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    My posting is only my opinion - based on 64 years of shooting. Other people may, wisely, disagree.
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  1. 38SC, N350, 124 PD JHP

    Thank Tactical Jesus
  2. 38 SC: New Brass Case Lube?

    Don't leave home without your lube ...
  3. .38 super, open major- Resizing station problem?

    If you've been reloading .38 super for a while, and all of a sudden it is impossible to run the press, sounds like you might have a problem with the press. I started using lube only a few years ago - loaded tens of thousands 9mm without lube before that - and it is much nicer to use lube, but I could always "run the press effectively" without lube. But, you said that once you sized the brass individually, they all ran perfectly through the press?
  4. Are there lessons to be learned from the dot?

    This should be a matter of practice, and solid grip. And, dry fire should help a great deal. And, they do sell laser cartidges that tell you where you would have hit - use your iron sights and the laser tells you if you hit the target ...
  5. 38SC, N350, 124 PD JHP

    Holy cow !!! That 8.4 load must have been around PF230, or so .... How did the brass and gun look after firing a few of those? I usually start LOW on the powder scale, and work up slowly, with my chrono. Starting high can lead to real problems.
  6. Got around to watching the video ... (and I was NOT on the crapper) Excellent. V6 is the lightest, shortest and MOST EFFECTIVE at muzzle climb (spoiler alert) .... Thank you Very Much for sharing that. What are the comparative prices on those comps (Not that it matters since the V6 is so much better)?
  7. V, thanks for going to all the trouble of conducting this research, and sharing it with us. I don't have 28 minutes to view, right now - so, could you pls summarize it for me? I've heard that NO muzzle brake is effective for 12 gauge ... ???
  8. Hi from Ohio

    Very sneaky Not allowed ....
  9. Hi from Ohio

    Why would anyone try ? The G34 is a GREAT gun for USPSA I much prefer a 1911/2011, but NOTHING WRONG with a G34
  10. 9mm Single Stack

    For plinking, you can get away with a WWII surplus - lots of different models, or a retired police auto (S&W, Beretta, etc) and save LOTS of money to spend on ammo or a reloading kit
  11. Dot or no dot - that is the question

    Is that 20 yards WHO?
  12. Training with optics to improve shot calling

    I am a lowly B, and will probably never make A, but my experience has been that switching to shooting with a dot has sped me up as a Ltd shooter. (I am an old bullseye shooter). You come at it with a different experience (you already have the speed that I didn't have). It helped me, but don't have enough experience to know if it will help you, at your level. Let's see, when the sun comes up, what the Experts have to say .... Good luck in your run to Master.
  13. Dot or no dot - that is the question

    If the dot slowed me down and caused lots of mental errors, I would WAIT and practice much more with the dot - you'll know when you're ready
  14. New to reloading, suggestions for bullets?

    What volume are you looking for? Buying large volumes, you can get the price down quite a bit.
  15. You know you're a Super Senior when....

    I could NEVER write my name in the snow . Stanislovski