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  1. IDPA Revolver??

    Now this is REALLY getting good!
  2. I shot one a friend made in the mid 80s. Maybe 86? He must have seen one somewhere and made one of his own. I remember shooting (at) my side while looking at his side!! Not many hits for either of us! Took awhile to learn that thing. But oh what fun!! Sorry, no pics. No concrete here. Just memories...
  3. Might consider tossing them or donating them ("them" being the ones that won't chamber @ that OAL) to somebody who needs brass. You have a lot of brands which do work. Sorting takes no extra time if done while watching TV etc. That very problem is why I shoot only FC and Win out of my autos. Only FC out of the revos. FWIW when I ran 147 TC coated bullets I had to run them @ 1.100 or shorter for reliable feeding and battery. Usually shorter... That was why I switched to 135RN bullets. Easy to load and good PF as well as great gun function. Might be worth a look?
  4. Hello from Pennsylvania

    where do you hail from?
  5. The Superbowl is tonight....

    Great game!! My wife watched it with me (for the commercials) and was in it right till the end. And the right team lost!
  6. Groundhogs

    not around here... of course we won't see a woodchuck for at least 6 more weeks! Stinkin' woodchucks.
  7. oops

    Hope all is well after surgery... Get well soon.
  8. Cleaning crushed walnut?

    You will get a far better result in your dry tumbler using 1/2 crushed walnut mixed with 1/2 corncob media. Walnut cleans but doesn't really shine. Corncob shines but won't really remove stains, etc. Mixed they do a fantastic job! I add a squirt or two of Flitz. (Some use other cleaner/ shiner additives). It can all be washed. Hot water, 5 gal bucket, Dawn dish detergent. Soak, stir, rinse, repeat, dry on a window screen... Happy loading.
  9. Redhawk .357 8-shot in USPSA

    And PPC and falling steel, and IHMSA, and bullseye and and and ... So many choices for one gun!
  10. With Winning In Mind

    He is actually talking about focusing on the process during the competition, not the results seen during the competition.
  11. Hornady single stage classic

    3 Lees and an old RCBS Junior. ??? rounds / 35 years... No sock! Tough guy - HO!! (Hacksaw Jim Duggan...)
  12. Shooting too fast

    Did any of you catch the free podcast week a few weeks ago? Mr Norris and Mr Anderson had some very interesting things to say about this very subject... In fact, Mr Anderson (no, not the one from the Matrix!) has a saying: "rush, try, hurry, fail" (match context) Well worth whatever it costs for the unlimited access.
  13. Shoot It or Pull It?

    shoot it. Last time tho...
  14. Loved this tidbit from BJ on shooters summit

    I started doing this on the stages with the longer targets, like 5 to go, pendulum, and the 12" plate on accelerator, etc. a couple years ago. Works great! When you remember to back it down a notch and actually do it...
  15. Anyone Change Their Grips on their 327?

    I like Big Butts and I cannot lie! My competition revos wear them too. Rubber with no grooves...