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  1. 650 Machine Cover

    I use a blue pillow case on the rare occasion I cover mine.
  2. Match Score vs. Match Recognition

    I only Saw one local that let guys shoot two guns. Total clusterfu€|<! Took all day to shoot a classifier match. I also notice the op said only 11 shooters in the match?!? We have 15 per squad around here. Pretty way to do as you please with only a handful in a match. I also won't shoot a match that allows two guns.
  3. 197? Man I have slacked off lately! I think wanting to get 50 posts so you can sell something is the wrong reason to join a forum in the first place. I can probably count on one hand the things I have sold here since joining.
  4. Do you have the correct case feed adaptor installed? Are the cases falling freely, or possibly hanging up slightly and causing them to fall at an angle? What do the spent primers look like in the cases? Are they perhaps blown out causing a weeble effect when cases drop?
  5. What is a 'crown' per 9.5.5 ?

    Those guns probably are suffering from comp strikes. that will quickly turn a bullet end over end with the slightest touch. I have seen hits on targets out in a wide open field course that looked like they threw a rock through it. No grease, no crown, just a big jagged hole. Since I watched the guy shoot the target and hit it I scored it as a hit. Sometimes, no matter what people say, you have to use your head when scoring.
  6. Yeah, Jack is a prolific poster!
  7. Mount Rushmore of USPSA/IPSC Shooters?

  8. Do I need an under size die

    Here is one of several mentions:
  9. Do I need an under size die

    I think you just screw the guts out of it and put it on a single stage and push it through. There are more than a few threads on it around here somewhere.
  10. Do I need an under size die

    Actually, there is. You can make one out of a 9 makarov FCD.
  11. Do I need an under size die

    I do agree Glock bulge in 9mm is a non issue. It's primarily a .40 thing.
  12. Do I need an under size die

    Get one! Loading mixed brass you will find some brands have thinner case walls than others. The Udie will insure even the thinnest gets sized down nice and tight. I started using one when I found FC brass would not hold a Montana Gold bullet in place when sized with a Dillon die.
  13. Mount Rushmore of USPSA/IPSC Shooters?

    SS? You mean Single Shot?
  14. Let us know if it helps. If it doesn't then we can move on to plan B.
  15. RCBS Pro Chucker 5

    Since this forum is Dillon heavy with one or two LNL's in the mix this probably won't get much traction. I would try googling and see what comes up elsewhere.