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  1. Black Nitride Refinishing

    Can you do steel frames?
  2. Legality of Pin and Weld blending

    I'm no legal expert but if it's welded it's welded. Appearance of being welded doesn't matter. Make it pretty.
  3. Gen 4 trigger spring issues?

    That I don't know. This is the only Glock I have among a safe full of M&Ps. It's a G34 MOS I bought for playing around with in GSSF matches and maybe CO occasionally.
  4. Gen 4 trigger spring issues?

    It's true. I used the Ghost Ultimate 3.5 connector and their spring kit. Had to use the 6lb striker spring from the kit as the 4lb would reset but not retract the trigger enough to engage the trigger stop safety, I had to manually pull the trigger forward. That's no bueno. All other fire control parts are factory. All is well with that 6lb striker spring. If you want to run a 4lb striker spring, stick with the stock trigger spring.
  5. New member & 9mm powders

    With cost in mind I'll parrot what others have said. Acme 115 grain coated bullets using the 10% code. I haven't found a cheaper deal and their quality is as good as any and better than some. Plated are a crap shoot accuracy wise, some guns like them others don't. And they are more expensive and finicky to load. I'm another fan of E3. You can use Red Dot data backed off 10%, there's an email floating on the interwebs from Alliant stating this. If you are set on reloading book data use 231 or my second favorite WST. You can find WST data in older manuals if you dig. Just load to make 132 PF and call it a day, don't try to take WST to +P pressures, it really doesn't like that, but with minor PF being under standard 9mm pressure it's perfectly safe. It meters fantastic and is pretty economical. And it smells good too.
  6. 100rd sample pack. Acme. Quality concerns.

    Sure glad to see that. Thanks for updating MM.
  7. 100rd sample pack. Acme. Quality concerns.

    Hmmm. Tagged. I'm about to be coming due for another case pretty shortly. Last case I bought didn't have a single bullet that looked like that, at least not that I noticed. No complaints at all with my past purchases.
  8. 9mm Trojan jams???

    Weird. My Trojan has been 100% on Dawson mags and the Brownells black coated mags, both of which are Metalforms with the spacer I believe. It didn't like the Wilson ETM/Vickers mags at all and one other it refused to run on, Tripp I think (can't remember), mine just seems to demand the metalform design.
  9. Is there any danger with using very small powder charges?

    I don't think you have anything to worry about especially loading that short. I'm loading 3.1 of E3 and it's 140+ PF in my 16" JP Barrel. I'm just living with that, I don't want different piles of ammo for my different 9mm game guns. I'm running the 135 TC NLG blue bullet at 1.135".
  10. 38 special for revo

    Eh... I shoot my Python on occasion. I think it's sacrilege NOT to shoot them. But I don't beat it up shooting matches. O/P: Light bullets and fast powder. Load lightly and you'll get a load to shoot almost like a rimfire.
  11. Hornady LnL help/suggestions

    3rd or 4th on the adjustment pawls being sensitive. I had one and had to tweak them out of the box. Never an issue after that. How are consistent are your powder throws? I'll second that WST throws dead nuts from my experience. I never...ever have to fiddle with my powder measure after it's set. I always run mixed brass which contributes to the ES but WST isn't the most consistent in the velocity department anyway. Never seems to bother how it shoots though. I still have about 10lbs as my "emergency reserve" supply. Works great with coated and plated bullets just don't run too close to the PF line and it's reverse temp sensitive, it slows down in the heat. Run your loads at 7 to 8 PF over for cushion.
  12. What brands 9mm 124 gr JHP's are you using?

    I've loaded the PD 124 JHP in .357 Sig. Worked great but I don't carry with them, I have a case of Speer Gold Dot for carry. But the PD seems to be a well suited profile for .357 Sig. I prefer the PD bullets in general because the base is not exposed lead and is formed consisently.
  13. Load suggestions

    I think it's kind of gun dependent. I know guys that get better groups with Long Colt length brass than Short Colt and another runs his brass right between them. Also plated bullets are a crap shoot in my experience and finicky to load properly. My 686 will shoot 147RN Extreme's (.357dia) somewhat okay but my 625 throws 230RN Extremes like a shotgun pattern at 20 yards no matter the load. I literally use all scoring zones and can't call my shots if my life depended on it. In general I've had far better luck with plain lead and coated lead (Bayou, ACME, etc.) than with anyone's plated bullets. If they only shot as clean as plated, though the coated are a drastic improvement over plain.
  14. FM Cases?

  15. Load suggestions

    From when I was shooting revo. Fed SPP Starline 38 SColt Brass 3.3 grs E3 160 Bayou 1.155 132 PF (6" 686) FYI. Starline .38 Short Colt brass is identical to their .38 Special brass except for trim length and head stamp.