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  1. Anyone using HPA plumbed off the pistol may?

    Having used propane and dealt with cold weather issues, getting consistent good fills, frozen valves but having the freedom of not being tied into a hose. Is compressed air so much better from a training perspective that it makes it worthwhile? What pressures are being used to keep from blowing seals? Is it common to plumb several mags for this power source?
  2. Interested in if anyone here uses High Pressue Air or Compressed air to run their gas blowback handgun.
  3. Skimmer Trigger

    Amazing there is so little info here about it. Possibly there is a thread already dedicated to it elsewhere on the forum. I have read threads on this trigger on calguns, lightfighter, and m4carbine. Possibly a word search on this forum.
  4. WHich Beretta airsoft to buy>

    Green gas/propane tend to be more relaible over C02. The C02 series seem to leak easier. The above is just my opinion. I would only consider a C02 gun if a grn/propane version would not be available.
  5. new to airsoft

    Fill your mag, and then place it in a cup of water.....
  6. Need New Adaptor?

    Many gas mags can that leak can easily be brought back to life. Take your main valave out of the mag. It requires a special tool. Make one, or buy one. Make sure your magazine bottom screw is tight (If so attached), if you have pins holding your base on, leave them alone. Spray silicon into that hole. A couple good sprays. Replace valve, making sure to lube rubber o rings with a light dash of white lithium grease. Gas up your mag and let it it stand up. Allow it to remain in that position for several hours or so. After that time, you can sink the mag into a cup of water looking for leaks. This 98% of the time cures the leaky mags.
  7. Premature Slidelock

    There is a pin which holds the feed nozzle in place. Drift the pin out, and you can replace the nozzle.
  8. Glock 19 magazines

    You can check Airsplat possibly or Evike.. Just do a word search for the mags in Google..Your Friend! Otherwise, overseas, like Redwolf, WGC, UN Comp..
  9. where can I find a tm 2011 limited airsoft?

    I would totally agree with the above response. TMs mostly come with plastic slides. They will work for some time but will crack. Get aftermarket metal one. Watch the guide rod guide, or housing. Its the part that slips into the slide and captures the guide rod. The flange breaks off, and will not capture the guide rod. The rear sight for height screw will like to back out. Locktight that bad boy, and watch the screw for windage. They break off , or back out. I have over 30,000 bbs through mine, and have replaced the following: Guide rod guide Magazine release Both adjustment screws for rear sight Slide Mainspring Loading Valve Piston head Valves in mags Inner barrel. The last 6, I replaced for performance, and or reliability. The Caspians in the wide body series are all metal and also well made. Those mags work in the TMs. I can get all parts for that series here in the states. They are an excellent value, and quite well made. Evike sells them pretty cheaply. Oh, BTW..Sweet TMs you have there good sir.
  10. Airsoft Accuracy

    You can also increase the affect of hop up in those series. There is a teeny, tiny bb that sits over the top of the chamber for that series. Sometimes, you may notice that hop adjust makes no impact on where the bb strikes. Take a shotgun shell apart depending on the size of BB you need to slightly increase its size, and apply more hop. The hop up puts back spin on the BB giving it lift. Be careful in taking a shell apart.... Very careful. Or, you may have a variety of bbs already in small sizes. This has worked for me.. You can also dremel out your valves in your magazine for a slight increase in velocity, along with a heavier guide rod spring (this helps by supplying a little more resistence to keep the valve open releasing more gas, bfore shutting off). More velocity, generally more accuracy.
  11. CED 7000 For Airsoft Practice

    You guys are way too cool.. Man, this is the site for very up to date info on using Airsoft. Impressive. I was amazed CED made one just for us. Thanks for the link. Thanks also for the welcome.
  12. CED 7000 For Airsoft Practice

    First post here guys.. Hope this hasnt been covered.. I couldnt find anything relating to this use for Airsoft. I had an issue with not relaibly picking up the shots from my GBBs in practice. That was until I purchased a CED. I simply put velcro on the back side of it, and with a wrist band with the fuzzy stuff on it, it will stay quite nicely. It will pick up 95% of the shots fired. For off hand practice I simply switch the timer to my off hand. It needs to be on the shooting wrist for most consistant recording. I turned up the mic as far as it would go.