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  1. I never had a PW, but have been pretty happy with my Ammobot. I don't know that I would be that much happier with the Mk7 for the extra money. The Mk7LTE was not an option when I purchased. It may have made a difference. The new Ammobot is quieter, which is a main complaint. I do know someone who went from a PW to Mk7 and he LOVES it. The PW gave him all kinds of fits.
  2. RF100 Alternatives?

    Fairly expensive, and not much margin would be my guess.. but I don't sell them. Umberto gave us a decent deal on a group buy once (run off site, not allowed here). Try to get some buddies together to cut down on shipping and what not.
  3. RF100 Alternatives?

    FYI - That's Australia. Send Umberto54 a PM. You can order directly from him.
  4. Height of 1050 w/ Ammobot

    46 inches to the top of bullet feeder.
  5. CZ in Open at Bianchi Cup

    Most of the top guys have guns that are well under 2 in @ 50, and the best of those border sub inch. However, it is possible to shoot a 1920 with a >2 inch gun. The biggest limiting factor will be the lack of commercially available shrouds for the CZ platform. I spoke with the Aussie CZ shooters and i think they said that they made their own shrouds.
  6. 2018 World Shoot

    Thanks. I'll let Ron know.. Please send your available weekends to spread gravel and build barricades..
  7. 2018 World Shoot

    It's still in the NRA's hands. Ron has put in for it to be held in Kansas City, and as far as I'm told, that's the only club that has put in for it. NRA won't be able to make any decisions or announcements before the end of this month because of all the other matches going on. So.. I'm guessing mid-August for an announcement of dates and location. Initial discussions are that worlds would fall the weekend that is usually Flagler Cup, or cancel Flagler Cup and host Worlds the week after Bianchi, but we really only have staff for one match.. not both. (we don't have staff for a full worlds either, but that part is being worked on). I'll make sure it's posted here and on Facebook as soon as they make an official announcement.
  8. @Action Pistolero What rings do you use with the Matchdot?
  9. I don't necessarily . The Matchdot 2 wasn't out when I started, and the matchdot 1 that I used this year was just a loaner. The extra, non-round dot reticles on the 2 I wouldn't use, and while the quick elevation adjustable turrets on the 2 are nice.. I would screw up and forget to turn it when I needed to. My current setup has me in the black from 10 to 50. No need to crank on anything but the trigger. [emoji3] I might even try to get behind a normal Ultradot with the 1 inch tube instead of 30mm. Seems I read something somewhere but I cant remember the benefits. It was bullseye related I think. Sun optics makes some good rings that get the dot lower than the rings that come with the Ultradot. Kevin highly recommends them. I'll probably pick them up once I make a final decision for next year.
  10. I've never seen a single published equipment survey. The prior admin said they used it for sponsors. Used it for what.. to run them off I guess.
  11. Best is relative, but these are the most 2 used dot's out there right now. 1. Aimpoint CompM, CompC3, Pro, or ACO model would be great if you can find a used one for a reasonable price. 2. Ultradot Matchdot 1 or 2 would be good options also. There are some Leupolds, a couple Burris scopes, and Aimpoint micro's out there, but these above are probably the most common. I started with a Matchdot 1 for a few months, went to an Aimpoint CompML3 for a few years, and now I'm back to a Matchdot 1. I switched back to the Matchdot because I was tired of the flared irregular shape of the Aimpoint dot. If I can get some glasses that fix my astigmatism, I may go back to the Aimpoint, but the Matchdot was very good this year and actually liked using a bigger dot (6 and 8 moa) in a lot of places where I didn't used to.
  12. Im not sure about a rifle, but put a comp on a pistol at a 45° angle and you'll see what kind of impact it has. Even with a 127pf 115gr bullet and Titegroup load. It wasnt subtle.
  13. Bianchi 2017

  14. Loading 9mm 125gr HAP w/Titegroup

    What do you mean how reliable? Its good info and provides plenty of places to start. Start low, work up, chrono.
  15. Paypal

    I've returned payments and cancelled deals over someone putting gun related comments in the payment. I'd rather cash a money order that says Hookers and Blow on it, than get a paypal that says "Brass" or "Magazines" on it.