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  1. TTI mag spring

    Taran tactical extended mag kit 40 S&W using in M&P Pro. I got what I thought was the extended extra power springs but having problems feeding. Using Berrys 180 pfp seated to 1.125 and getting jams where the bullet is nosediving on the feedramp. Failing to feed, pulling slide back then bullet will start on the ramp and will feed. Seems like not enough spring pressure on the cartridge to push it up far enough. Comparing the TTI springs to the original S&W mag springs looks like they are the same length. Did I get the correct springs from TTI? Any suggestions?
  2. Any chance of USPSA matches on Sunday evenings like last year?
  3. Hello from ohio

    Welcome Northwest Ohio Combat Pistol Club shoots USPSA matches every second Sunday at the Fulton County Sportsmans Club in Wauseon. IDPA on the third Sunday. Angola Indiana shoots USPSA on the First Sunday of the month. Come on out and join us. Tom Schuster
  4. Thank you so much DSC & Motor City Speed Shooters. My wife and I shot on Saturday and enjoyed the match very much. This was both of our first time at the DSC range and was very impressed. Great facility and fantastic range crew. We'll be back next year if you host another big match. Tom Schuster & Rise Fritz
  5. M&P 9L Kydex Holster

    Safariland 5195 Range Series
  6. M&P 9L Kydex Holster

  7. Mailed my wife's and mine on monday. Her first big match, should be fun! Tom Schuster
  8. The local gun store had some CCI 450 small rifle magnum primers i bought. Decent price and I was totally out. My normal load is 55 gr fmj atop 27.0 gr. Varget. Has anyone used the magnum primers in a 223 load for shooting in an AR?
  9. Fin Feather and Fur

    I picked up 1000 Federal Small Pistol Magnum Primers there Saturday 3/9 for $35.99.
  10. Opinions please. I normally load 40 S&W with WSF using CCI #500 or Winchester WSP primers. 180 gr. Zero bullets loaded long for use in STI Limited. I just picked up 1000 Federal Small Pistol Magnum Primers (#200). Using these mag. primers, how will this effect performance? Do I need to reduce powder charge?
  11. AR15 Grip

    I just put the JP Competition Fire Control Kit in my BushMaster lower and now looking at grips. I'm leaning towards the MAGPUL MOE grip. It's economical and looks good. Any opinions? recomendations? Thanks Tom Schuster Sandusky, OH