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  1. Josh's Competition Journey: Finding the ClearAdvantage

    Limited Division Local Match After taking a weekend off, I got back out to the range and shot one of the bigger local matches in my area. I'm being fickle and division hopping right now as I wait for my open gun to get finished up by @anilson. So this match I went to Limited Division - I've only shot 4 or 5 total matches in limited, but thought it'd be a good idea to break out the Atlas Titan which has only had about 1500-2000 rounds through it since last October, the majority of which were right when I got it. I was really focusing on what was an acceptable sight picture this match - I feel that I have honed that skill on the PCC platform, but I'm lacking with respect to being able to do so with a handgun and iron sights. Approximately 100 shooters attended the match despite it being 100+ degrees here in Houston. After a scoring correction, I ended up finishing 5th overall, 90% +/- of the high overall winner, who was an Open GM, and 95% of the Limited Master who won the division. Aside from a little bit of trouble on a few pieces of small steel, I felt strong at this match - no penalties or misses over 7 stages and I felt like I was on the gas for the duration of the match. Even had a stage get thrown out that I had absolutely shredded so it could have only been better. What I Learned: I need to do a bit better on sight picture for swingers - I tend to hit A-D on swinging targets and that's likely a product of returning to the same point of aim and not adjusting for the target having moved. I made up a few shots I didn't need to - trust the sights and how they track - a made up 2 A zone shots Drawing from the DAA holster is a little different than from the Bladetech in my BOSS Hanger - I tend to overdraw just a bit out of the DAA due to muscle memory I need to grip a little bit harder when shooting the .40.....OR, I'm not gripping hard enough on the 9mm. I like not having to reload EVERY time I move positions - it allows me to demonstrate some of my movement speed that I've been working on with the PCC What I Did Well: Movement and footwork felt pretty darn solid. Stage Planning/Execution felt on point...I took some fairly risky approaches but executed them well I worked in some shooting while retreating out of positions, and was actually quite successful I'm pretty happy with how I ended up at this match - out preformed my expectations.
  2. Josh's Competition Journey: Finding the ClearAdvantage

    JP Rifles Summer Hose-Fest 2017 Some of the JP Sponsored shooters hosted a really fun match this past weekend - 5 stages, 50 rounds per stage. Scoring was 2 hits anywhere to neutralize or 1 A zone to neutralize. I'm not going to lie...after having shot at exclusively A zones for the last 9 months, adjusting to increase the speed to any two hits on target was quite an adjustment; I still ended up shooting mostly A zones . As with every match I attend, I had the opportunity to learn a few important lessons, unfortunately, this time it cost me the match. None the less, a really fun event and it was pretty sweet to put the pedal to the floor a little bit and open up the speed. What I Learned: Fundamentals, and executing those fundamentals well under pressure, are ALL we have as shooters. When you start to cut corners, that's when things go downhill. I need to pay more attention when reloading, that I'm seating my mag 100%. This was the first time I was forced to reload the PCC in each stage and with a big stick on the clock, and it ended up being an area where I had an issue - dropped the mag, the rounds twisted up within it, etc etc etc. Pay attention to offset when stage planning AND shooting. I had an issue where I tapped a barricade with a shot due to my neglect in considering offset. When I planned my stage, a specific wall was leaning one way, when I shot it, it was leaning the other, and that difference really made the shot I was trying to thread in between two pieces of hard cover, very difficult. Select a stage plan that plays to YOUR strengths. On one stage, I opted to select a stage plan that didn't play best to my skillsets as well as height, and as such, I ended up running into the issue above with the offset. If I intend to move back to 3 Gun, I need to re-learn how to pick up the speed a bit more...I hit approx 70% A's on a match where A's were meaningless. What I Did Well: Movement and footwork felt pretty darn solid. Not to many extra shots - I kept the number of extra rounds fired pretty minimal...I wasn't making up any C's, as I'm known to do from time to time Strong AAR - This match really made me consider what allows an average shooter to get good, and a good shooter to get great. I'd hope that the subject of fundamentals wouldn't seem too surprising as the answer I've come up with to that question...all we collectively do, when we're operating at our highest skill level, in my best estimation, is to string together a bunch of fundamental elements and execute them in unison.
  3. Modifying DAA mag pouches

    Only thing I can think of regarding a risk may be how the retention works - insofar as cutting out the front of the pouch may reduce some of the surface area contacting the magazine...I can't imagine that'd be too much of a problem, just a point to consider.
  4. Bullet impact on match video?

