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  1. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    Finally got my X5 back after 3 days of tag with FedEx. Tried the trigger last night and I can't tell much difference other than it might be a little heavier, but it no longer has the click when pressing the trigger striker down. I should see how it performs this weekend.
  2. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    Got my P320C back Monday. Trigger pull seems heavier and the rear of the elide pops up slightly when I dry fire it. Probably wont affect accuracy, but it is distracting. Still waiting on the X5 to come back.
  3. Flared magwell for AR-15

    After shooting a night match over the weekend and having to do a mag change in the dark, I couldn't get the magazine to go into the mag well. It ate up a lot of time getting my mag in the rifle. I decided I need a flared mag well. Does anybody have any updates or additions to the suggestions that have already been made?
  4. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    Got my FredsEx labels yesterday, so they should be going out today. The e-mail I got with the labels said to include all magazines with the pistol, but the first e-mail said not to include any magazines. Does anybody have any experience with this?
  5. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    1 month, and still waiting. Got my notice that Sig was ready for my pistols, but no pdf, or shipping label. Thought it might be a computer problem on my end. Called Sig and asked them to change my e-mail address to my work e-mail. They said it may be a day before I hear back. 4 days went by and nothing, so I called them again. They said FedEx was running behind and it could be a week before I get the label. Its over a week now and nothing.
  6. Military Sig p320

    I have one of the compacts with the safety, but it's not the military version. I has the same trigger as any other 320. Sig said they would soon release the M-17 after the trigger issue came to light. Haven't seen one yet.
  7. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    OK, so who makes magazine pouches to fit these Para-Ord. P18 mags? Since they are 38 Super magazines, they wont fit in 9mm mag pouches/carriers.
  8. P320 X5 Thread

    Do you have contact info., or web site for Robert Burke? Never mind, I found it.
  9. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I've got 5 magazines so far; all are Mec-Gar, 1, 22TCM, and 4 P-18 38 Super. Replaced the base plates on the P-18s with Dawson bases. They all function, except they don't reliably hold the slide back after the last round. The 22TCM holds 17 rounds, but has never held the slide back after the last round. The P-18s only hold 16 rounds (even the one that came with the pistol), and are 50/50 on holding the slide back after the last round.
  10. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    1 month, and still waiting.
  11. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I think all you would need would be the TCM barrel and recoil spring, but I don't think RIA sells them.
  12. 2011s... STI or RIA Pro

    You lucky dog. I'm trying to put a WC extended slide stop on mine, but it looks like I have to trim a little off the top of the grip panel to get it to fit.
  13. 2011s... STI or RIA Pro

    Hey dogtired, did you trim the grips or the extended slide stop to get the slide stop to fit on the pistol in the top of the photo?
  14. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Thanks usmc1094 for the video. I was able to find out that the STI extended mag release only works with STI mags in the 1911A2 TAC, by watching a few of the linked videos. Saved me some dollars. Friend of mine has an extended mag release with the button for a Para that should work. I was trying to avoid the button, but his price is right, especially if it works.
  15. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Has anyone installed an extended magazine release, and if so, which one, and how well did it work?