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  1. What is "G" Class???

    Results posted on Practiscore only show single character classification letters. Thus GM is represented as G.
  2. CHA-LEE's Tale

    The solution is simple, ditch iron sights and use a Red Dot. I usually shoot Open at these indoor matches because seeing iron sights is a lost cause.
  3. What is "G" Class???

    "G" is short for "GM" which is Grand Master. If you are not classified yet then your classification should be listed as "U" which is unclassified.
  4. CHA-LEE's Tale

    Last night I attended the indoor match at the Bristolcone range. I decided to shoot my #4 Limited gun so I could get some more run time on it even though I knew that seeing my sights in that place was going to be a challenge. The gun ran like a champ but I couldn’t overcome not being able to see my sights. I racked up 2 uncalled misses and several D zone hits because I couldn’t see my sights and had to point shoot in the general direction of the targets. This never turns out well for yielding good hits. But this is the price of wanting to get more rounds down range with the #4 Limited blaster. The good news is that the black nitride coating is starting to smooth out on the grip and where the kydex holster touches it. This is smoothing out the draw as it’s not sticking as much. Its still a little sticky compared to the Cerakote guns but it will probably get there with some more draws and gun handling. So far this blaster is running solid with no issues. I still need a lot more rounds on it to consider it fully ready to go and hopefully I can do that before heading down to Houston for the Texas State Open match. If all goes well with this blaster I want to use it as the primary at that match. If not I will fall back to the trusty #2 Limited blaster.
  5. 40 to 9mm

    Not really since the 40 cal breach face on the slide is different than the 9mm. When people want to switch calibers on 1911's they usually have a complete upper built in the alternate caliber.
  6. Camo Cowboy's performance analysis journal

    Welcome back buddy!!!
  7. Red vs Green Fiber Optic front sight

    Why not get a sample pack of fiber rods in a wide range of colors (Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue) and test it out in varied lighting conditions? Everyone's eyes are unique in how they process colors so what works best for one person may be totally useless for another. There is no getting around the fact that testing each FO color in varied lighting conditions is really the only way to figure out which color works best for you.
  8. 2011 FTF

    You can try using a shim in the back of the mag to bias the rounds more forward before they are fed. This is the same concept of using a shim when using 9mm ammo in 38 super mags.
  9. Consistent movement of gun during recoil

    I hate to be the barer of bad news but if you grip the gun without enough pressure and its flopping around within your hands like a fish, then swapping springs isn't going to make much of a consistent difference. The best way to troubleshoot these kind of issues is to take slow motion video from the side as you shoot so you can see how and where the gun is moving during recoil. If it shows stationary hands with the gun moving and shifting within your stationary hands, then swapping springs isn't going to make much of any difference. Swapping springs really doesn't start to change the gun movement until the gun is held hard enough that its not shifting around within your hands.
  10. CHA-LEE's Tale

