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  1. .40 s&w mold for Schuemann barrel

    It's been a while. I loaded them with Solo 1000, can't remember the exact powder charge. I do remember I loaded them to an oal of 1.185. Made major at 3 or so major matches, around 173 PF.
  2. .40 s&w mold for Schuemann barrel

    I loaded a bunch of 180gr 40s with the Lee 6 cavity aluminum mold. Sized to .401 and lubed with blue angel. They ran great and were accurate in at least 3 limited guns. The 6 cavity mold was hard to beat for production. I did cool the sprue plate with a water soaked towel before I opened the mold. Worked just fine.
  3. Anyone use the Geissele SD3G trigger?

    The SSAE gives me the best amount of travel and reset strength of any other trigger I've tried. I can run it better than a JP or an AR gold.
  4. USPSA limited major

    No matter what you do you will favor major or minor in divisions that allow both. There really isn't a reason to mess with the limited division rules. If you want to compete shoot major. Same for rifle, I feel there should be a larger benefit for shooting major (308 and up), but it wouldn't really advance the sport much. If you want to compete shoot 223.
  5. Desperately Need help with AR-10 malfunctions

    Forgot to add. I put in a sprinco dual extractor spring and it helped a lot. Your malf looks like the gun is running too fast.
  6. Desperately Need help with AR-10 malfunctions

    My 308 had a very narrow window of operation with low mass parts, like 1/8th of a turn one way or the other on the JP adjustable block and it would stop running. Back to the standard 308 carrier from DPMS and presto, rifle runs like a scalded dog.
  7. CED7000 not turning on

    I've had 2 die the same way. Fixed it by going to a Pocket Pro II
  8. red dot is irons?

    Kurt was the first person I heard talking about letting dots into the irons divisions. It's been a thing at our local matches for years.
  9. Plated or Coated?

    Xtreme 9mm are mostly good to go. I had terrible results with their 180gr 40's, and so so results with 230gr 45's.
  10. Help Us Make our Level 1 Matches Better

    In central Oklahoma we have 3 really fantastic matches each month. I mean 7-8 quality stages with unique shooting challenges. One draws 80+, another draws 35-40, and the other draws 10-20. Each has a different feel but all are great run by really good MDs. I think geography has a lot to do with it. Some matches due to where they are just never draw big numbers.
  11. SVI the Rolls Royce of 1911's?

    I went nuts with mine, checked every box except for it being a sight tracker and was in it for $4,700. Stainless or blued without some of the other cosmetic stuff it would have been under $4K.
  12. SVI the Rolls Royce of 1911's?

    I've not held any 1911 or 2011 that was as nice as my SV with regards to either fitment or finish. And I've not found a smith with customer service as good as SV. Unless some things changed you can spec out a 40 cal limited gun for less than $4K. Don't get the thing Ionbonded and avoid some of the options that aren't necessary for a competition gun and there you go.
  13. Red dot sight in distance for 3 gun ?

    Oklahoma misses Austin.
  14. Suppressors Advise

    I love my Omega.
  15. Pistol Caliber Carbine. (PCC)

    Good grief. Rifle safety rules have been established for many disciplines without issue. Safety concerns can be addressed without issue.