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  1. Determining OAL

    1. I usually try to get closer to the max rather than the minimum 2. I usually try to subtract more like 0.005" e.g. if my max OAL is 1.135", I'd back it off to 1.130"
  2. New from NH

    Welcome aboard, from a BHP man .... Real sad state of affairs when a P35 is NOT competitive. Big difference between a P35 and a race gun - good luck with the 320.
  3. Determining OAL

    Welcome aboard, Mac. Most people try to load as long as possible, ensuring that the rounds fit thru your mags and feed thru your chamber. If 1.16" is good, that's great, for 147 BB's. If you change bullets, you might have to change the OAL - all depends on each bullet, in your gun.
  4. Trubor accuracy problem

  5. Perfect for anyone shooting 2,000 rounds of .44 magnum/month
  6. 20 years ago ...

    20 years ? Hell, I started shooting in 1952 .... Started IPSC around 1988 ... Love it.
  7. Help needed

    I'd be interested, if the holster holds the gun very securely. I don't feel real comfortable shooting 3-gun with my TruBor in a race-holster : not really as secure as I'd like it to be with the running phase. But, holster would have to be quick to release the gun.
  8. Trubor accuracy problem

    What did STI charge for the new slide and barrel ?
  9. First reloading session

    550 or 650 ?
  10. 158gn 38/.357 bullets for 9mm Guns

    Thanks for all the great info, Tom. I've never had any trouble with running 147 grains thru my BHP, and they're accurate.
  11. Trubor accuracy problem

    Welcome aboard, Lamar. Glad to hear you're happy with my TruBor Sorry, can't think of any other possibilities to solve your problem with the first shot going wild (consistently). Jack
  12. Occasional HOT rounds

    Lots of possibilities, but so far I kind of like this one ^^^^^^. Sounds like you just might be at the limits of OAL for that bullet in your gun, and an occasional round is just a little too long. But, also could be setback. Crimp doesn't solve a setback problem - sizing might be the culprit.
  13. Shipping To a FFL

    My AR was still in the box when I picked it up - not real hot on someone opening my gun without me there. Possibility of replacing a part or two? Nope, don't like that, at all
  14. Trubor accuracy problem

    Massad Ayoob has been preaching for many decades that auto shooters suffer from this first shot miss phenomenon. I've never heard about 6" at 12 yards, though. How is the accuracy of the remaining shots? Can you fire a 2" group at 25 yards, from a bench, of course without the first shot? Or is the gun at fault?