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  1. Following.. I know Taylor Pickerell is also offering this service. The MPX does like some gas...
  2. Scope mount for Vortex razor 1-6

    I also have an Aero ext lw mount supporting a Strike Eagle. It is a nice , well built mount. Nice base and clamping area. Good value.
  3. Scope mount for Vortex razor 1-6

    The Spr-e 139 worked very well for my Razor HD 1-6 setup.... 7.5 oz for mount.
  4. JP GMR-15

    Silicone gasketmaker fill up. Light, removable...
  5. 13 DQ At Single Stack Nationals?

    Perhaps the pants vendors are watching...idea...diaper rear door flaps for men and women...unload and clear without a belt removal or reholster at the safe area...get back to that stage quick! Rear escape hatch option on pants...
  6. What distance do you zero at?

    Know the local club typical average ranges for PCC that you shoot at, then zero accordingly. If you are also shooting at 3g matches that will be different than a standard USPSA match -adjust out to 100 or so and know the dope, if needed. I would say zero for the ranges you are most likely to be shooting at most of the time.
  7. Still watching, thank you all for the replies. I have looked,at the PA 1-8 and see their is the reg and the platinum trim...want to buy once... also looking at the Vortex suggestions.
  8. I am watching and learning. Thanks for the replies. Checking out some options.
  9. I appreciate this..thanks for the replies.
  10. Old eyes. Tried a search.. not really getting the info I need. I see the big heavy IOR Val Trident 1.5 - 8 with a good BDC out there...looking at options out to 10x with a BDC for .223 55-77 gr stadia, preferably with thin stadia lines. Shooting out to 450...suggestions or threads welcomed. Running a Vortex HD Razor 1-6 now with good results, but I needs to see at 300+ better. I am aware of the pending release of the new strike Eagle...1-8. Thanx for looking.
  11. All other sports don't "reach out" to any group. This is , and has been an an all inclusive sport. Those who want to participate can, compete at their own volition. USPSA, as well as the other shooting sports welcome all. If a person wants to compete, come on...there is no race thing here or in any of the shooting sports I have competed in, or am aware of....a moot point if you ask me. If someone wants to compete...come on...Race, color, creed is not measured. Only ability.