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  1. If you know how to talk to people,then you can contribute to this forum.. Like Jack said,we may not be the best but we can ask a lot of questions .
  2. Solar eclipse

    It was really cloudy here today could see a little through the cloud cover.. about 90% really weird had on glasses..
  3. Gary Stevens

    Happy Birthday
  4. Youngeyes

    Just wanted to wish Mr.Youngeyes Happy Birthday Wake me when he arrives
  5. USPA Resistance

    The wonders of the Internet ,,or me !,
  6. USPA Resistance

    Remember when we ((. Me. )) went to a match with a 625 six shot rev.and first stage had seven or eight shots from one view.. or speed shoot with four paper targets and two steel,and you had to reload before you engage the steel.. But PCC where I shoot , we only have 4-6 in a match .
  7. Glen Campbell

    On of the best,, RIP.
  8. Midcarolina rifle club in Columbia
  9. I put a grip on my 625 off a Smith Wesson 500 ,, it really takes recoil out,and. Comfortable
  10. shooters with disabilities

    I always tell the other shooters,,you can't win-- you don't want an old man to beat you. if you beat me who cares you beat an old man !
  11. Had a buddy had these on his ,,they were verry nice
  12. 625

    Cost of new gun,, Can't sell the 625 so go ahead and shoot it..
  13. Is the .45 dead in USPSA?

    I would like to try that
  14. Is the .45 dead in USPSA?

    When I started shooting --L10 was where it was.. I shot a les Baer with Wilson mags ,,it's what I had.. then moved to 6 shot revolver loved it,, still shoot L10 , at a match we set up as second gun..(( not uspsa )) Although not many in l10 any more,,I shoot 3-5 matches a month and can count on one hand the L10 shooters.. So yes 45acp is mostly dead..