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  1. Nitrocarburizing a rifle bbl

    I would be interested in any updates as well a year and a half later as I'm getting ready to have the same treatment done on a 260 barrel.
  2. Getting a barrel threaded

    Old Lodge Armory might be worth checking out as well since they are in Virginia.
  3. Ideas and such for a new rifle

    I think you'll find that between the 260, 6.5x47, and 6.5 Creedmoor they are all close. It'll come down to personal preference. I have two rifles that I have shot in matches, both sniper matches and just banging steel. 1. Remington 5R MilSpec in 308 -- bone stock but its a shooter. It's in a AICS stock. The thumbhole on the AI is a love hate for some people... I recently switched to the Viper skins so it got rid of the thumbhole. I'm pushing the 175SMK's at 2725fps with Varget. 2. .260 Remington on a Remington action and Rock Creek barrel at 24". This sits in a Mcree stock. I am shooting the 140 Amax about 2810 fps with H4350. The 6.5 bullets fly so much better than the 30 cal bullets. I'm having another 260 built on a Surgeon action and Krieger barrel that will sit in a McMillan A5 stock. I'm mostly likely going to turn the Remington 260 into a straight 284 Win since its the same bolt face and can be used on a Short action. I'll use the Mcree stock. It's probably going to have a 30" barrel and will push the 162 Amax well over 2950 with ease. The BC on the 175SMK is good too. One more comment since you mentioned the 338 Lapua .... do yourself a favor and look at the 338 Edge. It can be built on a long action so it doesn't require the XL Lapua type action. The Edge will push the 300 SMK's over 2900 easily. Look for articles from Shawn Carlock. Ya I'm gonna build one of these too so I can shoot it at a mile. You're more than welcome to lay down behind either rifle and send some rounds down range if you want to check them out.
  4. My new Apple IMAC computer

    My wife got a Mac Book Pro just a few weeks ago and that thing is slick. I think I've been using it more than she has
  5. Tuned S_I 9mm Mags - where to buy?

    PM sents ...... My Superior tuned 170 has ran like a top all year.
  6. I would start at 4.7 and work up. It's probably going to take 5.0 - 5.2g to make major depending on your barrel. You'll probably find a ton of info with a quick search.
  7. Matt McLearn Open Gun

    Got the photos back in photobucket after a glitch...
  8. Matt McLearn Open Gun

  9. Matt McLearn Open Gun

    Anyone using a Matt McLearn open gun? Show some pictures
  10. Matt McLearn Open Gun

    I got the black finish ... melonite or nitride finish, I'm not sure what Matt uses. I'll get pics up soon
  11. Yesterdays Match

    Yes, indeed it was a FUN match ... with the hardest stage I've ever shot. I'll be back again to try again nextt month. The 22 side match was fun too.
  12. Has anyone done the Warrior Dash? 3.5 miles of fun and mud, and more mud? http://www.warriordash.com/index.php I'm going to have to find a place to do it in 2012!
  13. HS-6 Temp. Sensitive ?

    Read thru this.... http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=127521&st=0&p=1439051&fromsearch=1entry1439051
  14. Aaron's Range Diary

