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  1. Upper/Lower compatability

    That is pretty sad if true. The Colt 9mm AR was designed around a regular mil-spec upper, so if an upper receiver maker can't get something as basic as the bolt bore correct then they have quality issues. Mick
  2. Double Feeds

    First check that the mag springs are not in backwards. Also what is your double feed? One empty and one live round or two live rounds? mag blocks are extremely sensitive to position in the magwell for feed reliability. Mick
  3. which gun for pcc

    ASC mags is a clue. ASC is the old C-Products. OEM for Colt is Metalform. For a brief period Colt tried using C-Products/ASC but quickly went back to Metalform for reliability reasons. As Tim also mentioned the other FTF issues in the Colt system is the feed cone of the barrel entering the chamber. Barrels with insufficient angle or sharp edges will cause the incoming round to hang up on the way into the chamber or even worse, drive the projectile into the case. Not all PCC barrels, bolts, and lowers are created equal as people are finding out. Mick
  4. which gun for pcc

    Colt pattern lowers have always had the feed ramp in place due to the feed angle of the magazine used. This style lower has been around since the very beginning. Glock pattern lowers came way later. The feed angle of glock pattern lowers is also different to that of Colt pattern. Since you now have a Colt pattern lower I would suggest you stick to Metalform manufacture mags like those from Brownells or PSA. The mag in your picture looks like an ASC or C-Products mag (orange follower) which are not the most reliable. Mick
  5. which gun for pcc

    Early QC10 glock lowers used to come with a feed ramp. One thing to remember is that QC10 were the original developer of the glock mag pattern AR9 lower receiver (QC10 used to be the company known as DDLES before they were taken over and renamed QC10). The point is that they have been doing the glock pattern lower longer than anyone else. QC10 eliminated the feed ramp in their glock lower for the simple reason that as the cartridge is stripped from the mag, the nose of the round actually enters the chamber while the rear of the cartridge is still held by the magazine feed lips, meaning that in the QC10 glock lower the feed ramp was not needed. Try it with a dummy round and you'll see. Mag well placement in the lower is the key. I cannot comment on other brands of glock pattern lowers but my bet is that those that are having issues with feeding are experiencing "bullet jump" where the round has left contact with the mag feed lips before the round has entered the chamber or the angle of the magazine is such that the round takes a slight nose dive during feeding, which is what a feed ramp would help to cure. Mick
  6. Long time SMM3G Sponsor, Brownell's, is giving away two spots to SMM3G 2017. Simply go to Brownell's Facebook page and find the SMM3G announcement and put "I'M IN" under the comments section. Winners will be selected via random draw by Brownell's on January 30. This is a drawing for Match entry only. Winners will have to provide their own transportation, accommodation and equipment for the match. If you weren't able to get into SMM3G, here is another opportunity for 2 people.
  7. do you still have these?

    Blade Tech Revolution kit for full size 1911. Black, right hand with training barrel and 2 double 1911 mag pouches. $45 shipped

    1. MickB


      Sorry, these are long gone....

  8. 5.5oz is Colt 9mm SMG spec and the latest versions come with a spacer at the rear of the buffer spring. However, the gun will shoot flatter if you go with a heavier buffer. The VLTOR A5H4 is 6.8oz and the correct length inside a carbine buffer tube to eliminate the need for spacers or a stack of quarters. Testing side by side with the factory Colt buffer system and the VLTOR A5H4 cuts dot bounce roughly in half. Combining the A5H4 buffer with a Tubb .308 flat wire spring gives even less muzzle rise.... Mick
  9. PCC AR 9mm barrel makers?

    I have one of the first run of the 8.5" barrels. I am loading to 1.15" OAL using Precision Delta 124gr FMJ and have never had an issue. Are you using hollow points by chance? Had a buddy that loaded to same OAL as his FMJ loads and he was getting his rounds hit the rifling in his JP PCC barrel.
  10. PCC AR 9mm barrel makers?

    Ballistic Advantage or Faxon. I have a Ballistic Advantage 8.5" that I run with 1.15" OAL loads... Mick
  11. Muzzle break on mpx?

    Sorry folks. The only Lantac 9mm brake that I was aware of was the one with 1/2x36" thread pattern, which is the US standard for 9mm rifle/subgun barrels. Maybe SIG will change the thread pattern like CZ is doing on their PCC? Mick
  12. Muzzle break on mpx?

    Fortis also makes a 9mm muzzle brake in both 1/2x28" and 1/2x36" thread patterns... JP also makes a brake in 1/2x36" thread pattern I have no idea how well they work Mick
  13. PCC in... IDPA ?

    Does that Lantac do anything to minimize muzzle rise vs the bird cage? Mick
  14. Either the hole for the buffer retaining pin is out of spec or the JP bolt is too short. If a different bolt pushed the buffer back far enough, then the culprit is the JP bolt... Mick
  15. Not normal. Are you using the factory Colt (metalform) mags? Do you have the same problem when you download to 30rds? Do you have the same problem with the upper removed? Mick