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  1. I was thinking of using a leather punch and soldering gun or woodburner too on a Shooters connection belt. Does anyone know if Safariland makes QLS belt anymore? Safariland shows pictures of it, but no information on it on their website. I think a QLS belt would solve several issues for me.
  2. Just checking on the Vortex razor eye pieces, their eye relief run between 18mm to 31mm, depending on if it's a 23x or 32x.
  3. I thought this was another one of those joke questions.............. Buy what you need, and sell what you don't need or use, but be advised, you will regret selling what you don't need or use today (I speak from experience), because you may need it later and can't afford to replace it (a series 70 1911 comes to mind).
  4. What is the best 3-Gun ?

    No, the question is: Who has the best run 3-gun match?
  5. Best scope for 3gn

    I'm using an IOR 1.5-8x26 with a 5.56 BDC reticle. It's big (35mm tube), it's heavy, and it's 2nd focal plane, but the glass is great and I love it. Has anybody tried the SWFA 1-6x24HD? The reticle in the first focal plane really intrigues me.
  6. Now I have to buy special 3-gun socks? This sport is really getting expensive
  7. ? Glass ?

    Is $3,000 your ceiling, or do you have a price range? Just a few suggestions I have are the SWFA SS 5-20X50; you can get both a non-illuminated and illuminated Mil-quad reticle for about $1,000 to $1,500 respectively. The Vortex Razor 3-18X50 runs about $2,000. It really depends on your goals and budget. Are you going to be shooting at the same range? Are you going to be shooting long range matches? Need a little more info.
  8. Best 3 gun hand soap

    They make a 3gun soap?!?! What's it called, where can I get it, and how much does it cost? How much time will it knock off a stage on average, and will it help my split times?
  9. .308 vs 7.62x51

    As stated before both 7.62 and 5.56 NATO brass have thicker walls than commercial 308 Winchester and 223 Remington brass, so you need to work up slowly. I believe Speer makes or made a manual that has data for military brass. For bulk blasting practice ammo, I load for military brass since I have a big supply, and I hate surprises.
  10. Best 3-Gun Bag?

    I use the Midway bag and love it, but what do I know
  11. RT1500 Trimmer Shavings

    I usually deprime my brass with a Lee universal deprimer die in station 1 on my 650, and then trim on station 2. I do this so I can get as much air flow through the case to minimize chips in the case. It seems to work, as I don't find many chips after I clean the cases.
  12. Seeing .223 holes at 300yds

    At 300yds spotting .22 cal. holes or .30cal for that matter can be tricky, because things like mirage and humidity are starting to really have an effect on the image you see through a spotting scope. The tripod you use is also important. If you can't keep your scope from moving from vibration while you try to focus it, or the wind, or some other issue that keeps the image moving, then it doesn't matter how good your scope is. I use a Pentax PF80 with a 20-60x eyepiece; a $1,000.00 scope, and it barely gets the job done for .30cal. holes on a warm day at 300yds., yet at 200yds. there is no problem spotting .30 or .22 cal. holes. Now, the better the glass you have, the better your image is going to be, but the atmosphere is still going to have an effect. The real question is how much you have to spend, and what are your shooting conditions. A camera system might be the better idea, unless you have to worry about a stray shot finding your equipment; in that case you may want an expensive spotter.
  13. Rt1500 trimmer

    What are the advantages of the RT1500 over the 1200?
  14. Seven Wonders of...

    My first Dillon is a 400. Had to slap a primer bar and powder charge bar with each stroke of the handle and rotation of the shell plate, but it beat a Rock Chucker. I must be old.
  15. De-lube media life

    I clean the lube on loaded rounds with corn cob media. If it's just preped brass, I wash it using Simple Green, then rinse and dry it in the oven at 250* for 30 to 45 minutes. I usually leave it setting in a room close to a dehumidifier for a couple of days before loading.