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  1. Production changes ..

    I've NEVER won, but never felt like I lost, either. Just had a great time, met some great people and tried to improve. As long as no one gets hurt, we all "win"
  2. Strongest 40 brass

    The only cases that split and erupted in my TruBor 9mm Major were WW cases.
  3. Said farewell to my S&W 500

    Concealed carry Doesn't that run about 4 pounds ? You'll need suspenders, maybe two sets of suspenders. You really should consider a concealed .40 or .45
  4. New bullets - How to develop new load?

    I tried loading MG 115 gr JHP's to 1.175" and there was Very Little grip on the bullet - actually had one bullet ripped out of the case during the loading process - ended up with a loose bullet, lots of powder and an empty cartridge case with a live primer, all over my gun. 1.185" seems Very Long, unless the PD 124 FMJ's are Very Long .... ???
  5. 9 Major Reloads Question

    I use ANY brass, and have fired 20,000+ rounds - don't use a FCD, either. NEVER had a problem, until 2-3 times, I DID have a Problem. Now, I don't check ammo for local matches, but I check EVERY round for major matches - I just throw them into my barrel (Plunk Test). Also check for high primers and cracked brass.
  6. Power Factor

    When I shoot steel, it's just to get some trigger time - don't really feel steel is my favorite type of shooting, just better than nothing that weekend. So, I unlimber my STI TruBor with 9mm Major loads and let loose. I've tried using lighter loads in my TruBor, but POI changes, and I end up with Major and Minor rounds mixed together at the bottom of my shooting bag. So, I stick with Major rounds. The RO's don't really enjoy it too much, but, that's what I got
  7. Said farewell to my S&W 500

    How are you going to protect yourself from those Monster Carnivores you have in New York ??? I fired five shots thru the .460 and had a headache for two days. Cannot imagine the .500. And I've been shooting a .41 magnum for 50 years. Glad you found a 4" barrel in .500 - a smaller, lighter gun should be even more fun to shoot.
  8. Strongest 40 brass

    Wow. Nice stuff Looks like Blazer wins ....
  9. Potential move to Northern Wyoming

    In Wyoming, you can shoot ANYWHERE .... I used to live in Saskatoon (few hundred miles north of Wyoming), and used to shoot at aerial targets with my .22 Forgive my intrusion, I couldn't resist ..... Someone from Wyoming will be along in a few minutes to steer you to an answer to your question.
  10. Carbide insert on Dillon die - comes loose

    +3. No fuss, no muss, they just replaced it

    It's okay - the topic is 2 1/2 years old
  12. Hello from NJ

    I lived in NJ for 20 years Spent 35 years in New York (Hudson River Region) and that was a LOT better - actually got a CCW. Now, down in Florida - WOW !!!! Suppressors and full auto are LEGAL down here - thinking of having twin 50's installed on the hood of my car Where in NJ are you ?
  13. Hearing protection PCC

    It sounds counter intuitive, but if I wear my hearing aids UNDER any standard muff (non-electronic), it works Very Well. I can hear range commands and the buzzer very clearly AND, the hearing aids help with sound suppression - they also click OFF when a loud noise occurs. But, what I do is leave my hearing aids in, move the right muff off my right ear, until the RO says LAMR - then I put the muff back on, and I can still hear the buzzer
  14. Is shooting a 2011 only for the wealthy?

    1. I don't see any significant difference in recoil from 9mm Minor in a 24 ounce gun and .40 Major in a 42 ounce gun ... 2. I ain't asking to rewrite rules - just an observation 3. No such thing as a "smartaleck manner" on a chat group - just your opinion
  15. STOP the Carnage!!!

    I hope the same gust of wind opened his wallet, and had a few bills blown in your direction ....