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  1. Any good uses of empty primer boxes?

    Put Loctite in one of the pockets and dip your screws into it while putting your guns (or whatever) back together. Loctite won't set up until in the presence of metal. It saves a lot of mess and is also very handy!
  2. How do you keep your belt on?
  3. Your camera will have settings on it to adjust your file size. Just change that setting down to one or two megapixel and it should work fine for you. Dale
  4. People running fog lights all the time

    Try pushing on your light switch (If it is a twist type knob) to turn your fog lights off. My Dodge is switched that way.
  5. Mine is what my folks named me when I first saw the light of day several years back.
  6. Dropped gun - DQ?

    Yeah, I think he can carry it any way he sees fit in his own range bag. It does not have to be in a gun rug.
  7. I am too much of a pack rat who doesn't throw anything away. I couldn't imagine how many plastic tubes and red ends I would have laying around if I used those bullets!
  8. What factory 9mm ammo meets PF

    I used to get 132 out of a 5 inch XD but that was only one gun.
  9. My buddy is gone. I'll miss you Charlie.

    It's always hard to say goodbye to them, even if you know it is time. Sorry for your loss.
  10. Comp cleaning, media blasting.

    A 50/50 solution of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide works great as well. If the fouling is very bad, you may have to replace the solution to get it all removed. I just saw igolfat8's post. Sorry for the repeat!
  11. Actually, dry ice DOES indeed melt: Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) DOES melt like regular ice. The difference is that the pressure of the vapor of dry ice at its melting point is about 5 atmospheres. This occurs at a temperature of -57 C. Now when you have a lump of dry ice in a container of some sort, the pressure applied by the atmosphere on the dry ice is only 1 atmosphere, rather than 5 atmospheres. The temperature at which the vapor of dry ice is 1 atmosphere is -78 C, which is lower than its melting point. So the dry ice passes directly from solid to vapor because you don't have the needed 5 atmospheres for it to form a "normal" melting liquid. This is not all that mysterious. It happens with water all the time in the winter where often we can observe frost disappearing from a window or driveway in the morning without first melting. The process is a little different, but the concept is the same. In the case of frost, the wind blows water vapor away at temperatures less than 0 C., and eventually all the frost (ice) disappears without ever turning into a liquid. Vince Calder It is still the best choice for long term in an ice chest. Dale
  12. It seems to me that a flashlight is just a tube used to store dead batteries in. I personally wouldn't purchase a $500 dead battery storage tube. Dale
  13. The dry ice is the best for long term. Wrap it in newspaper and place it in the bottom of the cooler for a refrigerator effect and place it on the top of items in the cooler for a feeezer effect. A good point for dry ice is that there is no water mess as it melts so you don't have to waterproof everything in the cooler. Also, make sure all of your items are cold before placing them in the cooler. Putting dry ice in with regular ice will melt the dry ice quicker until the regular ice drops in temperature some. If I am using regular ice, I either pack some myself or purchase some a couple weeks in advance and keep it in my deep freeze at -15 until I am ready to use it. It lasts quite a while that way. If you have room in your freezer, put your cooler in there for a couple days before use also. And yes, Yeti coolers are the way to go! Dale
  14. Pre-match failure!

    So...how was the accuracy?
  15. Screaming Infants in Restaurants

    If the parent says "They are just kids, that is what they do", just rip a big ole fart right beside them and say "It's an ass, that is what they do"! Dale