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  1. Starting with a CZ75B and then what...

    Get the SP-01 and a production kit from Cajun Gun Works. I have one and really enjoy it.
  2. SP-01 Reliability Test

    Reliability for local matches. I would switch out the 8.5 for an 11lb if I were going to a area match or a regional 3gun match.
  3. SP-01 Reliability Test

    That's kinda what I was thinking.
  4. SP-01 Reliability Test

    I installed the extended firing pin and reduced power spring along with polishing it to a mirror finish.
  5. SP-01 Reliability Test

    I put together a back up for my Shadow Target Custom production gun using a SP-01 as a base. I installed the complete CGW production legal kit along with a 8.5 lb hammer spring. The trigger is great and the gun sets off Winchester primers without any failures on the first 150 rounds. How many rounds do most people consider acceptable for verifying reliability?
  6. Accu Shadow or Shadow 2

    I have a Shadow custom by CZC and the gun is amazing.
  7. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    If you decide to get rid if the topless Dawson basepads let me know.
  8. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I increased the opening on my magwell to eliminate the interference issue.
  9. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    My MG mags hold 21 reloadable with Dawson extensions and I have at least 10k rounds thru them. I use grams followers and springs. I also have an Arrendondo extension on one if my mags and don't have any issues with it. It holds 20 reloadable. I use my gun for 3gun matches.
  10. Chokes for 3gun

    I run a skeet 80% of the time an a LM when shooting spinners and such.
  11. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I am also interested in how it was done and seeing a picture. I have considered doing mine but don't know exactly how.
  12. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Yes, they should be identical
  13. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I got the Arredondo pads today and get 21 rounds of 9mm and 18 rounds of 40 cal. I called Arredondo and confirmed this is correct. Basically you get one less round than the Dawson pads.
  14. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I will know when my Arrendondo pads arrive later today.