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  1. Long Colt of Short Colt brass for USPSA in 627

    My solution to the same questions is to cut my 38 special or 38 LC down to .900. (38 super length) Great compromise. Low pressures, good velocity, very accurate. I have been shooting 147gr 9mm coated bullets (.3565) over 4.0gr Win 231. I get 123PF in my 6" gun. Slightly less in the 327, (5") but, who cares for steel? YMMV... Happy shooting!
  2. I got a 929!

    Just came across this thread... So, what's up? Back yet? C'mon man! (LOL)
  3. Your grip (and its evolution)?

    PS I still use a Weaver(ish) stance. I think the thumb-over thing works well with that stance. Works for me anyway.
  4. Your grip (and its evolution)?

    I still use the old school "lock one thumb down with the other" grip from when I started shooting revos about 40 years ago... Brand new Model 19. Wish I had that gun back! I use the same grip with the 1911s, etc. Works, so why change it. Tight grips and relaxed trigger finger. Or something like that... PS I also still use the front finger trigger guard hook FWIW
  5. Josh Lentz winning US IPSC nationals

    I saw that when the squad had 6 or so openings. Problem was it was Sunday P.M. I wanted to shoot with them kinda bad... So I could steal their secrets LOL. But, my wife made me (made?!) sign up on Sat and then we leave on vacation... Hope you shoot great! You will enjoy it that's for sure!!
  6. Josh Lentz winning US IPSC nationals

    . He said only good revolver shooters. What match ? Probably the Pa State Steel Challenge match. There is a bunch of pros shooting Sunday. I shoot Saturday A.M. - on the way to vacation! I have a great wife!!
  7. Piru Steel Challenge is Back!!!!!!

    well played!
  8. Piru Steel Challenge is Back!!!!!!

    Was that with your cap and ball open gun way back then?
  9. Should I Collect My Brass

    It was that great statesman and world-class communicator (Bruce Willis) who once said, "Welcome to the party, pal!!" Welcome to the reloading party!
  10. Moon Clips

    When I load at home for a match I use the gun for a checker. I also have "match" clips. I don't use them for practice. Went through some of the same; misfires, etc, till I started to straighten them on a regular basis. (Practice clips, after the occasional misfire) Good to go now!
  11. Should I Collect My Brass

    And when you do (inevitably) begin to reload, it's nice to know you have a huge supply of well cared for once fired brass... Buckets full!!
  12. Are 38 SC neccasary to be competitive

    DUDE!! You have a chicken coop? How cool is that??!! Glad you found the magic...
  13. Question on stance

    watch video on the pros shooting "outer limits" in S.C. How many get into the 2nd box on 1 foot and fire the 3 shots to stop plate before they fall out of the box? A lot. I think the proper weight balance seems to be "keep your nose over your toes". Put your feet where they are comfortable and balanced. Grip the juice out of the gun. Sight, trigger press, follow through. Repeat as necessary. Have fun! PS Hate to tell you but you will miss a bunch of shots for every one you hit. Keep at it. It gets easier, but, never more fun.
  14. So! I bought one, a 929

    I got lots of ammo bro, but mine only shoot 7! Even try to squeeze off #8, but it still don't work...