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  1. Geico Commercial

    I don't know what it is but the "Little Piggy" one has me cracking up everytime I see it
  2. On my way to a match.......

    I had the samething happen to me today on the way to Nemo's match. I try to think of it like G-man said but it still sucks to miss a match.
  3. Look into a Brazilian Mastiff, does not need to be trained to protect and very loyal and protective to its family and other family pets
  4. Shooting Cleats

    I have a pair of the Landsharks and they are to narrow to be comfortable to me ,I just recently bought a pair of The North Face Prophecy II super comfortable and breathable good traction as well
  5. 2011 mag question

    How do you relieve the release?
  6. 2011 mag question

    My question is how to get the magazine to drop free and clean somtimes when I hit mag release button the mag tends to hang up sometimes. I bought Brazos polished mags is there anything else I can do or look at to help. I tried looking using search cause I know the answer has to be here and asked before but I can not find it, so any answers or links would help thanks
  7. Best place to buy Pre-Cut grip tape for Glock/M&P

    I am on back order from them as well, I would like to do my 2011 if anyone has a template or know where I could find one to make the cutting out easier
  8. The folks at Tallahassee USPSA

    Yea I will have to agree with you on a bunch of great shooters and people. Today was my first time shooting at this match and I had a great time a met some great people, I will now have to make this a regular match match to visit each month
  9. Can anyone give me directions to club? Coming from Lake City Live Oak area Thanks
  10. STI Trojan Mag Well

    + 1 on the Techwell have one on my Trojan
  11. Slide Lock or Not

    I am a new shooter and first time poster in the Brunswick,Ga area. I have a question I shoot a Trojan 40 in single stack and wanted to know if I should shoot to slide lock or try to reload with a round in the chamber or does it even matter. Does it save time or not. Thanks for any help.