    Well I figure I will give this a shot as I don't have a place currently to keep track of my progress, only have what's in my head and sometimes things get lost and forgotten. And if I don't use it very ofter, at least you have a place to look at my avatar I started in USPSA seriously last year in Limited. Never really felt totally comfortable with that gun and the results showed that. You can see it big time in the videos posted in my signature. Fast forward to this past winter .... sold my Limited guns in favor of an Open gun. I feel a lot more comfortable with the Open gun, and it seems easier than the Limited game. The speed is so much faster, it just brings a smile to my face I never shot a Limited classifier over 60% but have shot a few in Open. Saturday -- shot the local match at Circleville. Always a good match with challenging stages. I ended up 4th in Open out of 7 and 5th in the combined results. I feel like I had a solid match with good stage plans. I had 1 Mike on the day ... stage 1 on one of the swingers. I had trigger freeze one of the targets so that messed me all up. I did have 2 NS on the classifier and only ended up with a 38%. Lessons learned: relax the grip so I don't get trigger freeze. Sunday -- shot the local match at McDonald, PA. I ended up first C and 6th out of 14 in Open. Stage 3: 18 round stage with three shooting positions, three targets in each position. You can see from the video below, I need to get in and out of positions better. In addition you can hear the change in cadence in my shots in each position. Ended up 6th on this stage. Stage 4: 26 round stage. Again 3 shooting positions. The stage had mini poppers so I felt like I should reload going to the center shooting position. Maybe I shouldn't have and just made sure I went 1 for 1 on the steel. Stage 5: 28 round stage. Had a very good stage plan on this one. I saw something during the walk through that the rest of the squad didn't. Once they saw it, they all copied it LOL Six steel (two rows of 3). Was a little deliberate on the steel to make sure I went 1 for 1. Moved before the buzzer and was expecting the RO to stop me but he didn't so that cost me some time. Trigger freeze on the first target .. trying to press to hard to make up the false start. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WIDtb6XZtU&feature=player_detailpage"]Stage 5 Stage 1: 32 round stage. Felt comfortable with my stage plan but obviously got a little out of sorts in the last position. Took too many shots on the steel that cost me some time. Also had a NS, call it and made up the shot. Ended up 6th on this stage as well. Stage 2: Classifier 09-03 Oh-No. Shot this is 59%. Any and all comments are welcome. I've learned from other peoples topics, hopefully someone will learn something from mine.
  15. Aaron's Range Diary

    WOW, it's been almost 2 months since I last posted something here .... so much has happened since then. I should be in Vegas now for Open Nationals but I had to cancel that trip due to changing jobs and I didn't feel comfortable taking so much time off after just starting. Obviously shooting is something I do for fun and without the job there is no shooting. There is always next year, right?!?! Anyway, probably only one to two more outdoor pistol matches this year to run a few rounds thru the new open gun. I am going to shoot tactical rifle matches for the rest of the fall. I shoot USPSA for FUN and it some people have made it not fun. I will not be shooting with those people any longer and will not waste anymore energy on that. Catching up on match summaries .... I shot the Indiana Section Championship at the end of July. This was my first major as a B Open shooter and I ended up 3rd B. The heat was brutal but I shot consistent all day but had 2 misses. Below are the videos .. I could have picked up the speed in certain areas and need to have more patience on steel. I did wipe out on stage 2 but kept the gun pointed in the right direction and my finger off the trigger. Popped right back up and kept on shooting Stage 2 (the fall): At the Area 8 match I finished 5th B in Open. I was really rusty after only shooting one local match between the IN Sectional and A8. Day 1 was a struggle with one M and 2 gun malfs. Day 2 was much better but I already had dug a big hole on the lower point value stages. Only 1 M for the match.
  16. OH YA! I'm signing up. Gotta figure out who I can drag through the mud with me!
  17. Matt McLearn Open Gun

    My open gun from Matt should be here in October. Yee-Haa!! I got mine a week ago and just last night put the first 100 rounds thru it. It is so tight but it ran perfect and is flat as hell. I need to chrono my ammo since this gun has 3 holes. The ammo was 173-174pf at A8 in a different gun with no holes so I should still be 168-170pf I'm guessing. I'll get pics up this weekend.
  18. Superior Firearms tuned 9mm mag ?

    My 170 runs like a top. I can get 29 in it but it is tight so I normally just start with 28 in it unless I really need to start with 30 in the gun.
  19. I see reference to combined overall results, are they posted somewhere?
  20. Aaron's Range Diary

    Manny Bragg class the past two days. My ass is draggin' but it was definitely worth it. Too tired to type much else now but if you ever get the opportunity to take a class, DO IT! More later....
  21. And they are letting anyone from Ohio shoot the match for $7.00, right Roy?!?! LOL.
  22. At the end of my reloading session today, I was having a problem with a case being fully inserted into the shell place. Seems like it's lacking about 1/8". How do I fix this or make the adjustment to get the case fully inserted? Thanks.
  23. 650 Case insertion

    Just wanted to share the root cause of this problem in case somebody else has the same issues. The cause of the cases not being fully inserted into the shell plate was the block that pushes the case was rubbing against the ejection wire and it would not fully push the case into position. Did a little bending on the wire and adjusted the camming rod properly and now everything work like it is supposed to.