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  1. 5 yards and in: basically the outline of the gun in the A zone. ~7 yards: see my green fiber somewhere in the A zone They're sight pictures that don't particularly need the sights.
  2. Will the shodow 2 make you slower?

    Yes, it will be slower to transition. No, it will not impact you. You see a healthy mix of steel guns and plastic guns at the top of Production Nationals for a reason. The gun still doesn't matter. The opinion of a magazine editor is worth... well, very little.
  3. Why no love for the P09?

    A very real, but unfortunate, factor is being left out of the conversation so far: The P09 just isn't the "cool" gun to have right now. They're great guns that need very little work. If they took 75 mags, I would pick one (or more) up.
  4. Pre-Match Diet

    Change your lifestyle to remove garbage foods from your diet all the time, not just before a match. You'll feel a lot better at the match and everywhere else. I focus more on hydration leading up to a match. I make sure I'm comfortably hydrated as early as the night before, get a good night's sleep, and then continue hydrating through the day.
  5. Enjoyed the heck out of this match. What a great facility and the staff all did an excellent job.
  6. My Shadow 2 modifications

    My practice Shadow 1 has ~80,000 rounds through it exclusively using 11 lb springs. I'd say the odds are almost zero.
  7. Hammers - Production

    Nope. But, I'm also not into tinkering and chasing gear; the CZC does exactly what a hammer should do. I'm also not thrilled with the new rule change, so that taints any future consideration of switching for me.
  8. Which grips for big hands?

    I've found the SSI scales to provide the most real estate for my large hands.
  9. 10x barrel bushing replacement instructions

    Thanks, Rowdy. Looking forward to your feedback on it.
  10. My Shadow 2 modifications

    The palm swells are definitely not thicker than scales. And all 3 sets of my scales don't fit the s2. The screw location is off just far enough where they can't even be fit
  11. My Shadow 2 modifications

    Thick compared to the factory ones? Sure. I'm waiting for something like the SSI scales.
  12. limited pro gun

    Based on his/her other posts, I'm going to venture a guess that English is not their first language. I think NathanB covered the meaning of the OP
  13. My Shadow 2 modifications

    The more time I spend with mine, the less I feel compelled to change anything. I switched springs right away, have a thinner front sight on the way, and will add thick grips once they become available. I may throw in an 85 trigger from my old Shadows to reduce the DA throw slightly, but that's it. I've been spoiled by my Automatic Accuracy shadows, but this thing is ready to rumble out of the box.
  14. G34/G35 vs XDm vs M&Pro

    Glock is the only one of the trio I'd even consider. If ordering off the menu is an option, I'd go with the PPQ for a polymer, striker gun.
  15. Upgrade current gun or trade up

    I don't think any gun will cause better scores over any reasonable gun. However, if it inspires you to practice more, then absolutely. My scores went way up when I switched from an M&P to a Shadow, but that was only because I enjoy shooting it so much that it encourages me to use it every single day.