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  1. What dillon press for a 3 gunner ?

    Depends on the quantity of ammo you will be loading ... A 650 will do a great job, but if you're loading HUGE amounts of ammo, a 1050 is better. You might want to consider, since $$$ is NOT an issue (Good for You), Get a 1050 for the .223 and a 650 for the 9mm.
  2. Open Gun Design Questions

    I' m not familiar with the concept. Be very interested in what you mean - what hybrid barrel, what caliber, and what is the improvement?
  3. Hello from Miami, FL.

    Welcome aboard, Sam Lots of info back in the archives - take a quick peak ....
  4. I'm FAR from "one of the best competitors in the world", and probably have Very Little "interesting" to say, but that didn't stop me from posting almost 8,000 times And, I haven't sold anything, except for some FMJ bullets a few years ago, on this Forum.
  5. My new carry piece.

    Definitely going to need a Sparks Summer special holster for that Mother.
  6. feedback please

    Iff those were all solid hits, it looked very good to me for a C - level SS shooter. Little hesitation at each group - could have kept moving for some of those shots, too. But, very nice run
  7. Temperature and bullet velocity

    I've had that happen with my Chrony - if you open it incorrectly, the top part sits on a little ledge and is not completely open - shortens the sensor distance, also. Have to watch that, with the Chrony - don't know about other brands
  8. Solar eclipse

    Near Orlando, we got 82% eclipse, and it was sunny All Day Long, except at 2:50 a large stray cloud popped up and we got a Lot of Thunder - couldn't see any eclipse
  9. Mount Rushmore of USPSA/IPSC Shooters?

    I "gamed" it, and had a "race" double-barrel pistol with a slicked up trigger and a long bayonet on the end of it .... And used BP320 powder, of course. Usually placed in the Top Ten.
  10. Mount Rushmore of USPSA/IPSC Shooters?

    No, Grump, the 1770's .... I was the only one shooting SS, then.
  11. Mount Rushmore of USPSA/IPSC Shooters?

    Back in the 70's, we didn't spend so much time worrying about getting shot, accidentally, as we do today
  12. Looking for suggestions, 9MM minor for a cz shadow 2

    Sounds like you're experienced enough, but some readers might Not be, to realize that you really mean to back of 0.02" on OAL., and even that might be a little too generous - maybe back of 0.005" - 0.01" - might be better. I you measure 1.135" during The Plunk Test, you might want to back that off to 1.130" (0.005").
  13. Mount Rushmore of USPSA/IPSC Shooters?

    Wow, that's an old one - Thell Reed in the center next to Jeff. Glad those .45's are not loaded
  14. Is this time good?

    Sounds pretty good to me, especially with a service weapon.