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  1. M&P 45 2.0 Mag Release

    What did you fix and what was the issue? I have a 9mm 2.0 and all my mags drop free. Even the old ones from 1.0 m&p.
  2. M&P 2.0 5" 9mm Competition?

    Ran 100 rounds through the gun in stock configuration on Tuesday. Very accurate with the loads I use in my stock ii. I took off the safeties, installed the frame plugs. I also installed the apex .45 sear, which made a difference in trigger pull alone. I don't have a gauge but I would say it dropped the pull by at least a pound or more. The trigger feels pretty nice now but still has a little rough spot to it due to the striker block. I am installing the sights and the apex striker block today so that should clean up the trigger nice and smooth as I can tell that is where the rough spot is. I had to order the guide rod separately from the rest of the stuff due to only sss having a 5" tungsten guide rod and going to use a 12# wolff recoil spring. Hope to get out and test that next week as that stuff won't be here until then.
  3. Best Paper Targets

    The perfs on the comptac targets really stands out and was reasonable on shipping.
  4. 1st large match (area 4)

    Stages are going to be lit!
  5. M&P 2.0 5" 9mm Competition?

    I talked to Apex yesterday about what I could use in my 2.0 and they stated at this point the only thing they could recommend was to replace the factory sear with the .45 sear and the striker pin block with their block. They said they were still working on a kit for it and hoped to have one available soon. So to update mine I ordered the sear and striker block, warren tactical black rear and fiber optic front, 12# wolf recoil spring and the frame plugs from S&W. Should have everything on and ready to go on Thursday but I am going to go test it out today as is and see how it runs etc with my reloads that I use in my Stock II's at 131pf.
  6. M&P 2.0 5" 9mm Competition?

    Went ahead and picked up a 2.0 5"FDE model to play around with. Hope to get it out and test it next week, working weekends sucks!
  7. Stages will be posted around the 1st of September on the website.
  8. We are now past the refund date, so if you need to withdraw or do not show we appreciate the donation to our section match. We have 137 competitors with 2 open spots on Saturday and 11 spots available on Friday. Get signed up!
  9. Still have 2 spots open on Saturday, get in while you can!
  10. Disable grip safety or not.

    Pin it and forget it! Lol
  11. Shot Timers

    Did the reset trick and it seemed to work but I haven't had a chance to take it out and test it shooting wise. Will do that this weekend but that's a good tip to know, thanks!
  12. 2011 recoils weird

    Probably just weak, work on your grip alice!
  13. We are averaging about 50 shooters a month. We start at 10 and are finished by 130ish with everything torn down and put away. 5 squads of 10 usually +/- a few, everyone pitches in and helps score, paste, reset, and we have plenty of experienced R.O.s that help run squads. The hardest part is to get the shooters to help put stuff back on the trailer we use instead of just tearing down and putting things on the sides of the bays. That leaves about 4 of us to go around with the trailer and pick it all up. I know everyone is always in a hurry to leave, go eat, drink beer etc but a few extra minutes of help would speed things up even more.