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  1. Houston, TX gunsmith

    Lone Star Innovations
  2. Lancer/Sig CF buttstock, Lancer CF hg, cmore railway, hiperfire 24c trigger, crimson trace laser, jp ambi safety, tti +10 base pads with x power springs. All mags sig/lancer .8500 rounds.You will have to search best deals on mags..changes always.mine is gen 2 carbine.
  3. My MPX is working out great for me as a left hand long gun operator.
  4. Muzzle brake for SBR MPX

    Check out taccom, mbx, sjc titan, there are others... taccom is running a special right now...
  5. Not enough N320??

    There's no question that the 320 is pricey.
  6. Not enough N320??

    The 320 has worked well for me and the gun and gas system stays pretty clean.
  7. Not enough N320??

    I'm liking 4.3 gr n320 with a precision delta 124gr jhp at about 1.125 oal. My stock bbl has about 8k rounds. The MPX needs gas. The new mags will have sharp lips also, they tend to drag and dig into the case side as it slides forward until the get a little wear in. Lube that sucker up too. And make sure you correctly orient the dots on the bcg and cam pin on re assembly or you will have firing pin problems.
  8. PT slide / frame fitment ?

    I have a phoenix Trinity stainless wide frame and aluminum grip. The fit of the grip to the frame is perfect and no fitting was required.
  9. I watched the video on this, didn't look like no recoil.
  10. Check the Isler carbon fiber handguard also.
  11. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    No problems with the 24c hyperfire trigger in my MPX carbine with a JP selector
  12. Shooting Shorts

    Kuhl. Check out the Kontra the Kontra air and the Renegade.... my favorites.
  13. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    I was unaware of any safety issues with the hyperfire 24c. I do have a JP selector that I would like to install. Are there issues with this and fitment and or operation of the JP safety with the hyperfire 24c? At this time I am running mil-spec Ambi safety in there.
  14. USPA Resistance

    I would say this: the start positions need to be creative and mirror as closely as possible the handgun/pcc rules and start positions within the uspsa rules as I have stated before. At this time since I have been shooting PCC this year beginning in April, I've and been that guy on the stage who was the only one shooting PCC. No bads... I use a cart that I use for my three gun cart. I've had welcoming assist from other Shooters who are more than willing to meet me at or near the finish line with my cart so that I could cart my carbine in the appropriate manner. I have found the stage designers are welcoming in my area- North Carolina to this new division and are eager to hear input from PCC shooters. Based on my experience thus far, the North Carolina section is doing a good job with this new provisional Division, and I hope to see it continue. Thanks to the match directors in this section who are doing a great job. Obviously it is a learning experience for both shooters and match directors with the start position mainly, I think that creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking will continue to make this an exciting new division.
  15. PCC Ready Position

    What I said, barrels, etc can be positioned as applicable for rh and lh shooters...fat doesn't count. Only rules and safety.