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  1. Can usually find the older Lee stuff on Ebay. I tried the new Lee parts, but didn't spend a lot of time on it. The new has a double lift incorporated to better avoid a primer chain fire. That's what causes trouble for making the primer filler now
  2. My favorite is the one I made for $10. Works flawlessly. I tried the new Vibra Prime, but mine is faster & easier, AND $10! search the Non Dillon reloading forum for "primer tube filler" and click the one with my username as the author You're welcome
  3. I switched my Dillon 9mm sizing die out for a Lee. Too many cases fail to chamber from the Dillon die. Even after checking them with a Dillon case guage. Zero failures from the Lee die. And if you ever compare the Lee opening to the Dillon you'll see why. The Dillon has a HUGE opening at the bottom, the Lee is way way tighter. Gets bulged brass resized down much further. And yes, the Dillon was set properly. You will occasionally have a piece of brass not line up completely with the sizing die opening, but rather that stoppage come at the reloading bench than at a Nationals stage?
  4. Buying a Dillon RL1050!

    The RL is just a stronger machine. The Super uses an aluminum main beam, and there have been a few bent with overzealous stroking! Lol
  5. Buying a Dillon RL1050!

    It did not have the caliber conversion(good buddy hooked me up though), I had to buy a case feed plate, small primer seater stem, swage rod & feed tube. I'll have about $1200 in it. It's been sitting for about 15 years, but no rust or stuck parts at all. Was well oiled & greased when last used, very smooth?
  6. Mike, is your RO staff set? I would like to work the match if not. Fresh off the Optics Nats. Thanks, Greg
  7. Buying a Dillon RL1050!

    Finally tracked down an elusive used Dillon RL1050! And bought it! Locally! Missing a few small parts, but I'm going to have it up and cranking out ammo for under $1200
  8. Brass cleaning questions

    I would run mine overnight, using an 8 hour timer. They still weren't as clean as 20 minutes in a solution of car wash & lemishine with pins. And I use my vibrating tumbler for that too, just keep the level below the raised center part.
  9. Fiochi primers??

    Thanks, I plan on driving up & getting some
  10. Robert Garrett could you pm or email me with an RO application?
  11. Hey Matt, good to know who's behind it. I RO'd for Phil several years when you did. Looking forward to seeing you at the Optics Nats Greg Smith
  12. Fiochi primers??

    Since FSP primers seem to have gone the way of the Dodo, has anyone used Fiochi SPP's? For more than "1000 when I couldn't get Federal"? I don't want to buy 2 cases then find out there are problems. And are they gold or silver color? I load minor with silver, major with gold, that way it's really simple to tell what is what
  13. Moly coated bullets for major matches?

    So far, I haven't found a polymer coated bullet that will group as good as JHP's at major. Minor, in my guns, they're pretty close, good thing, cause that's what I'm shooting at the Optics Nats. Polymer minor 9
  14. What is this?

    Openings in the drop tube then? Never seen one like that personally. Thanks