    No matches for me this weekend but it was still chocked full of shooting fun. On Saturday I was able to do a bunch of blaster testing and also some drills. Since I got the #4 blaster back together I sighted it in and tested the Recoil/Hammer spring setup using slow motion video to confirm the best config. I tried several different recoil and hammer spring combos but ended up back at the 9lb Recoil, 20lb Hammer spring as the best overall setup. The cool thing about the #4 blaster is that I can use lighter recoil springs and still maintain solid accuracy. My other limited guns can’t go below 10lbs before the accuracy starts to suffer. I confirmed this again as well by trying the 9/20 spring setup on the #2 Limited blaster that day as well. For the shooting drills portion of the range session we setup a couple of classifiers to see how to optimize our performance on them. It has been YEARS since I setup exact classifiers and practiced them so this was an interesting training effort. I only shot the first classifier once and laid down a 102% run cold. That was cool but I lost interest in reshooting the classifier after that as I was focused on helping my buddy figure out what to do to improve his performance. By the time we were done honing his performance he was able to lay down some solid 95% - 98% runs which was really cool to watch. Since I was focused on doing blaster spring testing I really didn’t care about shooting drills. I have also been testing different comps on my .223 AR and got a chance to try out the latest comp setup. This new comp wasn’t optimal as it was producing a slight down/right red dot tracking. I had my buddy shoot it as well to confirm the dot tracking was the same for them, so it’s not due to user error. The comp testing saga continues. Maybe I will find a comp that produces zero dot movement, maybe not. But it will be fun trying to find the optimal setup. On Sunday I hosted a local pistol class. This was a long day with a lot of work but it’s totally worth it when I see students learn new stuff and make discoveries. We lucked out with the weather as it was a little cooler than normal but there was very little wind which made it tolerable. Hosting classes early in the year like this can be a gamble as you never know if the weather is going to wreck everything. We got it done though and much was learned by all. I got to shoot my #4 Limited gun at the end of the class on the training stage and it ran like champ. I need to get a lot more shooting on that blaster before I will consider it good to go. But so far its running just as it should. The only difference I can notice between my other Limited guns and the #4 is the additional abrasiveness of the Black Nitride in how the gun slides in and out of the holster. The #4 gun seems to be a little more "sticky" coming out of the holster due to the increased abrasiveness. We will see if this smooths out as I put a good quantity of draws on the gun to smooth out the rough spots. The one thing I noticed about the Black Nitride coating is that its not too difficult to wear through the coating. Its probably on the same wear resistance as Cerakote which really isn't that effective compared to Hard Chrome or IonBond. Right now the Black Nitride coating is serving its purpose of making the metal dull and not shiny. If I wanted a coating that was really wear resistant Black Nitride isn't the best solution. Everything is a process of trial and error, gun coating are no different.
  11. Last week I was able to participate on the Leadslinger’s Radio podcast and that show was posted yesterday. It was a lot of fun and we talk about some good stuff. I listed a link to my media page below and you can find it there. Enjoy the show!!! https://bigpandaperformance.com/media/
  12. CHA-LEE's Tale

    Last week I was able to participate on the Leadslinger’s Radio podcast and that show was posted yesterday. It was a lot of fun and we talk about some good stuff. I listed a link to my media page below and you can find it there. Enjoy the show!!! https://bigpandaperformance.com/media/
  13. CHA-LEE's Tale

    I got my #4 Limited blaster together last night and took some pictures of it. I really like how the Black Nitride turned out. Now we will see how it holds up to real life match and practice use. I will get a chance to sight it in and do some more spring testing this weekend.
  14. At what point is it not worth it?

    I don't beat around the bush or play the passive aggressive game of "implying" that a particular person is or should be doing something. If I thought that you were not pulling your weight at matches I would call you out directly, just as I do at matches I attend and see people being deadbeats. Did I call you out directly? Nope. The point I was trying to make is that generally, the competitors whining at the match about how long its taking are the same ones who are not helping make it happen. When you attend matches and see these people being lazy call them out directly with authority. I have talked about this in years past, but there is a strange loss of responsibility situation that happens once squads get to a size of 15 or larger. There are enough people on the squad that everyone doesn't have to work all the time to make it work. Then people start to think that someone else will do the work because there are so many people on the squad. The workers usually wonder away because "Someone else will get it done" then you end up with 2 - 3 people doing all of the work and the rest of the squad is screwing around with their gear or shooting the shit with their buddy waiting for their turn to shoot. I have lost track of how many times I have had to crack the whip on large squads to snap them back to reality and remind them that work still needs to get done regardless the size of the squad.
  15. At what point is it not worth it?

    One of our local clubs here in Colorado regularly produces 20+ shooters per squad matches. These can be long days on the range if you allow it to be by standing around and whining about how long its taking. If you stay diligent in working (Taping, Brassing, ROing, Resetting, etc) then the time seems to fly by. Its funny how there is a correlation between the people whining about how long its taking are the same people that are usually standing around and chit chat with their buddies instead of pitching in and helping make it happen. If you are not actively involved in pushing the squad through the stages by working then you are part of the problem. As for the drive, I am lucky that the furthest "Local" club match is about 90 miles away with most of them not further than 50 miles. If I was faced with a decision to drive 2+ hours for a club match verses go practice that decision is easy. I am going to practice instead. But then again I am not starving to attend local matches either as we have USPSA matches happening every weekend.