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  1. Hello From The Pacific Northwest

    I know they shoot IDPA in Port Townsend if you're up for a road trip across Puget sound. They are also starting up USPSA there. Welcome to the website.
  2. Shipping To a FFL

    The gun has to go into the FFL's bound book so they normally open to get the serial number(s). Dry firing or allowing anyone other than the new owner to handle it is an absolute no-no. If the box is damaged when it arrives, then they wait for the owner to open it to assess any potential damage.
  3. Greetings from an Okie

    Check out Boomer Shooter also (if you haven't already). Good guys.
  4. New member from Washington

    Welcome from Port Angeles.
  5. Puppy pals

    Yep. My hands and arms have the bite marks. I believe he thinks we're squeak toys- he bites, I squeak.
  6. Puppy pals

    This is our newest addition to the family. 12 week old English setter boy, Lord Winchester (Chessie) and his best pal our springer Livvy. It's been love at first sight. She even puts up with his needle like teeth.
  7. Hello from Victoria BC Canada

    Welcome from Port Angeles.
  8. Hello from Wa

    Good luck and welcome. Lots of places on the I-5 corridor to shoot.
  9. Wrong Ammo

    One thing I know is I learn something new (not to do) every time I go to a shoot.
  10. New Member from Southern Utah

    Welcome aboard. Lots of knowledge here so jump in and good luck.
  11. Disable grip safety or not.

    I think most makers just pin it as a matter of course. Check with your builder.
  12. Got my 22/45 Lite back from Ruger today

    Ruger has the best customer service I've seen. Very fast and easy to deal with.
  13. Shooting cart???

    I have a 3 gun Rugged Gear cart I love. Light and easy to handle and folds up for travel. I really like it.
  14. My First DQ-2017 texas open

    It happens to everyone. 10 or 12 (a long time) years ago, first big 2 day match in Oregon. Finished the first stage and was talking over my shoulder to the RO and when I went to holster, dropped the pistol. I jus put my stuff away and spent the rest of the shoot resetting and pasting. But I never dropped a pistol again.
  15. STI 170mm mag going full potato

    Atlas Arms has a youtube video on tuning new mags also. Easier watched than explained.