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  1. where did you find the correct bolts/screws to mount the rts 2 at?

    what size standard or metric? Or do they come with the plate from Springer 




  2. Romeo 1

    Well the romeo 1 I thought I had on the way won't make it to me until the middle of October! Is this really worth the weight? What I really like about that is it fits right into the a life cut out. Nice and low. But 60 days! I don't think so. So for you that purchased others how does the night over the side feel? With the scope and the adapter plate you had to buy? Really need some good honest input on this. Stand down for 60 days or buy another make. I also hear the for is on the dim side when shooting into the sun! Thanks Rick
  3. P320 X5 Thread

    Got mine this week- the barrel is black.
  4. P320 X5 Thread

    Ilike it- so mag well off for CO- correct? And what about the 21 round mags- not good to go? Need to buy 17 round ones? Or just change mag pad? Ill have to get in touch with Alma- possible grip job.
  5. P320 X5 Thread

    I just installed the SP- heavy guide rod- tungsten- and 14 pound spring- first thing I noticed was the noise when racking the slide- sounds like the spring is tight on the GR and that's making the sound- anyone else hear that?
  6. P320 X5 Thread

    Holster- and what would I do with two? And please don't say buy another x five!!
  7. Romeo 1

    If I find its not strong enough I have a friend with an RTS- I grab that from him and order an adapter plate from Springer.
  8. P320 X5 Thread

    wish I read this last week. I ordered a RHT for my x five- wish I could have saved 10%- every little bit helps-
  9. Romeo 1

    I haven't received mine yet- some say its a little on the dim side when facing directly into the sun though- Any one using one that can confirm?
  10. Romeo 1

    PLEASE- to GrumpyOne- and I apologize.
  11. P320 X5 Thread

    Seeing that I just got my x five- I am holding off and going to shoot it for a while. When others have theirs done and it appears that all is fine- then maybe. BUT I really don't plan on dropping a loaded gun at a 30degree angle either-
  12. Romeo 1

    MODS CLOSE- Please- I found one- thanks to all.
  13. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    I have owned sigs since the 229 came out- and as a past armour for sig- ill never sell mine- or the 320
  14. Romeo 1

    Any one have an extra Romeo 1 they picked up but don't need? I know- LOL on this one
  15. X-Five

    Been there done that- thank you