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  1. My X-Cal is the opposite. The slide and frame fit is very smooth and locking and unlocking occurs with no resistance whatsoever. If anything, my X-Cal is looser than I prefer - however, it shoots like a house on fire so I can't complain. My MK7 K100s, on the other hand, have slide to frame fits that are tight like a custom 1911. No wiggle at all. One K100 won't go into battery/lock up unless it has some momentum going. If I ease the slide forward, it gets hung up the last 1/4" of travel. The other K100 locks and unlocks as easy as the X-Cal, but the slide to frame fit is much tighter. Both my K100s, as tight as they are, shoot about the same - and can't group anywhere close to as tight as the X-Cal. No complaints here, just observations. But I'm curious why my guns are like that.
  2. Non-issue. It's not a flaw, but if it bugs you, get a different gun.
  3. Thanks for the replies. They're very helpful. No, I haven't seen the insides of one lately. I only own one Kimber, an early Yonkers Custom Classic base gun that I bought new in Jan 99. It still serves me well (although the mainspring housing and the plunger tube broke early on), and the slide is starting to get that purplish hue that aged blued guns sometimes get. It's just that I noticed hardly anyone here talks about Kimbers - almost universally people recommend using Springfields as a base gun for a build. And several people mentioned that Kimbers weren't a good base gun for a build. So I was curious. I'm not a fan boy or snob of any brand. I just like guns that deliver the goods.
  4. I've noticed when considering a single stack for competition use, Kimbers aren't considered up to snuff for the rigors of sport shooting. Why is that? It seems to me that Kimbers are just as well made as Springfield, Colt, or any of the other mass-produced 1911s. A little enlightenment would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the reply. As long as I know there's potential there, then that's good enough for me. I just hate bullets (like Rainier or West Coast plated) that just plain won't shoot. No matter which powder, OAL, crimp, etc, I used with those two plated bullets, I just couldn't get them to shoot to my precision standards.

    bowenbuilt, You are probably the finest pistol group shooter I've seen. So that being said, you probably know a thing or two about which bullets shoot the best out of your various handguns. I've always shot Zero JHPs and found them to be as precise shooting as any pistol bullet on the market. But now they are getting to be very hard to find and very expensive. I'm thinking of making the move to coated bullets like the Acme bullets, because I can't stand plated. How would you compare the accuracy/precision of the Acme coated (at 25 or 50 yards) compared to, say, a Zero or Nosler 185 JHP (the best bullets I've ever shot in 45)?
  7. I noticed Henning offers the guide rod now in both polished 416 stainless and in black. Does anyone know if the black is of the same material and painted or if it is carbon steel and blued? Or something else (nitride, etc)?
  8. Need to order a gaggle of Henning Tanfo parts and just trying to save a few bucks.
  9. I wish it were that easy on my particular pistol. It's like they welded that bad boy in there and then peened the edges of the slide to stake it in as well! I tell you, I'm beginning to think the only way to remove it is to have it milled out!
  10. Sorry I've taken so long to reply. No luck. I let the sight soak in Kroil for a couple days and then stuck it in the freezer for a couple hours. Did the whack a mole thing with the rubber mallet and everything. Didn't even budge. I'm considering using a dremel or drill press to just 'mill' the dang thing out.
  11. himurax13, I'm no PhD, but yes, I did remove the set screw. I tried Kroil, heat from a propane torch, brute force, and even sprayed butane directly on the front sight for cold. I'm going to try sticking the whole slide in the freezer tonight and give it another whack.
  12. Thanks for all the tips!
  13. I have a Witness Match Elite in 40 that I got a Dawson FO front for. For the life of me, I cannot bang out the front sight. I took out the set screw, bathed it in Kroil, tried heat, etc, and it won't budge. I've banged on it so hard that a brass punch dented, peened, and warped the hell out of the face of the front sight blade. Any tricks to removing the front sight? For the record, I've replaced the one on my Match 9mm, and it also was tight as a drum, but it came out. But this 40 is giving me fits!
  14. To be honest, I was looking for ANY bullet weight! I didn't think you could do 270PF (safely)... Thanks, that is a really cool spreadsheet!
  15. Intercooler - Daaaang, are you serious? 270 PF?! Do you mind sharing your load data/specs?