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  1. First Custom 2011 is coming home

    Just the usual routine of adding oil in the high friction areas (slide rails mostly). It's not the worst idea to field strip and wipe out the excess buildup if you have time.
  2. Shadow 2 w/ DPM Systems guide rod?

    Just to clarify: You actually want to replace the buffers, or you just want to be rid of them? Obviously, if it's the latter, you can just take them out. The gun runs entirely fine and you save $90.
  3. First Custom 2011 is coming home

    This is how I do it. Add lots of oil, shoot many many bullets. Reapply, and continue shooting. This. Claims that certain types of break-in methods alter the metallurgical properties of a firearm are a myth. It's nonsense for both long guns (where the myth is most common) and pistol.
  4. Memory stages are hard for me

    This is sage advice. I'll also add: As soon as you realize it's a "memory stage," (put in quotes because it's situation and person dependent)... walk behind the stage and make sure you know the correct round count and where targets are geographically. It makes it a lot easier to figure out your stage plan from there.
  5. Assymmetrical grips?

    Same. Every problem that I've seen people try to fix with mixed grips was quickly fixed by gripping the gun harder.
  6. CZ shadow 2: notable issues, or concerns.

    Correct. You can't mix and match. It has to be CZ + CZ, or CGW + CGW.
  7. Sprints -- Can someone help me with a plan?

    Some good advice for sprint workouts so far. I'll add some alternatives in case you find sprints too aggressive: box jumps, jump rope, and agility ladders.
  8. My Shadow 2 modifications

    How many rounds have you done through the 8.5#? How many of those had light strikes? The 8.5 sounds nice when I switch to my S2s (they're currently using 11.5s, which i'm fine with), but I wouldn't accept even a single light strike in my match gun.
  9. My Shadow 2 modifications

    Out of curiosity, has anybody tried a different trigger for a shorter DA throw? If so, what was your winner?
  10. Switching divisions

    Only Production. But, my goal is to be competitive, not to be cosmopolitan. It all depends on what your goals are.
  11. Sp01 in P07 holster?

  12. Anyone else try the new grips for shadows?

    I don't think they're available yet ?
  13. Accu Shadow or Shadow 2

    Except the S2 doesn't need any of those things except for springs.