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  1. Grip Tape Rules

    Yes, you are correct. Limited is good to go. There have been some changes to Limited since you last competed so it's good you are going through the rule book. Good luck!
  2. KG titanium coated and test fired!

    Now I know what to do with that hole when I lose those darn screws! Thanks!
  3. KG titanium coated and test fired!

    Did you shoot it like that? You are missing the trigger guard screws and sleeve. Good looking pistol so far!
  4. Double Alpha

    They just ran a Labor Day special. It was 5% off anything and 10% off orders above $150 or something like that, don't quote me on that, just trying to recall from memory. I am not sure if they ran a Black Friday special last year but I am betting they did and probably will this year.
  5. what if any should be the call on this discharge?

    YouTube says the user removed the video. I suppose you don't have a local copy, right?
  6. what if any should be the call on this discharge?

    Yeah, did he pull it?
  7. Bad Call??

    Are you sure the DQ was listed as 10.4.2? When a DQ is put in the scoring system, either paper or electronic, some notation should be made as to why the competitor was DQ'ed (10.3.2). I would ensure that first. Like it was said above, sometimes bystanders don't get all the information and just go off what they see but it may have been for a different violation. Just my personal rule, unless it is so obvious that it is well over 10' (for example like 25' and you just know it is impossible to be less than 10'), then I always measure and put that measurement on the score sheet, if within 10'. I heard a competitor one time saying the shot was well over 10' but when it was measured, it was 10'3". No DQ but it was not well over. So just a good idea to measure it, you know how guys are with their measurements
  8. Just curious, would this be better suited for the rules section?
  9. Yes, you should be good. The rule states that stippling has to follow the illustrations in the book and no grip tape can be applied to any lever or button, up to it but not including it with any gripping texturing/grip tape, you are good. Of course, the official RM at the match is the final authority but according to the pictures you provided, I can't see any RM disputing the legality of your grip.
  10. Pen foster smithing coarse

    I would like to find out more about that class also, let us know if you go forward with it. On the AGI video course, I did get some of those and they were okay from a broad overview of basics but just wasn't overly impressed for what I was looking to learn. The AGI does have it's niche, just not for me though.
  11. CM 99-28 - How high should the no-shoots be?

    It says 5' at shoulders, no matter what the picture looks like.
  12. Chronograph Rules and setup in matches

    I can assure you that the chrono guys at the LIII and above will ensure it is right at the 10' mark, +/- 1-2'. Out of all the years I've been to matches, I've never seen a chrono over 15' and that was due to the terrain where it was located at.
  13. Production Unloaded Start

    I do not see it as harsh, it's just the rules. If you are a Production shooter, you have to remember those things. The first thing you should ask is about is the start position if you don't hear it while the WSB is being read. You could always start in Open and never have to worry about it Then again, you can always just start with 10 and again, never have to worry about it. A procedural is given when you don't follow a procedure, something told to do that you follow mostly while shooting the CoF. If you don't meet a division requirement, you are just not in that division anymore and it's not fair to all the others who follow the requirements.
  14. Visible at rest

    Not to be a smarta$$ but have you read the rule book? It is in the appendix, section Appendix B2 and B3. Basically, the metric is either the entire upper A zone or 25% of the lower A zone. See the diagram for the Classic target measurements but must have 25% of A zone available.
  15. I had a WSM once and felt it was not very secure. I moved to a Guga, then RaceMaster, then to Limcat. These three are awesome and all are very secure once locked in. All have a few small differences but I like the Limcat the best for the draw and security. However, what Eric said above is very true. You don't need a "speed" holster, a DOH type will function just as well, is very secure, and draw speeds should be just about identical.