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  1. How to help with glock mags hanging up.

    I didnt mean to come off as a jerk. I edited my post because I didnt want crap on a guys reloads. Those were good. Yeah, its part technique. I try to practice keeping the gun vertical when depressing the mag release. The problem is the more my mags get used the less sock they become. I had a bramd new one in the package amd opened it ladt night. It feels slicker, like my older ones that never got used with me also using pro grip. I can hold the gun almost completely 90° sideways and the mag will kick out all the way. The problematic mags have to be less than 45 °
  2. How to help with glock mags hanging up.

    I'm not using a magwell. I shoot M class in Production. That video doesn't really apply.
  3. Cm 06-03 Can You Count?

    Shot this 8-20-17 Prod M G34 92 pts 7.17 sec HF 12.8312 86% My mag didn't drop free on each mag change. That hurt! After the secound time I got frustrated and just slung the gun up amd got a higher index than I would have liked and dropped some points! I was conscious of this while it was happening. The mag chagnges had to have cost me 1 sec. I shot close to far on each string. This one is a fun one!
  4. CM 03-05

    Shot 8-20-17 Production M G34 44 pts 5.33 sec HF 8.2552 82.57% Self analysis on this one, I didn't get good enough sight pic on the paper targets and dropped 6 pts and then didn't call my shots and move on the steel. I waited for sound/fall.
  5. CM13-05

    Shot this 8-20-17 Production M G34 Started at the bottom and went clockwise 72 pts 7.59 sec HF 9.4862 87% All 4 C's were really close. Close is the difference between an M run and a GM run.
  6. How to help with glock mags hanging up.

    You wipe them down with armorall each time or just put armorall one the nighr before amd wioe them down witha dry towel each time after reloading?
  7. How to help with glock mags hanging up.

    Wouldn't that attract dirt?
  8. How to help with glock mags hanging up.

    I use dawsons base pads too.
  9. First off, I know this has been talked about but i was wondering if anyone has left OEM mags behind for aftermarket? Second, This is somewhat of a technique problem. If I hold the frame completely vertical while depressing the mag release it will drop every time. After saying that, I'd still like to find a solution that allows a little more forgivness for not holding conpletley vertical. Seems I only have it hang up during classifiers. Happend on both reloads during 06-03 can you count today. Cost me a 100% run. I've noticed that my older glock mags seem to be slicker. They dont hang up. If I hold the gun at just the right angle to get the mags to hold up, the older slicker mags will slide out. It could be that the newer mags have residue from pro grip and thats just enough to add a little friction. So, anyone got a solution?
  10. Spinta Glock 17 barrel

    Never heard of Spinta?
  11. Its natural for people to spend 10x the energy to get around a small issue than it would take to just overcome the perceived problem. I speak from experience! Proper training and the "problem" will become a skill. Sounds like something youd read on a fortune cookie! It's true though. I actually like the DA pull on the CZ. Yes the SA is better but its not bad once you spend the time to get good at it. Like Rowdy says, the rule is to level the playing field as much as possible. Production is supposed to be somewhat of a stock type fire arm that resembles a carry gun. And since the 1911 already has its own division that is SA only, the rules for DA first pull are what they are for guns that have the DA/SA feature in Prod. I may be going out on a limb here but a lot of guns are meant to be carried hammer down. Obviously, this only applies to guns that have the DA capability. The glock isnt carried cocked and unlocked. The sricker doesn't get cocked until the trigger gets pulled. Essentially making it a DA gun. If i carried a CZ I would prefer a decocker vs the same gun set up with a thumb saftey even though for competition I'd want the gun with the saftey. Not so I can use it but because the guns without the decocker usually have a cleaner trigger pull. Same goes with glocks. I don't swap any internall parts in my carry glocks. I make do with the crappy trigger because its more relaible for carry. Though, my gammer glocks have all the internals changed or tweaked.
  12. Advantages Limited vs Production?

    Ain't that the truth!
  13. Ammo Catching @ match

    I Don't think the flip and catch is "showboating" It's just my preferred way to get the round out of the gun without bend over and pick it up. I flip and catch but make sure I don't reach out for one that flies in front of my muzzle, which does/has happend. I rack the slide so that I launch the bullet torwards the rear. I use the rear cocking serrations and that helps. Which brings up my real pet peeve. All these timmies wanting to look cool by using the front serrations with this lame thumb thing. Look like a bunch of slack jaw fa@&ts if you ask me. Ok. Kidding. I don't care about that either. I agree with Memphis that the cup over the ejection port actually causing accidental boom booms.
  14. why are S&B primers so cheap ?

    Well, i have light strikes in my glocks and CZ with them and don't with Win primers. For me they're harder than WSP. I've loaded a lot of each.
  15. why are S&B primers so cheap ?

    SB do go thru the vibra prime easier. They load almost as good as win but they are harder. Im gonna guess you'll have some light strikes on the DA pulls.