    I'll give the answer.... It's just something I added as an after effect. It took too long to do, so I haven't done it since... It's an image that shows up for about 3 or 4 frames right at the peak of the audio where the gun discharges.
  5. Scott's Road to USPSA Success

    Dang, Scott - you've really been making some aggressive improvements based on your drill times. Well done.
  6. I think you may have taken my post a bit too literally. My point is, you can't be sure one way or another, that the targets were 100% not set for anyone other than the shooter shooting at the time the downed targets were discovered. I don't see how you could prove that previous shooters hadn't had the targets either available to shoot, or that they hadn't shot them (depending on how the stage was laid out). In other words, at the time of penalties being assessed for targets left standing, the RO, the scorer, and the shooters should have looked over the course and counted the steel left standing at which point, the RO or scorer should have noticed the steel in question down, and determined if they had been shot or if they had not been reset. At that point a reshoot could have been issued to the shooter currently shooting the stage, or he/she would have received credit for the hits. It's a positive learning moment to always walk an entire stage during walk-through, during the scoring procedure, and when the scorer enters the final score on the pad after you've shot to ensure you're always seeing everything and securing the appropriate and most accurate score. That said, if the MD's decision on whether to grant the reshoot was predicated on how well the shooter did on the stage, and whether or not it would have made a difference, then that in my opinion, is incorrect. As soon as it's accepted that the stage was incorrectly setup for certains shooters, then reshoots to everyone who shot the stage incorrectly would be required.
  7. Playing devil's advocate... How can you be sure that those targets were not set for when those other shooters shot? Maybe the wind just blew them over right before the shooter who got to the end...
  8. Josh's Competition Journey: Finding the ClearAdvantage

    First Match Back on Handgun Went out to one of the bigger local Houston matches this weekend and took out the CZ to shoot Production. This was my first time really getting back into a match environment with a handgun in about 7 months...and it unfortunately showed. I was able to start the match on two short courses and ended up shooting them quite well, winning one by about 15%. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there and I struggled with some basic things on the matches 4 field courses. Finished fourth behind an M and two A shooters at 95%. What I Learned: I need to make a gear adjustment - not sure what changed, but since I last shot, it feels like the springs in my mag pouches have tightened down significantly, making it very difficult to extract a few mags (I noticed this on multiple stages and it probably cost me a few seconds over the course of the match). Additionally, I noticed I was having issues with some magazines not wanting to drop when empty - I'm going to polish them up a bit and make sure there are no burs inside the mag well or on the magazine release. I need to pay more attention to collecting points when shooting Production. I had the match in time won by almost 8 seconds over 6 stages (including a monumental collapse where I had about 6-7 extra shots on set of 3 steel targets - 01:00. So, at a minimum, I had the win in time by 10%. You can see then where the issue was. I had a Mike on one of the zebra targets, and shot a few of the distance partials D-D. Additionally, I only had about 74% Alphas. I need to look to seeing the sights just a little bit better and taking just a bit more time to ensure I collect those positive hits. I need to remind myself to continue to move quickly and utilize the techniques I've learned from shooting PCC with respect to aggressive movement. I find that I get too focused on reloads and lose that real aggressive motion. What I did Well: Realistically, I did better than I ultimately expected. I had one stage where it was evident that I really wasn't paying attention to my sights well enough, but others where I shot fairly calm, collected, and didn't have misses on steel - remembering that a makeup shot is almost never as fast as hitting the target on your first shot is something I need to build into my practice and ultimately, what I carry with me to matches.
  9. Howdy from Houston

