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  1. CZ Tuning 101 with Professor Atlas

    The hammer retainer pin (the little vertical one) also makes a perfect slave pin for aligning the trigger and TRS..... Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  2. Trouble with my Kadet kit after action job on 75B SA...

    Stu summed it up well.... I moved to dedicated sao frames for my kadet setup. I run 22lb Wolff springs and still have a killer trigger. I do believe the hammer could crush a good sized rock on it's way in and STILL light off the primer. It's an expensive setup though... I probably wohldnt be as interested if I wasn't steeped so heavy in cz logistics. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 4
  3. 3-gun Rifle buy or build?

    Midwestpx has some bcgs in stock still if you aren't looking for a low-mass setup. http://midwestpx.com/index.php?cPath=52_97
  4. .22 Conversion for CZ CTS

    Ya know if I had my ts near I'd revisit this. Going from a long ago foggy memory it seemed like the kadet would fit, or could be made to fjt. The mags would be an issue but there is a kit that will allow a ts to take 75 mags with a shadow mag release and thicker grips to hold the mags. If you had that setup you miiiiight be able to make something work? Sent from my Nexus S using
  5. Min main spring for Kadet kit .22?

    Concurrent with stuart. Sao is the way to go with the kadet and the more spring you can give them the better. I'm wanting to build a new rimfire steel gun and I'll be ordering a 22lb Wolff spring Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk
  6. Stuart (eerw) My newfound CZ Gunsmith in CO.

    Stu is the real deal... I'd be lying if I said most of what I know about çz pistols didn't come from him. Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk
  7. any app for the iPhone for scoring

    Interesting discussion. My 9-5 has been as a mobile developer for a couple years now, and coming up with new solutions for gun games problems has kept me awake at night scribbling more than a couple times. The idea of a better way to deal with match scoring is a specific one, and I've made up several storyboards trying to hash out a work flow before abandoning various ideas. Here's my thoughts: The app isn't really the problem. Scoring is more/less data entry, and that's a known route. Registration/administration would also be fairly trivial to add in many cases, as that's also a known problem (user registration) with knowns solutions. Two things that I always get particularly hung up on: First is device cost. Until recently, iOS/Android devices have frankly been expensive. Now the old Palms are about dirt cheap, and it would probably be hard to top that. It does seem though that prices of previous generation devices are getting somewhat cheap. Witness pricing of older iPod Touches, which can be had sub $100. There are also several Android phones (and even some tablets) that can be had in that pricee-range (Woot just had Cruze Android tablets for like $60 - they suck in general, but would probably be great for something like this). How many clubs do you think would honestly have the budget to spring for one or more devices? MD's, is $2-250 worth of devices viable to you? Second is connection issues. This is really my biggest hangup. Most places I shoot (I live in KY, to be fair) don't have wifi; some places I'm lucky to even have a weak edge connection. Now you can certainly store information on the device and lazy load it when you have a connection, but that can get tricky fast (though that would be a software development problem, not necessarily a "your problem"). Plugging in a device to a computer seems like a hinky solution at best. Not being able to communicate from a centralized data source of sorts could be a show stopper. The idea I've been kicking around lately, is sort of along the current trend of Bring Your Own Device. Something along the lines of devices running an app that were "vetted" by a mothership centralized portion of sorts (controlled by the MD), basically meaning they were allowed to be official scorekeepers. This would maybe give you more freedom in terms of devices, the standby being a web app that would run on anything with a browser (be aware though, that web apps get exponentially slower as data speed drops). Connection issues could be resolved by these devices simply storing scores and uploading them to the "mothership" upon having a signal. Once uploaded, the scores would be aggregated into a complete match score. Now I think that could work (it would be somewhat expensive to develop, as I see two native pieces, plus a web client, plus a centralized web backend), but It would mean some coordination on everyone up front. Mainly, I could see the need for a sync before the match starts (to authorize "RO" devices, as well as syncing the registration list and match outline), and again after the match (to push the data from the devices to the "mothership"). Benefits (I would hope) would be a more streamlined scoring setup, with the ability to accomodate more RO's/Devices than other systems, as well as all the benefits of having instant (well, near instant) match administration, less scoring errors, and super fast scoring sent to the public. I realize that might be a little techy, and probably more than many care to sift through. For those who do/did, anyone have any thoughts/comments? Would such a system seem viable for your club/location?
  8. Tracking down a Match 10mm

    Actually just seen one of these over the weekend and was eyeing it. Sherwood guns, bowling green ky Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk
  9. Picked up a CZ 75 SA

    The kadet mags won't work with the new style magwell. You can shave the basepad to make them fit but they are too short to seat. Could always build up polymer on the base to make them longer though Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk
  10. CZ CTS Slide Finish

    ugh...I am in the same boat with two of my Cz's. I've already stripped off cerakote and alumahyde. My big thing is rust and somehow preventing it. Seems like if its not stainless it rusts everything I see it. all these new industrial coatings seem pretty legit at shirking holster abuse.... Any of them good at fending moisture?
  11. Overtravel screws for shadow and 85 combat

    I've had the adjustment on CZ set screws come out a couple times.. I actually TIG'd one of my SAO pistols just a touch to lock it in place. I've used rockset on the others and so far so good, but if my hammer wasn't dropping or if it were following they'd be the first thing I cussed. On my production gun.... I actually didn't notice a huge difference with the 85 trigger. I mean, I can tell it's there but it didn't improve my shooting any. I actually run a little overtravel in my triggers as I find it helps me from getting a touch sloppy and tossing a shot.
  12. How much life on your trigger spring?

    I've only broken one. Used gun, probably the 2nd month I had it. Replaced it with a Tanfo version from Henning (which are cheap). You guys oil/grease yours? I think it might have been Stuart (or maybe Henning) who I heard say something about keeping oil/grease on the spring to improve it's lifespan.
  13. Choosing a mini red dot

    If you have the money..... it seems the Triji RMR and the Leupold are the two "real" choices. I have a Fastfire and it's OK. I also paid $100 for it..... I don't think they are worth what they are asking new now, personally. I still like the dots in the old Docters, but they are getting harder to find. I'm personally planning on going to Leupold here for two future builds.
  14. Blade Tech holsters for production

    Wish Ready Tactical made holster fors CZ's......
  15. Slide not locking back on CZ 75 SP01 Shadow

    I've seen a couple guys having issues with their thumb placement, and the SP01 slide stop. Could always trade someone/buy a regular 75B slide stop and check that out. It's fixed a couple peoples issues I've seen with it's smaller profile.