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  1. Cases tipping station 1 550b

    Only time i've had this happen is when i had the wrong shell plate on the press...or a piece of 38 SC gets mixed in with my 38 S
  2. Shoot It or Pull It?

    I see a lot of people saying shoot it. First, do you even know if it will chamber? And, if it does, and you fire it, are you sure that the bullet will leave the barrel? Quite possible that the weak brass will let the gas bypass the bullet and you are left with a squib. Also possible that you may flame cut the chamber of the gun, blow hot gasses back in your face, have the brass split in the chamber and get stuck, or any other type of failure. My guns, my hands, my eyes, and my time are way more important than a single piece of brass. Pull it, save the powder to go in another case, save the bullet to go in another case, and toss the brass.
  3. Have you seen this?

    Have you seen this? Thread TitlesWhen starting a new thread, please use descriptive words in the thread’s Title. For example: Use –"Failure To Extract in .40 caliber single stack"Instead of –"Has anyone seen this?" (Title)
  4. Newbie Questions

    And even then, the brass will still tarnish.
  5. Can anyone top 9 procedurals?

    Ask ATBarr...26 procedurals on one stage. I was video taping him. He shot the first array, stepped out of the shooting area, and then shot the rest of the arrays.
  6. Glock Extended Mag Release In CO...

    Give it a rest, Sarge.
  7. Truck repair bills taking my Major match entry fee funds

    Not a good weeknto be a Tundra driver. Went to load up the garbage to take to the dump this morning...tailgate didn't want.to close...came off the hinge...WTF? Finally got it back on the hinge and closed...then I noticed why it came off and why it wouldn't close. Somebody apparently backed into me, bending the bumper in, bending the rear passenger quarter panel, and caused the bumper to bulge, which is why the tailgate wouldn't close. And, of course, they never left a note or anything. Have to file yet another insurance claim in the same week.
  8. I had a 2003 Mustang GT with the Mach 1000 stereo in it. It was something else.
  9. Truck repair bills taking my Major match entry fee funds

    I feel your pain. My 2010 Tundra, although it wasn't caused by rats, is going in the shop the end of the week...I got up at 2am on Monday morning, my first day back at work since 12/21, and had to be in Miami at 9am. Got everything ready, packed the truck, got 2 miles from the house, and damn deer ran out in front of me...Prob $3k worth of damage to the front of the truck...and I still had to go to Miami.
  10. Newbie to the USPSA world!

    Welcome! If the movement is an issue, look into Steel Challenge.
  11. Help with Finger Rubbing on Glock Trigger Guard

    If you remove material (dremel an undercut), your gun will no longer be Production division legal.
  12. Help with Finger Rubbing on Glock Trigger Guard

    Glock finger. Calluses are the fix, unfortunately. As for the brass, sounds like your ejector needs tuning...Look up glock ejector tuning here on the forums. Here is one of the threads...