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  1. Best tablet for RO's

    Another thing to note, if you like bigger numeric keyboard, you can install Hacker's Keyboard (set height for Portrait to 55% and use Stone Bold theme). Before (left) and after (right).
  2. Best tablet for RO's

    I'm going to leave those step by step instructions here, just in case * Removing/Disabling Amazon apps (no root required) https://liliputing.com/2017/07/uninstall-app-amazon-fire-fire-hd-tablet-no-root-required.html * Installing Google Play Store (maybe you want to run PractiScore Competitor on Kindle) and 3rd party launchers to Kindle (hide all the apps you don't want your ROs to see) https://liliputing.com/2017/07/making-amazons-fire-hd-8-2017-googley-play-store-third-party-launchers.html
  3. Hardware deals

    This one should be good for getting some extra juice for your scoring tablets at the range KMASHI 10000mAh Portable Power Bank $8 with code 5EX29OBF
  4. PractiScore for Nook BNRV300

    http://www.rootnscoreit.com/ Make sure to update PractiScore to the latest version after. Their web site is NOT distributing the latest version. See https://practiscore.com/blog/ (search for Nook section on that page).
  5. Hardware deals

    Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa, 8" HD Display, 16 GB $49.99 (save $30.00) 3 Fire HD 8 Tablets $119.97 (save $120)
  6. Hardware deals

    Prime deals on Echo devices. Get them cheap while you can. PractiScore skill for Alexa/Echo is in beta. Amazon Echo - $89.99 (Normally $179.99) Amazon Tap - $79.99 (Normally $129.99) Amazon Echo Dot - $34.99 (Normally $49.99)
  7. Hardware deals

    July 10 Amazon Prime deals: Save $40 on Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, only $89.99 Fire 7, our best-selling tablet, only $29.99
  8. printers

    Simple, like trying to take a picture of tablet screen in a bright sun light or rain with a phone you normally would not carry with you while shooting a stage? Hmm...
  9. printers

    The expensive part is not exactly true. There are plenty of options of bt thermal printers within $30..80 price range. There are even used ones in a rugged cases... Also not true. The printing interface been added to Android app over 2 years ago and it hasn't been changed since. People just started using it now Never said I abandoned it. I enabled option for printing from android app. It is up to the users if they wanted it or not.
  10. Best tablet for RO's

    That's odd... Maybe DRM got carried over since app was installed. Amazon handles it all outside of our control, but I double checked that 1.4.7 has no DRM enabled on it.
  11. Tablet for Practiscore?

    Unregister tablets and register them under a new amazon account/email with no CC on it.
  12. Best tablet for RO's

    You can pay amazon to remove those and there is that https://forum.xda-developers.com/amazon-fire/general/removing-lock-screen-ads-root-t3218946/page1
  13. Best tablet for RO's

    App store downloads are not that representative. Live stats show that active Amazon devices is at about 25..27%, Samsung - 45..47%. What app version are you running?
  14. Best tablet for RO's

    I'm pretty sure I removed DRM from PractiScore on Amazon appstore at least few months ago. If you still seeing this, you need to update app from the appstore.
  15. https://www.wehateglare.com