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  1. It is interesting. Communism certainly was a hot topic back then. Im only 33, so I remember the wall coming down. But really dont rememeber much about the cold war or the red thread. We besides what I learned in Red Storm Rising.
  2. The Walking Dead Season 5

    Did I hear Daryl say something to the effect of beth is alive, but shes gone??? On the next week preview
  3. The Walking Dead Season 5

    Any guesses on what happening with beth and what we will find out next week?
  4. CORE M&P cross

    If you are looking for a slide. A guy on snipershide has M&P slides of in a few different flavors from time to time. They are bare though.
  5. Apex parts installation in M&P: what tools?

    I think thats all you need. When I watched the video they made all it was was a small ball peen hammer and some roll pin punches.
  6. 1050s come up on this forum from time to time and last about 6 min. before somebody grabs it.
  7. I like my LNL with casefeeder, The only thing I would trade up to is a 1050 with all the bells and whistles. I envy the swagging station.
  8. The Walking Dead Season 5

    22 ammo? Its obviously easier to find a FA Steyr AUG. I hope Glen isnt the one. So Tyrese and Carol bust the rest of them out of that box car and mayhem ensues, then what?
  9. His v drill w the ar pistols is classic too. I love the comments he makes. Id love to met that guy some day.
  10. Whos ready for it? Wheres Beth and who's going to be the next group member to get their card punched?
  11. Mad Max: Fury Road

    Im fired up for it. A buddy of mine refers to my SPO1 as the master blaster...
  12. Vibra Prime - the true story

    I reload both small and large primers with mine. Only problem I have is with large Winchester pistol primers wanting to flip over from time to time. A layer of tape under the lid fixed that.
  13. 75B Omega identification

    Thanks Stuart I figured you would have the answer
  14. 75B Omega identification

    Do all 75Bs with the Omega trigger have the Omega sign on the slide? The LGS has a stainless 75b and before I even think about it, I want to make sure it isnt an Omega trigger system.