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  1. My First DQ-2017 texas open

    It happens to everyone. 10 or 12 (a long time) years ago, first big 2 day match in Oregon. Finished the first stage and was talking over my shoulder to the RO and when I went to holster, dropped the pistol. I jus put my stuff away and spent the rest of the shoot resetting and pasting. But I never dropped a pistol again.
  2. STI 170mm mag going full potato

    Atlas Arms has a youtube video on tuning new mags also. Easier watched than explained.
  3. Stung by a yellow jacket

    Yep. High today will be 65.
  4. Stung by a yellow jacket

    While driving with the window down and my elbow on the sill some years ago, I had one get sucked up my sleeve and proceed to sting me multiple times in the armpit. Holy bejeezus!! Scared my wife to death-two wheel turn into a parking lot and jumped out squealing and tearing my shirt off. I still think I saw her laughing.
  5. I'm thinking about getting a new open gun built.

    Benny Hill at Triangle Shooting Sports
  6. Shooting with the grandkids

    Of course nothing stops you from beginning to acquire his arsenal.
  7. Shooting with the grandkids

    Went to Idaho to visit my son and his family. Got to do 2 days of ground squirrel shooting with them. 10yo boy and 15 and 18 year old girls. They loved the AR especially. Had a blast and now Dad is being hounded to get an AR. Turning them to the dark side.
  8. 38 special for revo

    Check the cowboy action loads on the powder manufactures websites. All are light loads. I shoot 125 gr RNFP over 4 gr. of American select or Unique.
  9. AR sights

    I have the Dueck offsets and also like the Diamondhead offset sights. I only use the offsets on one of my AR's (which had an MTAC which serves my purpose).
  10. 20 gauge shotgun for my wife

    I got my wife an 11-87 20ga and put the lifter from Dave's Metal works. Solves the pinched fingers.
  11. Multiple Firearm Purchases

    You're correct Kelly. I should have been clearer. At the time you do a background check, the number of guns info isn't sent to NICS (FBI site). The multiple gun form, after a proceed, always goes to the ATF.
  12. Multiple Firearm Purchases

    As an FFL, the multiple firearms form only applies to handguns and I have multiple customers who buy a couple at a time and it hasn't made any difference in delays. I haven't had anyone do 10 guns at a time, but the number of firearms isn't sent to NICS when I do a background check, only the type (handgun, longgun, and other such as a lower).
  13. It is. My family is from Oklahoma. It's the same badge in both photos.
  14. My favorite Colt made in 1898. One of Colt's first smokeless frame revolvers.
  15. Choices, Choices

    I have a White Oak on my varmint AR and it's a tack driver.