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  1. Ghost 3.5 EVO Elite Connector

    I have a few Evo Elites. What does the Pro feel like in comparison? All of the ghost connectors are awesome. I personally like the 3.0 pro... But the Evo Elite works great. Don't forget that there is minor gunsmithing required. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. New Guy from VA

    Go slow. They probably told you that though... As the new guy, no one cares how fast you shoot or how good your hits are, initially. Be safe. If you are unsafe you will not be received well. If you are safe and receptive to assistance you will have more friendly help than you can probably stand. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. What a day! (Now with video of my DQ!)

    You are a true advocate/benefit to the sport. Thank you for sharing your story. It could happen to any one of us. We all make mistakes and putting yourself out there shows that you value the sport above your ego. We will learn from your mistake as much as you did. It could have been anyone of us...but not all would have offered to help fellow shooters. Thanks You sir, Harold
  4. Gen 4 G17 reduced weight recoil spring?

    Good info as well...thanks. I'm hoping I don't have to come to that though.... Best, Harold
  5. Gen 4 G17 reduced weight recoil spring?

    Thanks to both of you. My G17 is on order and that is the only thing that had me concerned. Nice to know it will feed...but I too would like the ability to change weights. Any idea who is doing the R&D? Thanks again, Harold
  6. Searched around and didn't see anything about companies offering a reduced weight recoil spring. Any one heard of one on the horizon or is it out there already and I'm just crappy and finding stuff? The reason I ask is i'm running an 11 lb in my production gen 3 with 130PF loads. From what I'm reading the gen 4's may have issues with soft loads. Thanks, Harold