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  1. Exactly. Agreed. This is what i've been using for a couple years now with no issues whatsoever.
  2. 40 S&W Glocked Brass Dangerous?

    Get this: http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/lid=15042/guntechdetail/Redding-GRX-Push-Thru-Base-Sizing-Die and then run one of these on your station: http://www.egwguns.com/tooling/undersize-reloading-die-.40-s-w/10mm/ My issues went from 6-10 No-go rounds per 100 to maybe 1-2 but i have to be picky. Run the brass through the redding on a single station press, then run that brass through the undersized die on your progressive. Issue resolved. I also case gauge on my barrel that i'm shooting. Not an actual case gauge.
  3. Post your SVI pics...

    Stumbled upon this the other day
  4. How to beat the heat?

    I've been using Columbia fishing gear shirts and sun sleeves that help a great deal. Recently bought a UA heat gear shirt that works pretty well as wel. I'm in my late 40's, white and the sun is just not my friend. I also use a frog tog towel that I keep wet and cold by resoaking in my cooler water. These all seem to keep the sun off of me and as cool as can be here in the summer months in the south.
  5. STI DVC Limited .40 - First Impressions

    So I've had my STI since September 2015 and I've run it in 8-9 matches so far and here's what I've learned: I have to chamber check on my barrel as the case gauge I have (Dillon) says everything is "Ok" but I had a lot of FTF's - Since checking on the barrel, i've had zero FTF's. I run mixed brass and Zero JHP 180 GR with 4.9 VV320 at a length of 1.165"ish"There still seemed to be something missing for me but that changed when I literally had a buddy suggest, and give me a 12 pound spring to try during our practice session this week. The difference was palpable! The gun rocked back into position into what I'd say was "right on time" vs. the stock spring that I was running. To Chutist point above, my gun seemed to smooth it's way back into place vs. "slamming home" like it had done. I have my first match this weekend so we'll see how well this helps.
  6. N320 and coated bullets

    I worked up a batch of 180gr Blue Bullets with 4.5 of N320 which put me right at 170pf out of my M&P Pro .40. Recently, I ordered some Blue Bullet 200gr and have been looking everywhere for load data. Finally found this: http://www.k8nd.com/documents/hl40sw.pdf Lots of load data for different bullet weights and types. One of the VV-320 Loads shows 4.0 N320 over a Moly Coated TC getting 181.2PF.........can anyone verify similar results or am I comparing apples and oranges?
  7. longest OAL for .40 pro

    Forgive me here but what is the advantage to loading to longer COAL length of 1.170 vs. 1.125?
  8. Loading 40 with titegroup and 180gr bayou

    I'm switching to Limited from SS so I recently picked up a M&P .40 Pro and worked up loads with Tightgroup using 180 Gr Montana Gold JHP Today i went and tested loads with the chrono today and here are the results: (strings were 15 rounds each, temp 82 deg) String #1 4.3 seated to 1.130 averaged 878 ES: 52 SD: 13 String #2 4.3 seated to 1.130 averaged 879 FPS ES: 30 SD: 9 String #1 4.4 seated to 1.130 averaged 904 ES: 39 SD: 10 String #2 4.4 seated to 1.130 averaged 906 ES: 34 SD:10 String #1 4.5 seated to 1.130 average 918 ES: 39 SD: 10 (This barely makes Major PF so I need to bump to 4.6 or seat lower to gain a few FPS safely) String #2 4.5 seated to 1.130 average 905 ES: 54 SD: 17 I loaded more tonight at the same 4.5 but moved the seat down to 1.127 to see if I can safely move the FPS up without going to extreme on the pressure. Hope to get back to the range tomorrow and I'll post up results.
  9. 45 acp load using Clays

    I use 3.8 grs Clays in my LBaer PII at 1.220 OAL/.470 crimp/230 gr Zero JHP and get 700 FPS.
  10. .40 Load with Universal and Montana's

    I also loaded my first batch of .40 today and they all came out around 1.120 - 1.127 OAL. I can't seem to find the consistancy for some reason or is this a "normal" variation between rounds?
  11. tanfoglio limited custom 40 cal

    I'm using brass picked up off a range floor - so it's a lot of once fired glock brass. I measured the difference in the case diameter due to the "glock bluge". My SDB was not getting enough of the bulge out and on the finished/loaded round the base was wider than the mouth by a noticeable amount. With this "bad" ammo and the factory 15 round mag it worked okay, but once I started putting more than 15 in the mag (using the Henning basepad and Grams spring/follower) I got really bad nose dives. Once I U-died everything first (single staged before going to the SDB), dimensional problems went away as did the nose dives. In short, I'd say yes, save yourself the headache and run an undersize die in station 1 of your 550. ~Mitch Thanks for the great info. I've been saving up my once fired brass and picking up extras while at the range. I now know where the "funny looking" .40 cases are coming from. Just to make sure though, they will run in the Witness Limited okay, correct?
  12. tanfoglio limited custom 40 cal

    180gr Montana Gold JHP 1.170" COL (have gone longer in the past) 4.8gr Titegroup Federal Small Magnum primers Was getting unreliable ignition with Winchester primers. Went with the magnum primers because it's what I could find locally, although I've used regular Fed Small pistol primers. I could probably dial my load back - got a 180pf. I don't want to be close to not making it at Area 1! ~Mitch Good gun. I passed up more expensive models for this one and could not be happier. Like Mitch said earlier, lack of aftermarket parts can be an issue but you really don't need many. Mitch, I'm getting my 550B set up this weekend and had heard that you have to use an undersize die. Is this just for getting to 21 in the mag?