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  1. Yes. I wipe the powder residue and sweat off after every match.
  2. I like to run my guns for about the same as a high round count big match so I am aware of any reliability issues. A glock needs to be cleaned every 1-3k rounds.
  3. IDPA defector..

    Any 8-10 rd gun is lots or reloads????
  4. Dillon XL 650 in 38 Short Colt

    I use then .40 conversion with a .38sp u die sizer, 9mm powder funnel an 9mm everything else. there are a bunch of revo shooters at dillion. I'm surprised the have not come out with a short cold conversion using existing parts. load data is a whole different issue but I have had great luck with 4.3g imr pb or vit n320 160g bayou crimped at the grease groove. no bulging makes a 130pf and is super clean!
  5. .40 production

    I don't have any lab testing but my 160g slow bullets knock down steel much more effectively than my 124 fast bullets both making pf of 130 (+-2).
  6. .40 production

    By rule .40 is the smallest caliber for Ltd, Ltd 10, ss to make major pf.
  7. Cameron's custom guns.

    Yes and yes. My Cameron runs 100%. EMG custom is badass too. (Former Cameron partner). I had heard Camerons was going to do limited runs with 1 or few models but I didn't talk to him personally. There is no wrong answer from either shop.
  8. Sight tracker

    The 6" guns feel sluggish to me so I had a 5.4" built. Cameron custom removed weight everywhere and the problem was solved. They point different so if you shoot multiple platforms I would have a consistent length. I don't have any expierence with a sight tracker but would note very few if any of the top shooters use them.
  9. Im,interested in your Nordic upper.  I can do 600 shipped.  This is an open offer.  Let me know.

    1. AustinT


      Sorry, I keep it at $600.

  10. WSF anyone using it?

    WSF with a 180g 40s&w was a little more snappy and dirty than vit but not bad at all.
  11. First Time to DQ a Shooter and Also Myself...

    Don't beat yourself up. If you play this game long enough it's likely to happen. My first dq was breaking the 180 after having trigger freeze on a run and gun stage. I 1 handed the follow up shot which broke the 180. I have never made the same mistake from the lesson that match.
  12. 147 bullets tumbling

    Bevin gram is a spring/follower/magazine guy. I don't think I would trust my gunsmithing with his shop. He sucks on turn around time if you ever hear back. (I'm on my 3rd year waiting on magazines) I have not tried other coated bullets but the bayou 147's ran just fine in my cz that have short chambers. Hopefully the bullet type will fix the issue.
  13. 147 bullets tumbling

    I have been using a Lee fcd for years with no issues in coated bullets??? (124g bayou fp) As someone had mentioned earlier check your crimp. The length seems short (1.100 min) so you may want to recheck your oal.
  14. 5.4g wsf 180g tc bayou 1.160 oal makes a 170.xx out of both of my 5" ltd/ss guns. It feels a little more snappy than n320 but is accurate and much cheaper. It was ~60* when chrono'd.
  15. Single Stack 9 vs .40 vs 45

    As others have mentioned having the flexibility to run minor or major in .40 is attractive. I have all 3 calibers and shoot the 9mm the most but you have to overcome minor scoring in paper matches.