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  1. Shooting Shorts

    Kuhl. Check out the Kontra the Kontra air and the Renegade.... my favorites.
  2. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    I was unaware of any safety issues with the hyperfire 24c. I do have a JP selector that I would like to install. Are there issues with this and fitment and or operation of the JP safety with the hyperfire 24c? At this time I am running mil-spec Ambi safety in there.
  3. USPA Resistance

    I would say this: the start positions need to be creative and mirror as closely as possible the handgun/pcc rules and start positions within the uspsa rules as I have stated before. At this time since I have been shooting PCC this year beginning in April, I've and been that guy on the stage who was the only one shooting PCC. No bads... I use a cart that I use for my three gun cart. I've had welcoming assist from other Shooters who are more than willing to meet me at or near the finish line with my cart so that I could cart my carbine in the appropriate manner. I have found the stage designers are welcoming in my area- North Carolina to this new division and are eager to hear input from PCC shooters. Based on my experience thus far, the North Carolina section is doing a good job with this new provisional Division, and I hope to see it continue. Thanks to the match directors in this section who are doing a great job. Obviously it is a learning experience for both shooters and match directors with the start position mainly, I think that creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking will continue to make this an exciting new division.
  4. PCC Ready Position

    What I said, barrels, etc can be positioned as applicable for rh and lh shooters...fat doesn't count. Only rules and safety.
  5. PCC Ready Position

    After shooting PCC for several matches this season I see a lack of creativity in the start position for PCC. My suggestions are as follows : Start the PCC shooter as closely as possible to approximate the position of the pistol shooter while remaining within the safety guidelines. For instance if the pistol Shooter's start position is facing up range, then turn and draw -place the PCC shooter facing up range as the pistol shooter would be with the PCC either on a barrel in front of the PCC shooter or in a barrel or other device pointed safely down range at the berm. That way the PCC shooter starts basically the same position as the pistol shooter and grabs the pcc from what most closely approximates the pistol Shooter's draw position. Obviously other creative pcc starts can be made within the safety rules, thinking outside the port arms, low ready is a good thing.
  6. Sight-Tracker - 9MM

  7. Following.. I know Taylor Pickerell is also offering this service. The MPX does like some gas...
  8. Scope mount for Vortex razor 1-6

    I also have an Aero ext lw mount supporting a Strike Eagle. It is a nice , well built mount. Nice base and clamping area. Good value.
  9. Scope mount for Vortex razor 1-6

    The Spr-e 139 worked very well for my Razor HD 1-6 setup.... 7.5 oz for mount.
  10. JP GMR-15

    Silicone gasketmaker fill up. Light, removable...
  11. 13 DQ At Single Stack Nationals?

    Perhaps the pants vendors are watching...idea...diaper rear door flaps for men and women...unload and clear without a belt removal or reholster at the safe area...get back to that stage quick! Rear escape hatch option on pants...
  12. What distance do you zero at?

    Know the local club typical average ranges for PCC that you shoot at, then zero accordingly. If you are also shooting at 3g matches that will be different than a standard USPSA match -adjust out to 100 or so and know the dope, if needed. I would say zero for the ranges you are most likely to be shooting at most of the time.