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  1. Remington V3

  2. Remington V3

    Would like to know this as well. Back when Remington announced this gun, there were rumors circulating that they'd be coming out with tactical and competition versions. I haven't heard any more about those versions since. Has anyone?
  3. Rear Sight Moving

    Having the same issue with mine (SP-01 Shadow). I don't want mine to EVER move...so I used JB Weld. That ought to do it.
  4. Powder for 308

    I also have a .308 bolt gun - Remington 700 with a 20" barrel. My barrel has a 1:12" twist rate. So far, I've shot Nosler Ballistic Tip 150 gr., Nosler 155 gr. Custom Comp., and Nosler 175 gr. Custom Comp. bullets. They've all flown great. I'm getting sub-MOA groups out to 200 yards. For powders, so far I've used Varget, and really like it - but it's become rather scarce. So, I was able to get my hands on a good quantity of IMR 4064 and worked up some loads for it, and it's running great. I hope to be able to shoot it at longer distances, but for right now 200 yds. is all I have access to on a regular basis.
  5. help a newbie out on 308 Win round

    I don't have any first-hand experience with AR Comp in a .308, but the folks at Alliant think it's just dandy: http://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/powderlist.aspx?page=/reloaders/powderlist.aspx&type=1&powderid=35&cartridge=80
  6. very sluggish reset in a 2011

    There is actually a separate leaf of the sear spring that returns the trigger to its forward position, as well as resets the disconnetor. It's the center leaf. You may be able to adjust the bend on it enough to give you the return you want without compromising the lightened trigger pull weight. It's a delicate balance.
  7. Pulled the trigger once fired two rounds

    If you're not comfortable with disassembling your 1911 down to the sear spring and other fire control parts, you could call Springfield Armory's customer service department. I've heard nothing but good things about their customer service. My bet is they'll want to have a look at one of their guns that's misbehaving like that. 1-800-680-6866 http://www.springfield-armory.com/customer-service/
  8. SP-01 sights for bi focals

    I use my everyday trifocals, with the stick-on diopter at the top edge of my dominant-eye lens like zzt says. It works surprisingly well. One day I'd like to get a prescription with the right lens ground for perfect front-sight clarity. But until that happens, the stick-on works. http://optx2020.com/p-38-hydrotac-stick-on-bifocal-2-pair-offer-available-for-consumer-purchase-only.aspx As for sights - I use the stock rear sight (Shadow) with a .100" Dawson black front sight. The combo works nice for me. The gun came with a fiber optic front sight, but I didn't care for it. I found it distracting and went to the old-school black front sight.
  9. cz custom shop shipping

    I ordered a slide stop for my Shadow this morning and it shipped this afternoon.
  10. TS 9mm Original Recoil Spring Weight?

    Been running a 10 lb. Wolff spring in my Shadow since 2010, 128-130 PF. Runs nice. Early on I had a couple of failures to go fully into battry, but discovered my lead rounds were loaded a tad too long. Easily fixed and no probs since.
  11. GunCraft vs Fusion Triggers?

    I had the Dlask for a season, and it did feel gritty. It was fit well, but I found there to be a bit of flex in the bow that caused the outside of the bow to expand slightly and rub against the frame. Too bad because I really like the shape of the trigger. Put a stiffer bow on it and it would be a winner for me. Running the Guncraft in it now.
  12. Anyone else getting these Results in the Pro Custom 18.9?

    I bought a Para P14-45 back in June of '95 and the shim replacement for the Series 80 parts was one of the first things I did to it. I also replaced the hammer, sear, and disconnector, swapped the mainspring for a 17 lb., and tweaked the searspring. All of the finessing performed got me a glass-crisp 2 lb. pull. At one point I put the series 80 junk back in and it didn't increase the weight a whole lot - it just made it feel gritty. Took it back out and have never looked back. Still use the gun in Limited to this day.
  13. Reloading room - house vs garage

    I've had both garage and living area reloading spaces over the years. I prefer the living space setup by far, and for exactly the reasons you stated. Sounds like you have a good handle on locking things up to prevent unauthorized access and safety. I'd go with your plans and never look back. Enjoy!
  14. 550 roller handle

    External retaining ring. Rides in a groove milled into the shaft and keeps the handle from coming off.
  15. I placed a small order with Dillon early Tuesday morning and just got an email from them tonight that it's been shipped. I guess maybe they're really busy? It seems like communication could be improved a bit. I'll probably order from Brian next time. I'm feeling like there may be an RF100 Primer Tuber Filler in my future....