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  1. CZ P10

    Has anyone upgraded their CZ P10?
  2. Shadow 2 Legal Date

    I have 2 ..
  3. Shadow 2 Legal Date

    He probably shot it in limited 10 believe that's what he did at area 6
  4. Shadow 2

    I was doing it by hand and you can tell it didn't bite like it does in the sp-01 barrels so I stopped.
  5. Who is making a holster for the CZ Shadow 2

    Businessend holsters has one ready carbon fiber double layer with red inside
  6. Shadow 2

    So do you need a special reamer or do you just have to add more pressure because I'm doing it by hand?
  7. Shadow 2

    I did the P-01 and you can feel it grip and feel it cutting. the shadow 2 you can't feel it cutting it just slides on a smooth. They are brand new reamers .only did one barrel
  8. Shadow 2

    I have a clymer 9mm rougher reamer and 9mm finisher but they doesn't bite like it did on my P-01 . Is the barrel coated differently so do I need a different reamer?
  9. P-01

    Has anyone put CGW 10x bushing in there p-01?
  10. Shadow 2 holsters

    Here my new holster. It won't let me post the pictures file too big but go to Business End Holsters on Facebook and you'll see them.
  11. Shadow 2

    Does anyone know what size screw that is for the mag button on the Shadow 2
  12. Shadow 2

    Thanks for the info but I use my trigger finger since I've been shooting and on all my guns so I'll just try to rotate it or get a standard mag release
  13. Shadow 2

    Cool thanks . I'm left-handed and I can't use an extended mag release or anything like that so I'm going to see if I can spend it out the way but if not I'm going to put a standard mag release on it
  14. Shadow 2

    I lost a screw is there somewhere I can get a replacement screw
  15. Shadow 2

    When the Shadow 2 does become production legal will you be able to pull the mag button off and still be legal?