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  1. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    A lot of RO's flip out at majors if there are only 2-3 people resetting.
  2. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    I'm sure we could find people to reset for less than $250 per day. My personal price to flip burgers at McDonalds would be $200/hr....But that just ain't gonna happen.
  3. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    Agreed on it being a waste of time and being inefficient. I'd prefer it go to having a hired crew to setup. Far less chance of the shenanigans that everyone seems to be so concerned about in this thread.
  4. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    Perhaps the solution, as a few others have suggested, is to go to the Euro model and rotate through the squad having 2-3 people resetting the entire stage. Or increase everyone's match fee by $20 and pay a crew to reset. Personally, I'll gladly pay $20 to not have to reset.
  5. The future of IPSC

    Okay. Maybe the odd striker fired gun may come close to that. But definitely no DA/SA gun comes close to that from the factory on the DA shot.
  6. The future of IPSC

    I don't believe IPSC shooters aren't making ANY changes to their Production guns. I'm guessing their trigger pull weight in Production is pretty close to the 4lb limit. I don't know of any striker fired or DA/SA gun that comes from the factory with a 4lb pull. But at any rate, this would be a good opportunity to align the rules between the two organizations. I agree that the changes are not trivial, but this isn't remotely close to rocket science either.
  7. The future of IPSC

    Depends on a lot of things. But let's say a hypothetical new shooter has a Production gun and there are two matches the same distance away. One USPSA and one IPSC. I'd bet that shooter picks the match where he can load his mags up.
  8. The future of IPSC

    This. But let's pick the best rules of the two and go with that.
  9. Procedural

    10.2.2 A competitor who fails to comply with a procedure specified in the written stage briefing will incur one procedural penalty for each occurrence. However, if a competitor has gained a significant advantage during non-compliance, the competitor may be assessed one procedural penalty for each shot fired, instead of a single penalty (e.g. firing multiple shots contrary to the required position or stance).
  10. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    What match was this. I want to make sure I never go near it or any matches run by this staff.
  11. Holster for EVO grip

  12. Area 5 Arb

    So the moral of the story is just to haul ass uprange and create an unsafe condition to the point where the RO is forced to call stop. Then there's no messing with asking for calibrations or having to arb.
  13. Is major falling out of favor in Limited

    Power factor is simply a measure of momentum. Momentum is one of the primary factors of penetration distance. A JHP with a PF of 125 simply isn't going to penetrate as far as a JHP with a PF of 165+. What if we just made PF 160 across the board regardless of caliber?
  14. Slowest powder for 9mm major

    7.6???? Wow. It only takes me 7.2gr at 1.169" with a 115 to make 170PF. Plenty of gas to work the comp. If it took me more than 7.5gr of WAC to make PF, I'd start looking at other powders.
  15. Shadow 2 now Prod legal

    Oh yeah, duh. I was thinking of IPSC Production for some reason.