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  1. Which Knee down for Low Cover?

    I will default to both knees almost all of the time. If I have to move after kneeling, I will put the leg on the ground opposite of the direction of travel. So if I am exiting the low cover to the right I put my left knee down. Another factor that I consider is if I have to do a mag change at that position. Look at the angle of you mag pouch as you kneel. If you are right handed and only place you right knee down, your mag pouch moves to a funny angle.
  2. IDPA Tiger Teams

    If you want people to shoot in the wheel gun divisions, give them a reason. Prizes based on placement should get people in there. Cover as related to targets being engaged needs to be addressed as well.
  3. IDPA Tiger Teams

    The current rules in IDPA as intended are fine. As written, they are not. Simply being able to open a rule book and say, according to 7.2.5, you get a procedural error. Most of the rules we enforce on a daily basis are given as examples in the book. There is no point in having Major\Minor scoring in a raw+time based scoring method. The only major change I would like to see is rename CDP to Single Stack and allow .40 to play at 165pf. Don't increase the NT times. At the top of the game, if some one clips a NT, you might as well pack up and go home.
  4. Postal match times?

    Shot it SSP\Ma Saturday. Dropped a mag on a fumbled tac-load that I probably should not have done anyway. Oh yeah, and I forgot my gun at home so I borrowed a guys. 46.83. Should have been ~40. I am going to shoot it ESP in a couple weeks. Stage 1: 17.59 (6), Dropped Mag Stage 2: 6.03 (1) Stage 3: 18.72 (2) Stage 4: 4.49 (0)
  5. best way to change mag

    I have been practicing stowing the mag in my pants pocket for those standards type stages that don't require concealment. With practice, it can be pretty quick.
  6. XDM Malfunction

    A good way to check if its your hands or the gun, shoot it weak hand only.
  7. Dialing in .40 IDPA Load

    I have always used a 180gr BBI over 3.0gr of plain clays at 1.125. Its about a 150 pf but feels softer than factory 9mm. Its almost cheating.
  8. Extended Slide Release

    Faster that using the strong thumb with an extended release on a 1911? The weak hand release may not be "faster" but it will be consistent.
  9. Extended Slide Release

    Check out a couple of the reloads in this vid. They are all done with the weakhand thumb while acquiring grip and sight picture. Dont mind the Jam-O-Matic, its fixed now.
  10. Do you reload for IDPA and USPSA .40?

    For IDPA: 3.0-3.1 gr Clays behind BBI 180 Moly @ 1.135 for a pf of ~150. Its real soft.
  11. Which states have the largest IDPA clubs?

    I know my club by itself host 8 regular matches per month. We can have 10 if these is a 5th Sat or 5th Thursday. We are in Fort Worth, Texas.
  12. ESP gun

    Almost all of the stages at Nationals last year were 12 round stages. 1 - 42 round stage (standards) 1 - 18 round stage 1 - 17 round stage 1 - 15 round stage 13 - 12 round stages
  13. Moly fouling

    http://www.schuemann.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=3zZ4oir3t50%3D&tabid=67&mid=445 I follow the advice from the last paragraph, the only thing that goes down my barrell is bullets.
  14. Most lefty friendly production guns?

    I would vote M&P. Mag release is swappable and the slide stop is already on both sides. 3.7-3.8 WSF plus a BBI 147 grainer works for me.