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  1. One of the matches I shoot has a morning group (0800-1200) and an afternoon group 1300-1600. The morning group is always full and the afternoon group flies through the stages fairly quickly. In total there is about 90 to 110 shooters. Right now the club only starts in the morning due to heat and we're done by 1500 hrs. People love the morning/afternoon format.
  2. I have the Delta on my Glock 34 MOS. I have the tip sighted in at 20 yards and like jcc7x7 stated everything else is in the triangle. My eyes are 60 years old so the big triangle helps me.
  3. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    I wear my shooting glasses for carry optics and it works just fine
  4. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    I need about 5-10 minutes then I sober up! I do get that drunk feeling when I first put them on. Then I'm OK.
  5. Corrective lens shooting glasses

    My dominant eye is set for the front sight and the weak eye is set up for distance. This came from a cowboy shooter/optometrist. Works great for me.
  6. Shooting cart???

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019NKEZS0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is what I use. I carry the gun bag and ice chest, chair, and its smooth. Friends then dump their stuff in there too.
  7. Ended up with a LG UJ657A from Costco ($2249). Then I underestimated our TV stand. Stupid me...... Wife ended up talking me into buying some fancy European designed TV stand.
  8. Procedural

    Starting position was standing and holding a cardboard box. At the signal put the box through a port/hole and engage targets. On the written stage description there was nothing noted as to a penalty (procedural) if the shooter didn't do that. If a shooter just dropped the box and shot is it a penalty? Maybe 10.2.2? thanks
  9. I paid $80 for a pair off Amazon. I wore the Speedcross 4 for the first time this last Sunday. Wow..... Very comfortable. My feet were not sore and they actually felt decent. My Nike football cleats are now a backup pair of shooting shoes.
  10. Tanfoglio Stock 2 - Random Light Strikes???

    I also switched to the Patriot Defense (PD) 15.5 springs. Although heavier I found it to be smoother (not sure if that makes sense). The other item I found was that when dry firing I can feel the difference (especially double action), but under match conditions I can't really tell a difference. I let another Tanfo Stock 2 shooter feel the trigger. He couldn't believe I had a 15.5 PD spring in it.
  11. Wallowing out the Magwell on a stock 2

    Must have read this thread about 6 times before I had the courage for a friend/gunsmith to proceed. My friend has the tools/skills. Not me. I see where the grip panel sticks in/out a bit but a file should take care of that.
  12. Slide locked in the frame on a Lim Pro

  13. Wife has spoken and demanded a new TV. I have a 65" but want to go 75".....Which one without going overboard on the price? Costco? Best Buy? Then which one? CNET didn't have much in the way of reviews. Any 75" TV watchers here? THANKS
  14. Recoil for 40 S&W spring weight

    12.5 ISMI in my Trojan .40