 in a few hundred rounds even though they do not show any pressure signs in either of my guns. To get the equivalent of a Hunter you will need a complete new top end which will cost you more than the pistol itself plus replace most of your trigger mechanism. Even to bring it up to close to Match standards you are looking at a complete trigger job and a new barrel. In either case you still have the Glock Trigger that will be a lot better than the factory one, but is still a Glock trigger. Realize that the decision is yours, but my recommendation is for a Hunter and by a Match or Limited top end later. In the end I think it is a better product with greater growth potential at a lower overall cost. Good luck on your choice. 10mmjunkie
  9. EAA Witness 10mm Questions

    roostershooter, Add +1 to Skydivers comments. Have two 10s both Tanfoglio Elites (Match & Hunter). The only down side to the all steel Tanfoglios is the weight and that is only a issue if you are doing long distance hiking. My match is just fine for day hikes under 10 miles. That extra weight pays all kinds of dividends in sight recovery and accurate rapid fire. Have shot the standard Witness and it controls recoil just fine if you respring it. Have yet to find a Glock 20 as accurate as either of my Witnesses. I am sure there is one out there it just has never been in my hands. Good luck on your choice. 10mmjunkie
  10. Witness Elite Match .45ACP

    Good luck on your new endeavor. Hope it works out the way you want. 10mmJunkie
  11. Hunter vs. Stock

    jerrg22 Outstanding shooting. Nothing is stopping you from getting a Stock top end in 9mm someday not to mention a trigger job. One of the local steel challenge gun-slingers runs with a Stock and his trigger feels like a old time Colt Python on the first shot and Hammerli 208 there after. Think Canyon Creek did the work and it was quite impressive. But for now I am glad you have your answer. Keep them in the 10ring. 10mmjunkie
  12. 45 Upper/Conversion kit?

    Bessy, 1. Stock IIIs think ISG is going to import them and they are not set up yet. You may call EAA and they could give you an idea. 2. While you are talking to EAA there are a variety of top ends you can order. On the web site under parts they show a long-slide with a "Super Sight" This is under $300. What the web sight does not show is that they have top end conversions for all the models they sell and prices go up accordingly. And for the most part they will all fit on any Witness gun you want to put them on. The sticking point is that they are reluctant to sell you a Gold top end to go on a standard pistol, but are willing to sell you one if you have a long dustcover Limited. If you run into this problem call Henning as he has been very helpful in the past. There are some combinations that will work that are not safe. Most are compact guns with short dustcovers and Slides that are designed for longer frames. This opens a gap where you can loose a piece of your hand if you grip the gun wrong. Henning sights are great you can not go wrong with them. So far for me I have yet to have a issue with the "Super Sight" on any of my top ends. Many other competitors have had major issues. As I am just a duffer I will stick to the factory for now and keep Henning on my speed dial when it finally has an issue. I do use his fiber optic sight as they are significantly brighter and narrower than the factory fiber optic. Hope some of this helps. 10mmjunkie
  13. +1 with Skydiver. With even my 45 Hunter I had to put in a heavier spring. Bought one of the Wolf spring adjustment kits so I could swap out springs until I got the performance I wanted. My goal was brass 6-8ft from my position. Think it was either a 14 or 16lb spring that got what I needed. Additionally it really smoothed out the recoil impulse and allowed me to get back on target faster. With 10mm I had to do both spring and modify the ejector. Good luck. JW
  14. Hunter vs. Stock

    Jerryg22, Out with my Limited yesterday and put my target at the farthest point (22yds on this range). I was hoping everything would stay in the 9 ring. After 28 shots (2 mags) not only were all shots in the 10 ring but I obliterated the X ring at the 9 o clock position with a few flyers in the 10 ring. This is the gun I normally do not shoot as well. Pretty sure the flyers are my fault. Both guns you mention are accurate from a mechanical point of view. Which one you will shoot best will be found on the firing line, after a little load testing. Have fun testing, I always do. JW
  15. Hunter vs. Stock

    Have a limited 40 top end on my hunter and both 45 and 10mm uppers as well. Both will likely exceed your ability to shoot them until you approach master class. I think the 6 inch barrels are easier for me to shoot well, but it is because I like the weight forward. My kids prefer the shorter Limited top end and they can clear a six plate rack of 5 inchers in under 3 seconds. Brings tears of pride and joy to my eyes, but I still make them walk home. My advice is to find an inexpensive bullet that shoots well in you gun and develop a load for it. Your choice will be found on the target. 10mmjunkie P.S. Montana Gold 185 HPs and Tightgroup work real well in my Hunter.