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  1. Anyone tried these bullets? HS Bullets

    I love the H&S 125gr RN bullets, they are the only coated ones I would buy anymore. They run great in my SP01 CZ Custom Shadow (Stock) and my Phantom. I do have to load to 1.085-1.09 OAL to pass plunk test. Interestingly enough, I loaded some in my "old" Wilson Combat 9mm CQB and I can load out to 1.14 in it, and they are superbly accurate. That OAL will not run in my other Wilson full size 9mm guns. My favorite load is 4.1 of WSF in the CQB which gives me about 129 PF. 4.2 for the CZs and my PPQ to make PF. I've switched to plated now so won't be shooting coated, unless they run another Black Friday sale in November like I bought the last batch for right around .06 each
  2. CCP legal 4" barrel 9mm 1911s?

    Define "Break the bank"? Basically any Commander slide on an Officer's Frame would be legal. Magwells added will have to not add too much to stay within the 5 3/8" height limit. Colt CCO Dan Wesson CCO Just search for "CCO 9mm" on GunBroker, you'll see lots of options.
  3. JP GMR-15

    Really? JP tech doesn't know how to spell "hole"? Interesting as my friend who just got his GMR-15 called them about this "issue" and they told him "we've never heard of this issue from anyone". Hmm. Can you tell us exactly what sort of "magazine missfeed" you had that led to this issue you had? James
  4. Arredondo extentions (+5) do NOT work with stock Glock 33 round mag springs (not for me). Had to get Taylor Freelance extended springs for 41+ mags to run with those. Taylor Freelance 41+ with the included spring works great with Glock 33 mags.
  5. Shadow 2 Legal Date

    You are right I made a bad assumption. He was shooting Limited according to results. https://practiscore.com/results/new/35512
  6. Shadow 2 Legal Date

    He DID shoot it at Cowtown last weekend. I ran him on stage 2. Hmm, so the Shadow 2 was NOT on Production list - But our MD gave him a pass I guess
  7. Wilson combat AR9

    147s didn't have as much snap as the 115s and 124s. Definitely lighter.
  8. My experience with your favorite Winchester 147gr Train and Defend FMJ TC ammo in my Wilson AR9G carbine was disasterous at the USPSA Cowtown match this weekend. Worked fine on the bench, superb accuracy. Won't work reliably under rapid fire. My experience. My gun. Only ammo I've found so far that won't work reliably. FYI, YMMV. Thanks for all the Chrony info though, it's interesting. BTW, the T&D 147gr ammo only chrono'd at about 980fps in my Wilson.
  9. Wilson combat AR9

    Well, learned a hard lesson at the USPSA Cowtown Match over this weekend about assuming too much about ammo selection and reliability. I have never had any failures of any kind with a multitude of ammo I've fired through my AR9G. With standard Glock mags or Glock 17 mags with Arredondo extensions. Once I got Taylor Freelance springs and the 41 extension, I've never had a failure with any ammo using those also. So I have typically shot 124gr FMJ ammo previously when using my AR9G at matches, but decided to try some 147gr when I zero'd my Trijicon MRO for this match. They all worked great on the bench and were very accurate. I settled on the Winchester Train and Defend 147gr TC FMJ ammo because it was superbly accurate (5 shots covered by a nickle at 22 yds). First stage at Cowtown, 41 mag loaded up with this ammo and it was disastrous. Bang Bang jam, clear, bang bang jam, clear, bang bang jam - shot the entire stage that way. Well crap, maybe that mag is bad (never failed before). Changed mags for stage 2. Same thing - bang bang jam etc. Well my match is ruined now - great. So I bummed some 115gr factory ammo off of friends (CCI Blazer Aluminum, Aguilla 115gr and Winchester 115gr White Box). Hmm, no more problems. (Another lesson learned ALWAYS HAVE FACTORY AMMO backup for full round count at matches + 50) Who would have guessed? FACTORY 147gr Winchester ammo was not satisfactory to run my AR9G. Lesson learned. Test ALL ammo to be used by doing a full mag dump as fast as you can pull the trigger or don't use it. Never assume, just because it fires fine when target shooting it will work in a match. That ammo chrono'd at the match at just under 1000 fps. Out of my 14.7" AR9G, so it is truly puny. Box advertises 950 fps at the muzzle for a pistol. Now it's relegated to my Walther PPQ The upside was getting to say Hi to Mandy, complaining she didn't bring an EDC X9 for me to try, but promising to bring one to Texas State in 3 weeks.
  10. Wilson combat AR9

    I have had the WIlson Combat AR9G 14.7" Fluted Barrel PCC for a couple of months now. Initially I had some issues with G33 mags with Aredondo extensions which I finally traced to a weak spring in the 33 rounders. Not enough when you add the extension. Since installing Taylor Freelance extended springs I've had no issues with premature lock back or failures to feed. I've recently also got the TF 41+ extension and it has worked great too. Works flawless with G17 and Aredondo extensions (24 rounds). Very accurate, trigger is GREAT (despite reports otherwise). I've tried 3 optics on it, Bushnell TRS25, Holosun 515C (C stands for CRAP), and have settled on a Trijicon MRO. Got my "B" classification with it at our last USPSA Classifier match. Will be shooting it at Cowtown USPSA in Cresson in 2 weeks battling against the JP GMR-13 guys and a Tavor 9mm shooters (local shooters). We'll see who comes out on top
  11. New CCP rules question

    They pretty much eliminated MOST ALL Commander size 1911s from CCP With the new 5 3/8" height restriction. You MIGHT be able to get it to fit if you shaved the mag base plates off flush. The EMP 4 lists a 5 1/2" height, so it's 1/8" too tall with the magazine. My Wilson Combat Lightweight Professional 9mm (which I bought in September 2015), along with the Wilson Combat ULC Carry Professional (touted as the perfect CCP gun in 2015/2016) are both now illegal for CCP with the standard magwell and magazines/floorplates because they are too tall. If you remove the magwell and use flat mag floor plates they might fit.
  12. PPQ M2 for IDPA CCP

    The PPQ has the best striker fired trigger on the market out of the box, IMHO and many others. I shoot the PPQ M1 in CCP Division and plan on shooting it at Texas State and try to win some of that money James
  13. News from Florida

    They still need to 100% clarify the reloading rules with regards to: - You have finished engaging targets from cover and are moving to the next shooting position. You start your reload - You come around a VB and now see NEW targets that you were not exposed to but you have not finished your reload (slide is not forward). Need 100% clarity as to whether this is a PE, FP or NOT A PENALTY. If this is not clarified, clubs will run the rules as they want.
  14. Illegal or legal prop in tier 4 match?

    Sorry, that's B.S. Illegal is illegal. Just because the S.O.s didn't catch it and let it slide doesn't make it right. GOOD MDs put hard cover behind barrels so you can't shoot through them to hit the target. At least that's what we used to do at our GOOD matches. Some still do. I remember doing it
  15. Shadow Orange and IDPA

    Same thing for adjustment screws on holsters, I agree a gamey thing. But, IDPA is supposed to be "less gamey" "supposed" to be more defensive but we can beat that dead horse forever, so I won't. I agree with you 100% Rowdy. "Selective" enforcement of rules by the ruling "clique" in clubs are what turn me off. I shoot less with those clubs and more with clubs that are more neutral in enforcement - or don't shoot "IDPA" matches.