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  1. 10mm Primers Blown-Backing Out

    Pics of the protruding primers? You might try a harder primer than Federal and see if that helps. If the primers came out completely, it sounds like the primer pocket was loose. How difficult (or not difficult) was seating the primers?
  2. Awesome Glock review

    You made it 2 minutes? Wow!
  3. Forum Problems Again

  4. Forum Problems Again

    Yes. Looks like there was another version installed. I had to login, which very rarely happens.
  5. Crimping the .40 S&W......

    I reload 40 and I'm betting that it's the powder funnel as well.
  6. Rookie Noobs running the Practiscore tablet

    This thread was closed because the content/topic was judged not to be in line with the rules of the Hate Forum. (mostly likely politics or shooting related..which are out of bounds)Please review what you are..ahhh...allowed to hate. :)Hate Forum Rules:http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8097[note: this is a generic reply]
  7. Competition Belt

  8. Unable to edit post

    I think it may be 72 hours, but Chuck is correct. After a certain amount of time, a post can't be edited.
  9. Forum not working in Chrome

    I'm using Chrome.
  10. The future of IPSC

    You miss the point. Whether our USPSA members vote or not, they have the opportunity to vote. Not so in IPSC. Arguing that voter turn out is the real problem is like saying that just because 80% of the membership doesn't vote, we should stop the voting altogether. It would be nice for everyone to have a vote, but I can see where that could be difficult...but maybe every 10 members given the chance to vote (randomly, without anyone but the computer knowing), could be viable.
  11. The future of IPSC

    Russia may have more level 3 matches, but I think the point Gooldy was trying to make is, how many participants were in those level 3 matches. I would be interested to see that comparison. Russia could have had 24 level 3 matches, but if there were only 50 participants in each one, that's only 1,200 shooters... if the US had 12 and had 200 participants, that would be 2,400 shooters...but the US doesn't hold many IPSC matches, since we have such a high participation in USPSA...count those level 3 USPSA matches, and their participants, and then see who comes out in first.
  12. The future of IPSC

    This. Those 36k members in Russia would most likely not vote if they don't compete (sole purpose of their membership is to own a handgun), but if the entire membership has the opportunity to vote, it becomes more balanced.
  13. Should I Collect My Brass

    Brian is still a SME....he just doesn't sell Dillon anymore
  14. I believe it is Maxxtech that is the stepped brass.
  15. Should I Collect My Brass