    Welcome from another lad in Houston. Hope to bump into you at some matches.
  10. Ahhhhhhh, maybe you can??? Any time I've ever seen anyone do something like this before (shoot the same classifier for multiple divisions) they have always shot it a second time, including using the same gun, but I'm just reading through the rule book on it, and not sure that it makes that distinction.
  11. As you say, you'd need to enter twice, once in production and once in limited, and shoot each stage twice for two unique scores. Production guns and gear fall within the rule-sets for limited, so there's nothing that says you can't to the best of my knowledge.
  12. svi vs Atlas Titan

    Haven't shot the SV, so please read the remainder of my commentary with that in mind. Additionally, I'll only speak with respect to my experiences. I do own a Titan in .40, and this is what I can say about the Atlas: It works - and it shoots the standard length loads just as well if not better than the "special" longer oal loads. Gun feels extremely solid. The weight feels like it's in the right places too. If you don't like aggressive texturing, the grip Adam uses is not something you will enjoy. That said, if you like an aggressive grip, it's one of the best out there. I've got about 2,000 rounds down the pipe of mine at this point, and it basically feels like the day it arrived. With respect to "flatness", it destroys any sort of polymer gun with respect to recoil impulse and sight return...again, haven't put it up against an SV so hard to say how it compares, but I'm certainly happy with it. Any time I've spoke with Adam, he's been top-notch, respectful, and given me more time on the line than I likely deserved, entertaining various questions. I had one of the set screws come loose from my grip after a practice session (and I lost it) - Adam and Gina overnighted me a new set. I know it's a part that probably only costs .25$, but it's the principal. I've ordered a Chaos from Adam to try out Open, and if it shoots on par with the Titan, I won't regret it in the slightest.
  13. My First DQ-2017 texas open

    I believe the RO on the stage told me that it was 3-4 people total who DQed on the stage over the course of the match (RO Match Included). I appreciate that this was one of your first matches, so it sucks that you didn't get a chance to shoot it all the way through. As you continue on in competitive shooting, you'll find that there is a limitless set of circumstances that can and will go wrong while you're on the clock...from arguably the worst possible outcome short of someone actually getting injured (receiving a DQ) up to a primer falling out of a round and seizing a trigger (ask me how I know that one), to a magazine falling out in the middle of an array, we've all experienced at least something that hasn't gone our way; unfortunately the $h*t always seems to happen more frequently at larger matches or on the big stage. So much of shooting becomes mental with respect to what you do with those mistakes or freak occurrences and how you use them to grow (which you mentioned you are doing well with). Ultimately, no one got hurt, you realized even in the moment what you were doing wasn't good, and you are using the event to grow in the sport. On more than one occurrence, I've seen the top shooter/s at a match...and some cases even in the country get DQed...it can happen to anyone...hope to meet you out at the Space City and/or Area 59 matches later this year.
  14. My First DQ-2017 texas open

    I actually have video of the stage in question (please don't judge the shooting on the first few targets...it didn't go very well for me ) Stage Video (stage starts at 2:33) The two leaning paper were visible from the windows, but only because you started down-range of the ports...if you turned and looked back into the ports, then you could see them up-range from you...if you started up-range and moved into the ports, it'd be clear they were beyond the 180...none the less, I found myself doing the exact same thing that the OP did during my walk through...certainly a tendency to shoot the target as soon as you see it. With respect to the general rule of putting targets at 89 degrees, I think it's cool in the context of a stage like a shoot-house where you turn a corner and there's a target at the end of a hallway, but I'm not a big fan of just setting up bunch of 180 traps for shooters.
  15. Did I Make GM?!

    That's how the system works. I understand it for purposes of handgun only classification, but I'm admittedly a better rifle shooter than pistol shooter. So, despite being very close to M organically with handguns, I'm really going to need to up my training on handgun in order to properly represent my class once I get updated.