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  1. Mount Rushmore of USPSA/IPSC Shooters?

    Not according to the creator of the Memorial -- see here.... Best apparently had little to do with it..... Contribution however did....
  2. Glock ejection hitting optic

    My money is on changing the load..... What are you currently loading?
  3. Mount Rushmore of USPSA/IPSC Shooters?

    Depends on what the criteria for inclusion are -- if it takes winning a world shoot, Cooper is out, as are many others..... I'm not sure the four Presidents on Mt. Rushmore are necessarily there, because they were or are the four greatest presidents in the history of the country -- but I could be wrong. Contributions to the Sport: Jeff Cooper would need to be considered along with the other attendees at the Columbia Conference. Brian makes that list for me pretty easily -- whatever price or penalty he may have paid competing in IPSC/USPSA at the same time as Rob Leatham -- is offset by his book, this website and the many competitors in the last 16 years who improved in practical shooting as the result of reading his book, participating in the discussions here, finding training partners, friends, etc. Would those folks have made it anyway? Perhaps, but they got there faster, as a result of information gleaned and connections made here. John Amidon goes on the list for his contributions to the rules, NROI, and for the institutional knowledge he possessed. So does Dave Thomas -- for taking the first steps needed in beginning to turn the organization from an all-volunteer model to something resembling a professional operation. Want to talk trainers -- Rob, Jerry Barnhart, Todd Jarrett and many others go on the list. I also think Range Officers and Competitors, run of the mill competitors and ROs get considered for contributions to the sport. Without either of them, it wouldn't exist. This list is by no means inclusive -- as the history of the sport evolves, other names will get added for consideration.
  4. Keep in mind that the first thing I suggested was to let him finish the match in another division. Realistically, zeroing several stages in both should take the average competitor out of contention. Letting him see stage scores, would at least provide some info for his entertainment..... Then -- at a Level 1, you do have the option of letting shoot the entire thing with a handgun. Really think that a PCC run will help that much wth a handgun run? OK........
  5. Gary Stevens

    Happy Birthday, Gary!
  6. You could also allow the competitor to abandon his attempt at PCC -- which would allow him to at least see stage scores, and simultaneously allow him to late register for a handgun division, to complete the match for (possibly partial, depending on whether or not there's time to let him shoot completed stages with handgun) score in the handgun division of his choice.... That way, worst case scenario, he gets to compare himself against others in his divisions on stages, while likely not doing well in either match.....
  7. IDPA and USPSA rigs

    I never got hung up on the "problem" of making the first reload from the second pouch. I needed to reload, it was quick and smooth, I grabbed a mag with ten rounds and stuffed it in the gun -- does it really matter which pouch it came from? For me that wasn't an issue -- I usually only figured it out when picking mags up after the stage. (First pouch always had Mag numbered 1, second pouch 2, etc.)
  8. IDPA and USPSA rigs

    I like the Comp-tac beltfeed quite a bit, with Glock mags..... Never grabbed more than one, rare for me to start with second rather than first, when it happened the second load was done with first mag, without consciously thinking about it....
  9. I have multiple thoughts - and we probably agree more than we disagree: Troy is right -- the word "ruling" makes 10.5.3 the only correct response Kevin is right -- that to correctly evaluate the situation and issue the DQ under 10.5.3, one also needs to consult or be aware of the definition of "dropped gun" in Appendix A3 I'm less certain that this isn't well-known; that may be a geographic thing, or it's possible that it's less widely known in newer clubs than in more established ones. It is covered in the RO course, to the best of my recollection. I almost want there to be a follow-up question -- what other section of the rulebook needs to be consulted to fully evaluate the situation....
  10. Spinning this around for a second, and looking at it from the point of view of an arb panel: I can also see this as a question of discernment -- if I'm sitting on an arb panel, and you only cite the entirety of A3 as your reason for DQing a competitor, I may vote to overturn. Cite 10.5.3, and it becomes much easier to uphold a DQ. Easiest would be 10.5.3 and definition of "dropped gun" in Appendix A3. So, seen as a hierarchy 10.5.3 trumps A3. I'm interested in Troy's take....
  11. Kevin, Troy can probably provide the formal answer. I've always answered this question by citing 10.5.3 as that is really the info I need to rule. Appendix A3 defines a dropped gun for me, but it doesn't provide guidance of what to do about it -- i.e. that it's a match DQ. That's my best guess on why A3 was not acceptable.....
  12. Shooting jerseys

    Pretty sure that hits too close to home to be allowed here. Closed.
  13. Suggestions for a new Production Pistol

    I know a guy who shot his way to B and probably Expert with a 26, so I don't think you'd be giving up much with a 19, unless you have Gorilla hands -- then the reloads can be a little trickier than with a fullsize frame....
  14. Suggestions for a new Production Pistol

    Glock 34 with 10 rounders for matches; Glock 19 with 15 round mags for carry. Or go crazy and use the Glock 19 for everything.....
  15. Procedural

    Realistically, if you're to make a competitor hold or carry something and put it in a specific place, then the prop should activate or unlock something when correctly placed..... That way the item serves a purpose, and there's an incentive for putting it someplace....